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  1. The song starting at over 40 seconds was kinda frustrating me when I wanted to listen to the song ASAP, but that aside really really great song, extremely addictive and yeah thank goodness its not sexy concept. Its the type of T-ara song that grows on me increasing, but could have been better if there were more lyrics (: Gogo T-ara, SLAYYY~~
  2. Lol Qri looks too perfectionistic, although my bias is Hyomin. Really, Qri's no joke here
  3. Just do what they did for Rolypoly and lovey dovey, so that we can see them performing for a long long time Edited: Wait did I just see EunJung with long hair???!!!!
  4. OMG another T-ara type song, can't wait for it, number 9 was awesome and this song will probably not disappoint. Thank goodness no more sexy concept, not that it was bad but too mainstream in kpop already, something refreshing like number 9 will be the best~~ Qri looks totally awesome with bangs, have been waiting for her to comeback in such a hairstyle for god knows how long.. and yeah that pic really stands out, T-ara's gonna win something this time !
  5. I think both are Qri lol, left 100% Qri, right doesnt seem obvious but when matched to left seems the same haha
  6. LOL HJE looked really similar to Eunjung in the cover photo that I thought EJ is the lead . anyway it really is an amazing news, happy for her !
  7. AH!@#$%^& finally after such a long and painful wait. Hopefully they can win a first in their music programs this time. GOOOO T-ara~~
  8. Seriously this is one of the best photos of Qri IMO, really like her dressing casually and not with all the elaborated make-up and hair styling..
  9. Old Username klutzzy123 New User Name: klutzzy123 Link to any one of your posts: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/27387-140703-video-hd-hyomin-fake-it-nice-body-mnet-mcountdown/?p=457011 Donor: no Thanks!
  10. Honestly its a pity fake it doesnt live up to the Koreans' standard of hit songs like roly poly all these if not it would make a great title track
  11. Is it me or Eunjung became really skinny in these photos? She looks really good here !
  12. Is it me or EunJung looks really muscular here??? And Sso looks really good nowadays, she just looks better with time
  13. AH the much awaited cute side of maknaeeee. The photos of her look really great, as is her performance. Its as if she went back to her heroes days lol. Yeah she really shd do a cute concept, somewhat like gna's but in dino version
  14. Honestly this concept seems as if something's lacking at the moment. Perhaps its only the start since I felt the same way when Ji debuted solo, but yeah like many others I am still not used to her hair and definitely not anytime soon lol. IMO, for CCM this is a make it or break it kind of concept. Like something that will probably shoot hyomin to total stardom or faring similarly or not as well as Jiyeon, simply due to individual popularity. Her hair is just too drastic a change that either the majority dislikes it, or all of a sudden everyone likes it. Nevertheless, hope the songs lives up to the usual CCM standard, nice and all, after all she has quite some expectations to live up to after maknae debuted. HYO all the way~~
  15. Many people dont actually realize how great she looks lol, as many are totally occupied with her voice.
  16. All of a sudden hyomin and jiyeon seems very close, although it seemed that ji and eunjung were the closest some time ago. Anyway the interaction between the two maknaes seem really good
  17. Her maknae spirit is back. Whoaaaa cant wait, really missed this side of hers
  18. Cute is really the best.. But afterall she's a noona/unni to so many alr and I doubt we can see that side of hers anymore T_T
  19. klutzzy123


    I think it is really true that Jiyeon is doing much better than we expected, honestly I was really worried that her song might not be well regarded, simply because: She's not strong vocally(kinda proved me wrong), although true that she is popular She's only part of T-ara, if as a group they did only sufficiently well in number 9(not in include DYKM) whats more only the maknae. She's quite a largely accused person in the incident and might be targeted at by the netizens to even larger extent. They are queens that do not support ALL members of T-ara But I dont really think that to unite will cause them much, instead solo activities just promotes their individual worth more, and then BAM, they can come back when they are individually much more successful and I will really anticipate that day. However, it would be really great if Qri and Boram takes part in more activities, especially if possible variety shows. Its really the foundation that causes many artists to become popular, a good example was HyoMin, although she only became quite a genius at variety after she learnt the techniques despite having that embarrassing character for her. Only so can they receive more attention, and not rely so much on the trio as before. And of course, going individually is not only good for them but good for US. We get to see them more instead of just a comeback. Of course comebacks are good but if they each have a show, or drama, or music performance a day each week, we only have to take a break on say Sunday XD
  20. Regarding the clothes changing color effect, I think there are 2 different versions or something, if not that doesnt sound very plausible. But these performances are live isnt it. And the background sounds seem kinda continuous. LOL some kinda dinosaur sorcery maybe. Anyways she really improved tremendously vocally, hope she wont be tired out too soon and that HyoMin will live up to the expectations that Jiyeon set with her solo
  21. Just wondering, how did her clothes suddenly change color? Or how did that effect work? sorry if its an ignorant question lol
  22. Yeah to some extent yes, but I think that is not really the point, instead we should hope for the truth in the statement that CCM (and most probably Jiyeon) hopes to achieve, that T-ara haven't given up and will rise to the top in time to come. Seeing how the video is doing on youtube, views and some charts, its really relieving that the song is doing decently well, not to mention that there are people who support only some members of T-ara and not T-ara as a whole
  23. Hi, just wondering the top 2 videos say eng sub but there is no sub..? Is it just me or its a mistake in the title?
  24. She should have stay flawless like a JiYeon instead on her tshirt lol, that photo of hers is really flawless. Thank goodness that the MV (and hopefully the choreography) is not overly sexualized. Although the song is over my expectations but I guess its a pretty nice song. However I think I'm more used to T-ara style songs like cry cry, number 9, or the roly poly lovey dovey type lol. Hope she does well in charts ! Go dino !
  25. Jiyeon and food are inseparable. LOL at how she's promoting all the food, totally like her in heroes where she ate all day long
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