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  1. Old username: djdm New username: djdm Link to any one of your posts: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/27257-yeonism-what-are-your-goodbye-message-for-her-last-day-of-solo-debut/?p=455786 Donor: No
  2. It always blows me away how her character changes on and off stage. On stage she's very sexy and offstage she's so cute and bubbly. How can a person do that???
  3. Im pretty sure she is wearing contact lenses in that picture. Every time she perform she wear it. Her eyes looks more attractive that way but I still prefer her with no contacts and eye liner. I hope that she always post selcas especially on T-araholic app or she makes her own instagram. She spoiled us too much seeing her everyday for the past 1 month.
  4. djdm

    [14.06.14] Jiyeon,

    As expected Jiyeon would rate herself low. She is the type of person who is very very humble. But for me she did a fantastic job, more than a 100. Im still hoping she would win in MCountdown.
  5. I couldn't breathe during this whole performance. Jiyeon is just toooo adorable. Good to see her smiling while performing. For her next solo she should do a cute concept. Would fit her perfectly
  6. I didn't see any difference except for the Behind the Scenes photo shoot of her. CCM trolling at its best lol
  7. If this new MV shows the stronger side of Jiyeon, I don't know if her fans could handle it. Hopefully the sexiness level is still the same and doesn't show anymore skin. So the original new MV would show the part where she is sitting in a box with water? The alleged scene they had to remove because of the ferry incident?
  8. so wait which pelvic dance choreography is getting changed? the one against the wall or during the chorus while her jacket is up
  9. Its good to see that Iu and Jiyeon are still friends even after the years when they did Heroes. Iu is like Jiyeons boyfriend when she told Jiyeon not to do sexy concept hahaha
  10. djdm

    [14.05.20] Jiyeon,

    I have a pretty good feeling that Jiyeon would do well during her solo debut. Even with all of her haters, Queens and Jingchins support her a lot.
  11. Good to see that Jiyeon's outfit isn't too revealing. Gave me a sigh of relief. Cant wait until she performs live on music shows
  12. IMO, the song Roly Poly will never get old. It still sounds better compared to todays other kpop songs.
  13. OMG, Jiyeon's acting is soooo good. CCM should stop making her do MVs where she ends up dying. She needs to be in a drama soon. Her make up which is very minimal shows her natural beauty very well. Last thing I was happy about this MV is...there was no kissing scene!!!
  14. OMG Jiyeon is hot... I wish I was able to watch this in live
  15. omg i didn't noticed it until you pointed it out.
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