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  1. Old username: qukiwi93 New username: qukiwi93 Link to any of your post: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/26373-ramism-would-you-be-okay-with-boram-dating/?p=439802 Donor: yes
  2. omgee i'm hoping diadem will sub this..I was so glad once they announced to broadcast this kind of show. like finally i can watch a show where lots of Jeon family interactions especially between wooram and boram i wish their mom will appear too,that would be super awesome :3
  3. so are they coming earlier or staying longer?? btw guys prepare your expensive DSLRs,,, Im sooooo gonna stalk them...
  4. yesss~~ i miss them so much....im hoping all members will participate this time...
  5. nope.. D-unit is under D-Business ent this is a new company...i dont know much but i heard it's YG related..
  6. how sad it'll be great to see Boram and Wooram in a stage.. nevermind we will be waiting for it next time in the future.. fighting!
  7. darn i thought Hwayoung gonna win it..she was good but unexpected Sunhwa attacked her nonstop..lol
  8. album released on 6/6 ranked at 6..LOL hmm...can they reach 500000 copies like what ccm wished??
  9. kiddo you are really annoying if she debuts on december like she said before maybe i might slowly reconsider accepting her as the 9th member and now this all bs. sigh. in my humble opinion she badly wanted the popularity immediately
  10. eh?? i remembered CCM said they gonna focusing on music in this year... japan tours,comebacks, concert, etc == foxes again..lol... nevermind, she leads this time
  11. start countdown guys!! science fiction, futuristic city Whoa~ sound very interesting! sure t-ara will bring another unique concept to kpop..
  12. yes3!! they are practicing for their comeback!! woot~ really cant wait for it.. areum is hiding at the back..err..those hand pose remind me of that Moan guy .. lol
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