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    miemiewong reacted to red4summer in [15.04.24] Video - JTBC Witch Hunt (Eunjung Cut)   
    [15.04.24] Video - JTBC Witch Hunt (Eunjung Cut)


    Credit: JTBC + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
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    miemiewong reacted to ily_shannon in [15.04.22] Video - Eunjung at 4 Things Show Next Week Preview   
    [15.04.22] Video - Eunjung at 4 Things Show Next Week Preview


    Credit: MNET + ily_shannon @ tiaradiadem

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    miemiewong reacted to Adiprasatya in [15.01.28] Video - T-ARA @ Hello Yeah1 TV Interview   
    i was shocked at first soyeon talk her voice different and ah its being dubbed. lol
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    miemiewong reacted to red4summer in [FANTAKEN] Eunjung, Hyomin & Jiyeon @ Incheon Airport (01/17)   
    [FANTAKEN] Eunjung, Hyomin & Jiyeon @ Incheon Airport (01/17)

    Credit: Amytilak's Weibo + red4summer + TiaraDiadem

    The three were spotted this morning without any staffs around them. They should be on a non-official trip.
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    miemiewong reacted to Beckhie in [14.12.26] Persevering even though it's lonely... a promise kept 2 years later   
    [14.12.26] Persevering even though it's lonely... a promise kept 2 years later
    An explosive rumour that resulted in an irreparable impact, from this angle, this definitely looked wrong. But if you examine deeper, you will realize they had been maligned yet had chosen to continuously maintain their silence. After the incident happened, it snowballed into something bigger and bigger. This without a doubt was an easy target for the hunters, which turned the rumours into "fact." Even for those who want to find out the truth now, it has already become meaningless. For T-ara, they can only grind their teeth and persevere. These 2 harsh years for T-ara had been so lonesome and depressing. Regardless of it, they continue to push on.

    On the afternoon of 25th, T-ara held their 1st solo concert 'Dear My Family' at Seoul, Gangnam Coex. Two shows in a day and met with 2200 audience. Compared to the cold internet forum receptions, T-ara's family and fans participated in it. This concert was T-ara's 1st after 6 years into their debut and had a special meaning to it. That day, T-ara performed Cry Cry, No.9, Sugar Free, etc. (20 songs) for the 2 hours show. T-ara opened the concert with a christmas-feel theme.

    T-ara expressed to their fans, who had worked hard in supporting them, their desire to keep their promises. Qri said, "they had really wanted to meet for a very long time." Soyeon, "although we had held many concerts overseas, this is our 1st time in Korea. Thank you everyone for your support and please continue supporting us." Hyomin simply said, "I am very happy" and started choking back her tears. Jiyeon expressed that "they will perform all the songs they had never been able to perform during this period of time." Boram said gratefully that "she was very happy and excited and that she can't put her emotions into words."

    T-ara 1st solo concert was originally planned 2 years and 4 months ago. It was planned for a large scale of 10,000+ audience and had created a sold-out record. T-ara's members were preparing for the concert, but just before the concert could happen, the sudden news resulted in the collapse of T-ara. At the same time, the determination of the fans started to waver. In spite of that, T-ara did not give up as they bit their teether, held the fort and carried on till today.

    T-ara said, "a few years ago we cancelled our concert. Even though today's scale is not as big, compared to the thousands-scale concert, today's concert is more important and meaningful. We spend Christmas with everyone and in the future, T-ara will work even harder."

    At the concert's ending, T-ara shared a video message, "thinking of the time that had passed, we sometimes wonder if we can carry on. The reason why we can stand up here today is because of each one of you." They further added in their message, "we will work harder to make our fans feel that being a Queen's is a good fortune. We hope to become this kind of T-ara."

    After the ending of T-ara domestic concert, they will go to China for their tour. In September, T-ara signed a contract to begin their activities in China. These will include concerts, dramas and varieties as well.

    T-ara concluded at their concert "today is our 1st solo concert and there are many areas for improvement. T-ara will work hard to improve and we hope everyone will continue supporting us. We will attend MBC Gayo on the 31st."


    Source: TV Report
    Chinese Translation via _转身落寞
    English Translation: Beckhie
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    miemiewong reacted to T-ara Trans in [14.11.25] DongA's short interview with Eunjung, "moved by Brunei's Hallyu fans"   
    [14.11.25] DongA's short interview with Eunjung,
    "moved by Brunei's Hallyu fans"

    Popular girlgroup T-ARA’s Eunjung expressed her gratitude regarding the Brunei hallyu fans.

    Eunjung, who was appointed as the public ambassador attending the signing ceremony for the latest Korea-Brunei 500 billion won joint cosmetic project, has arrived to Incheon International Airport on the 22nd.

    On that day, Eunjung met with DongA.Com and opened up about her impression of her visit to Brunei. She said “I wasn’t expecting it but I was surprised and thankful seeing so many fans welcoming us at Brunei. Meeting with the Brunei ministers and Prime Minister was a nice and new experience to me. As the honorary ambassador for this joint project, I have to promote diligently.”

    She continued, “Wherever I go, I’m not sure how did they know, but Brunei fans were always there to cheer on me. I was very grateful at how they showed love to the Hallyu culture and T-ara. There was a Hallyu DVD store in the Brunei main street, that made me feel once again how influential and scary Hallyu is.”

    On the 24th, T-ARA will release their collaboration with popular Chinese singers, Chopstick Brothers, of their hit track ‘Little Apple’.

    "As it is the first collaboration project with a foreign singer, there were many parts in which we had to pay careful attention to. It is a new experience, so I’m anticipating this. I think it will be a new side to us different that what we’ve shown before in T-ARA. The song’s promotions will last short in Korea, but we will still work hard."

    Meanwhile, the Korea-Brunei collaboration project in which T-ARA’s Eunjung and Actress Kim Gyuri are promoting as honorary ambassadors, is a business in which the world’s top 20 Sovereign Wealth Fund Brunei Investment Authority will be co-founding with the local co-operation, IMK, for the manufacturing-selling of cosmetic products, and then are set on taking over the Halal cosmetic market. Halal is a term describing products that Muslims can eat and use.

    The Investment institute(BEDB) affiliated with the Prime Minister’s Office will be supplying an industrial complex and factory construction of 50,000 pyeong. IMK has been planning over the past 3 years for a 200 million dollar joint investment with the government enterprise under the Ministry of Finance.

    For the global star-marketing promotions of this project, the Brunei Investment institute(BEDB) has signed a LOI(Letter of Intent) with one of the influential local entertainment management companies under the IMK Group, MBK Entertainment(CEO Go Geun Hee) and invested it with an approximately 80 billion won for advertising, promotions, and global star marketing.

    Source: DongA
    Translation by: FY! T-ara
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    miemiewong reacted to poseidon206 in [14.08.20] Video - InStyle Star Beauty Awards 2014 - T-ara Eunjung   
    I don't like the make-up and the brushed back hair, but I like Eunjung so yeah, I'll let it slide. She's still perfect.
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    miemiewong reacted to nathaniel in [14.08.19] T-ara to stay away from sexy concepts with an authentic EDM comeback song on September 11th!   
    [14.08.19] T-ara to stay away from sexy concepts with an authentic EDM comeback song on September 11th!

    T-ara has confirmed their comeback date and release of a new mini-album to be September 11th!
    After announcing they were coming back in September, a comeback date of September 11th has been revealed today to OSEN. Up until that point, T-ara has been and will be preparing hard for this new release.
    T-ara also unveiled through their agency Core Contents Media a new concept picture. The picture is a sporty and sexy chic look that is completely different from their last musical style concept with "Do You Know Me?".
    But in actuality, T-ara will not comeback with a sexy concept, but rather a stylish and chic/cool concept.They will show a stylish color that is completely different from Hyomin and Jiyeon's solo ventures.
    T-ara's title song will be a special genre of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) called Big room. Big room is an EDM genre that is centered around minimalist percussion, regular beats, simple melodies and synth-driven breakdowns. Core Contents Media revealed they will also be working with real and authentic EDM musicians.
    An example of a "Big room" genre song would be Martin Garrix's Animals or Epic by Sandro Silvo & Quintino.
    They will also showcase a catchy new dance as they have with their retro Roly-Poly dance, Lovey-Dovey shuffle dance, and robotic Sexy Love dance.
    Source: http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201408201147322510
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    miemiewong got a reaction from inumeev in [IG] KaneZ Instagram Update Feat. Jiyeon (09/10)   
    She is so pretty. I love her whatever she wear. Arghhhh. Jiyeon, are really human?
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