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  1. I can't wait I know that almost every fangirl of her are having gender crisis because of her teasers XD
  2. Wow, finally After her replacement on Five Fingers, I'm waiting for other offers for drama or movie.
  3. I bet everybody's going to be crazy and those haters will eventually faint >_<
  4. I'm still not used to her new concept :3 But Jiyeon is now grown-up. Can't wait for the video teaser
  5. This photo is enough to give me some goosebumps =) I hope she try to gain some weight. I found her skinny lately :3
  6. I never expected a solo act from them. =3 But if this is what they want and they are doing all their best, them I'm with them =) Anyways, fighting
  7. Very nice unnie She has been supporting T-ara since she did a project together with Jiyeon last 2010
  8. If i will be able to go to South Korea someday, I would still go if the recording will start very early in the morning
  9. I am really really excited! I wish this would be a Drama version This would be hotter than ever
  10. KKS is planning things too early without even notifying the girls. He seems to have a problem in leading. He thinks and do things in his own weird way.
  11. Aww.. They are so sweet Still taking care ansd supporting their dongsaeng
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