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  1. Old username: qukiwi93 New username: qukiwi93 Link to any of your post: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/26373-ramism-would-you-be-okay-with-boram-dating/?p=439802 Donor: yes
  2. omgee i'm hoping diadem will sub this..I was so glad once they announced to broadcast this kind of show. like finally i can watch a show where lots of Jeon family interactions especially between wooram and boram i wish their mom will appear too,that would be super awesome :3
  3. so are they coming earlier or staying longer?? btw guys prepare your expensive DSLRs,,, Im sooooo gonna stalk them...
  4. yesss~~ i miss them so much....im hoping all members will participate this time...
  5. nope.. D-unit is under D-Business ent this is a new company...i dont know much but i heard it's YG related..
  6. how sad it'll be great to see Boram and Wooram in a stage.. nevermind we will be waiting for it next time in the future.. fighting!
  7. darn i thought Hwayoung gonna win it..she was good but unexpected Sunhwa attacked her nonstop..lol
  8. album released on 6/6 ranked at 6..LOL hmm...can they reach 500000 copies like what ccm wished??
  9. kiddo you are really annoying if she debuts on december like she said before maybe i might slowly reconsider accepting her as the 9th member and now this all bs. sigh. in my humble opinion she badly wanted the popularity immediately
  10. eh?? i remembered CCM said they gonna focusing on music in this year... japan tours,comebacks, concert, etc == foxes again..lol... nevermind, she leads this time
  11. start countdown guys!! science fiction, futuristic city Whoa~ sound very interesting! sure t-ara will bring another unique concept to kpop..
  12. yes3!! they are practicing for their comeback!! woot~ really cant wait for it.. areum is hiding at the back..err..those hand pose remind me of that Moan guy .. lol
  13. yes she is very cute just like her name Areum means pretty right? correct me if im wrong whatever it is i still sad they ruined my 7-ara T.T
  14. soyeon make me wanna try one.. watermelon, ice cubes, milk, icing sugar?lol.. i dunno what is the white powder sigh
  15. good idea! i'll suggest this to myt-ara.com or probably admins from myt-ara read this..if t-ara really is coming to our country we should collect some money to support them PASUM is Pusat Asasi Sains UM..sure kenzo is a clever one bcos my friends who got enroll to PASUM got at least 8A's and above in spm.lol. 8th member is soyeon cousin?? Whoa~ i dunno about this..
  16. M-Queen's please start collect money from now on...i hope its after hari raya..get lots of $$$....lollol
  17. its so painful..u cant even stand up properly... i feel like crying poor my Rambbo...KKS acts like he cared about Boram but we never know what is happening behind this..he is a troll anyway..
  18. these are really awesome!! seriously its worth to buy jewelry box~ a new song too -Keep Out- my favourite!!
  19. and i thought that was a sasaeng fan when i saw the gif ..lol our dino cried ... shes a daddy's girl anyway..
  20. i guess this is official right..sigh *praying ccm will treat them equally* respect this lil girl for having a high determination to debut in such early age..definitely she hates school lol..
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