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  1. Hyomin will release a new album by the end of the year, showing off a new appearance that she never showed before. According to her agency, Hyomin is currently preparing to release a new album. During her V LIVE stream on the 29th, she told her fans who have been waiting for a new album, “I will have good news for you soon.” Because of Hyomin's surprise remark that raised expectations, the officials confirmed the release of her new album. Hyomin is currently collaborating with a 'hot' producer who is receiving the most hottest reaction from the public right now. In addition, the songs are of a completely different genre and ambiance from her previous music, foreshadowing a new appearance that’s never been seen before. The synergy that the veiled producer and Hyomin will create has drawn curiosity. *** Source: Naver
  2. T-ara's Jiyeon decorates the cover of MAG & JINA, showing off her luxurious visuals and covers stories of being a YouTuber and influencer. In the pictorial, Jiyeon digested all the concepts from innocence to a chic sexy charm, showing us her peerless class. T-ara’s Jiyeon showed off her luxurious visuals and decorated the cover of ‘Mag & Jina’ Jiyeon edition, detailing about her YouTuber and influencer story. In the pictorial, Jiyeon digested all concepts from innocent to chic and even sexy, showing us her peerless class. 11 years into her debut, Jiyeon received the Silver Play Button 10 months after starting her JING TV YouTube channel and the love from the public, and is starting the second heyday of her life. “As a singer, actress, and creator, I want to keep my place. Without any greed, I want to communicate with my fans as happily as I can now,” she revealed her candid feelings through the interview. “I will steadily show you a glamorous side on stage as a singer, various charms as an actress, and a friendly side like I'm your friend through YouTube. I will also show you a new side of me on stage soon, so please look forward to it,” she said about her aspirations. In the MAG & JINA pictorial released on the 15th, Jiyeon radiated colorful charms, showing off her goddess beauty while wearing a white dress maximizing her innocence, going back and forth between chic and sexy with a black suit and a strong dress. In particular, an overwhelming gaze with drowning strong eyes and a seductive expression, boasting her unrivaled beauty Jiyeon perfectly digested the concepts through her various poses and expressions for each cut in a unique atmosphere at the photoshoot site, evoking praise from the staff. Meanwhile, Jiyeon is actively communicating with domestic and foreign fans through her YouTube channel JING TV and is considering her next work. See full the photoshoot in the Diadem Gallery. *** Source: DailySports, StarToday
  3. Korean singer Park Soyeon, who made a cameo in I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change, directed by Wong Cholam, accepted Apple’s interview in Tsim Sha Tsui. Regarding her 1-min appearance, she frankly spoke that she did not mind, “it’s already an honor for Cholam to invite me. Also, I’ve heard that there are 60 actors in this film, including Joey Yung. Ryan Zheng and I played a Korean couple, but the script changed a lot on the day of the shoot, and since Ryan didn’t understand Korean, I taught him each sentence one by one like a teacher.” When asked whether she wishes for her ideal boyfriend to be as loving of a husband as Cholam, she responded, “he’s very serious at work which makes him very charming, and his eyes are very beautiful too. His baby will be very beautiful too with those eyes. His wife showed up when we were filming too, which is very touching.” *** Source: Apple Daily
  4. During the interview, T-ara’s Hyomin was crying. It has been 7 years since the so-called “T-ara Scandal” happened in 2012. When asked, “do you think the people’s perspective of T-ara has changed?” Hyomin shed tears to her “memories” up to this point. At one point, T-ara was the idol group receiving the most criticism in Korea. During T-ara’s last activity, they cried when they saw the audience singing with them, which might have been a natural thing. “There were times when the audience would turn their backs to us while we were performing. That’s why we were very surprised (when they sang together with us). Because of that, we tried our best to sing even harder.” When T-ara won their first 1st place in 5 years on a music program, Hyomin also cried, and Jiyeon and Qri were both in a fit of tears. Hyomin said, “that was a music program where the fan vote ratio was particularly high. We knew that our fans must have tried their absolute best to give us 1st place, so when we think about all the difficulties our fans must have gone through, we shed many grateful tears,” and thinking back to that day, she cried again. “People usually say that you will forget about it as time goes on. I absolutely do not think that at all. I will never forget the things that I have experienced.” The “T-ara Scandal” is an event that Hyomin can never erase, and it has become a memory that she will embrace towards the future. Hyomin has merely lived with the feeling of “taking it in, and heading towards a better direction” up to this point, and she will probably continue to living with such feelings. Even though this is a publication commemoration interview for her new solo song, “why am I crying so much?” asked Hyomin as she cried while shyly laughing. For her parents’ sake as well, she was not able to give up on herself. She also conveyed that it is also because there are fans who have shown courage and supported T-ara more than anyone else. “If I were by myself, I probably couldn’t have withstood it,” Hyomin told us. “When we had difficult times, the members supported each other. It was probably because we had the same dream. Even though we had many difficult times, the only moments we were happy was when we prepared for the stage and performed.” To commemorate T-ara’s 10th anniversary, the members are preparing to give the fans a precious memory. For Hyomin, who has experienced many things during these 10 years, her wish is a simple one. “I want to create good memories, even if it’s just a small one, with my friends and the staff I’m working together with from here on out.”
  5. This seems a lot more than usual... which just means more moments to cherish
  6. I just realized that this is what she wore during her actual birthday with her friends lol. Still, she looks gorgeous
  7. Hyomin, from the girl group T-ara, has been considering her future going forward after her contract with MBK Entertainment expired last year, and has recently signed an exclusive contract with Sublime Artist Agency, beginning her domestic and Chinese activities. While planning for a solo album in the first half of the year with an impressive second act as an artist, she expressed on a phone call on the 17th, "in 2014, I released a solo album for the first time, and in 2016, I released my second solo album. 2 years later, I'm once again preparing for a new album. Rather than an extension of the image that I have already shown, I feel like I'm starting anew, I will prepare my mindset as if I'm debuting all over again. I will try hard to show a much different image than before." Even as a soloist, the modifier "T-ara's" still follows right before Hyomin's name. Even though it is a "shinning crown", it still is a catalyst that brings back difficult memories. Since T-ara’s debut in 2009, they have experienced both the joy of being at the peak and the pain of falling from grace. They are a group with more difficult times than joyous. For Hyomin, what meaning does "T-ara" hold? "I have devoted my youth to T-ara. It's another name for my youth, and it has already become a part of my life. Honestly, I hated the name at one point, but I knew I could never throw it away. The name is so precious to me.” Hyomin has spent the past 9 years as a member of T-ara, she expressed her gratitude, "I never want to forget, I want to always remember these times. To be a member of T-ara is an honor. I'm grateful we were able to be active during a time where K-Pop is loved around the world. I think we were a lucky group. All the members worked hard but we were lucky to receive such excessive love. There were a lot of times our members said, "we're very lucky." In reality, T-ara has many memories of frustration and hard times. 3 years into their debut, they leaped to become a top Korean girl group, but in July of 2012, they fell due to the "T-ara Bullying Controversy" and never reclaimed their former popularity. "There were many difficult times, but there are more good memories. That incident happened 3-4 years into our debut, but as time went on, we became a group of 8 years, of 9 years, of 10 years. In fact, as a group, our hard times seemed longer than our happier times, but I think we did very well. I'm happy, I was lucky.” From her pain and frustrations, she has learned many things. Putting Hyomin’s entire life into perspective, it could be a "tonic". “During the early days of our group activities, we thought 'if we release this song, of course it'd be loved'. Afterwards, I thought 'no matter how hard you try, you won't be loved.' Even though I knew that, I still had to work. Still, through the tough times, I was able to mature a lot. I realized how precious the overwhelming love we received at the beginning was. We could feel the difference of the distinct boundaries between the good times and the bad. We stood on stage after the cheers disappeared, I realized how precious the cheers from before were. I think we're lucky to have been given this enlightenment." The members of T-ara have been in constant contact after their contracts expired at the end of last year. Although they are in a legal dispute with MBK Entertainment over the trademark for "T-ara", they still maintain a strong relationship with 'the father of T-ara', MBK’s executive producer Kim Kwang Soo. "After our contracts expired, there were times we were at odds over minor misunderstandings and argued with producer Kim Kwang Soo, like sisters or mother and daughters. But that's not how it is. No matter what, he’s the father who made us, and made us debut when we knew nothing. This is our first experience with a legal dispute, I think there are some parts we're not familiar with. Even after our contracts ended, producer Kim Kwang Soo said if anything comes up, we can ask him for advice, like children, he treats us like precious daughters. I met with producer Kim Kwang Soo in April for the first time since our contracts ended, we just laughed without saying a word. Like family." *** Source: Naver
  8. She nailed it again I'm going to develop decidophobia at this rate... lol
  9. I'm just at a complete loss for words I don't know how much more my heart can take lol
  10. 2 different outfits but at least 4x the adorableness Hopefully she wasn't too cold during her Ordinary People entrance though lol Thanks a lot for sharing!
  11. She's exhuming such elegance from just sitting and watching the show
  12. Such gracefulness It was definitely worth staying up watching the stream
  13. Seeing Hyomin so radiant always allows me to forget about all my worries Hopefully, she doesn't get bombarded by fans in Hong Kong this time around though lol
  14. Thanks a lot for sharing as usual! I really enjoy the HDness from topstarnews
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