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  1. [PRESS] Hyomin @ 2018 F/W Seoul Fashion Show - FLEA MADONNA (03/24)

    She nailed it again I'm going to develop decidophobia at this rate... lol
  2. [PRESS] Hyomin @ 2018 F/W Seoul Fashion Show - YCH (03/22)

    I'm just at a complete loss for words I don't know how much more my heart can take lol
  3. 2 different outfits but at least 4x the adorableness Hopefully she wasn't too cold during her Ordinary People entrance though lol Thanks a lot for sharing!
  4. [PRESS] Hyomin @ Tokyo Collection "Freinock" Fashion Show (03/19)

    She's exhuming such elegance from just sitting and watching the show
  5. Such gracefulness It was definitely worth staying up watching the stream
  6. [PRESS] Hyomin @ Incheon Airport Departure to Macau (03/16)

    Seeing Hyomin so radiant always allows me to forget about all my worries Hopefully, she doesn't get bombarded by fans in Hong Kong this time around though lol
  7. [PRESS] Hyomin @ Movie "Gate" VIP Premiere (02/19)

    Thanks a lot for sharing as usual! I really enjoy the HDness from topstarnews
  8. The HDness of these is killing me
  9. [PRESS] Hyomin @ Movie "Keys to the Heart" VIP Premiere (01/15)

    It's really nice to see Hyomin in public again and interacting with the fans, especially during these times just so we know she's doing well This will keep me motivated for a long time without too much distracting worries lol
  10. [MAG] Hyomin for InStyle Korea June Issue (05/18)

    Hyomin is so pretty here... But, my heart also aches a bit whenever she does these kinds of shoots... I don't know what to think [emoji21]
  11. Regarding User Account Issues

    Thanks! That's good to know lol
  12. Regarding User Account Issues

    Old Username: azndude New Username: azndude Link to any one of your posts: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/5035-jeongism-long-or-short-hair/page-93#entry356849 Donor: No Reputation Points: around 3? I was a translator for the subbing team as well, so do I need reapply for that as well? Thanks.
  13. [PICS] T-ara N4 at Palm Pool Party (26/05)

    I just read JNDrama's account of the party, and now I feel pretty disappointed at Chris Brown's treatment towards them. I just wished more of them could've been there to cheer them on...I agree with you that Eunjung is very pro. According to JNDrama's account, she handled it very professionally. If only more of us were them to shout out for them...
  14. [PICS] T-ara N4 at Palm Pool Party (26/05)

    I pretty much share the same sentiments here. I don't like these types of events at all. I always worry that someone will get too wild and maybe they will get hurt . Maybe I'm overreacting, but I just had to put it out there... @jap_zhen_chin: Yeah, I think it's because being the only Asians there, they stand out a lot more than usual, which can make it a bit more awkward for them, I guess. Though Eunjung looks pretty lively in the performance lol.
  15. Eunjung, fighting! You should have nothing to be ashamed of, and we will stand by you no matter what!
  16. [12.08.25] Video HD - WooJung's finale on We Got Married

    like everyone here, i got to know the rest of T-ara through Woojung. my heart ached as soon as Jangwoo got the final mission card, and it hurt even more seeing how he wanted to protect Eunjung from that truth for as long as he can. in the end, i couldn't hold my tears back anymore as he told her the truth, and the pain practically doubled when i see Eunjung crying as well, like i can feel both of their pain at that moment...my heart is still heavy as i type out this message... but no matter what, i will still support them in the future. Woojung, fighting!
  17. it really pains me so much to her like this. she seemed to be so cheerful before, and now she's practically just putting a smile on her face whenever they're taking pictures. i just wish there was something i can do other than sending support behind a computer... but nevertheless, if this all i can do i would still like to send some support. Eunjung fighting! we will all watch Five Fingers since you worked so hard!
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