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  1. Well that is just darn precious!! Such happy pictures
  2. I think this is the case RIGHT? Visual QUEENS T-ara. I don't think Qri ages.
  3. Do you know if we will get more Jiyeon and Soyeon photos, or if there are any more releases to come?! x I'm still pretty bad at navigating naver and whatnot.
  4. My heart. It is beating too fast for my chest. They are too good for me. ;-;
  5. So I'm sick and I figure that I'll be most comfy in my onesie - a very close match the Qri unicorn onesie btw, see here - and I have the heater cranked and I think I'm all good. And just now I'm realising that I might not be as sick as I think I am and that all this sweating just happens to be because I'm a dumbass who is cooking themselves in fleece and heat. Well anyway, here's to going to work tomorrow. And also here's to not being as stupid tomorrow! 3 Cheers <3

  6. I left a present for you. The awarding process is a little more annoying, but I think I just haven't ticked the right settings buttons yet. xo

    1. craZy


      Huhu. What's annoying? Do you need an extra hand?

    2. Rose Lily

      Rose Lily

      doesn't pop up on the person's profile, just have to go into the exact award and award it through there. I think i might be missing something. Also that little box when you post doesn't seem to go away???? 

    3. Rose Lily

      Rose Lily

      This new profile layout is pretty af though


  7. It does look awesome. I'm gonna be a while getting the badges going thanks to the new system. But should be right as rain pretty soon!
  8. Zee Zee Zee Zee Baby Baby Baby

  9. So I'm like 99% sure I want to get these printed, framed and hung in my spare room to continue my shrine to T-ara. Would they not be the perfect addition?
  10. Yes! I can't wait for official photos to be released with this! They look absolutely stunning!
  11. So jealous of you two right now. Congratulations on winning though!! Can't wait until I can afford my copy I will stare at their pretty faces all day long. *sigh* TRuly a gorgeous face.
  12. i need to get my xxxx together re: badges

  13. One title + 2 self + at least 2 other songs is my bet. I reckon we will have 5 + instrumental of title.
  14. Oh my god this is my favourite photoshoot, possibly ever! I love flowers sooo much (der) and the balloons and so MUCH COLOUR! I love it all. Everyone looks fabulous!
  15. I'm so happy that BNT has been slowing giving the T-ara girls BNT photoshoots, each of them has been so cool and such a source of enjoyment for me!
  16. Help me they look soooo goood!!!!! New twitter header coming my way! New diadem headers too?
  17. I laughed so hard at this comment. I assume those things are to boost the volume in her hair.
  18. You are so cute though! <3

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    2. A(mber)


      why did u write that tho

    3. Rose Lily

      Rose Lily

      eh just was scouring the forums for bad content and i found a couple of thread replies you made haha, adorable

    4. A(mber)


      LOL like what ??

  19. My god Hyomin you are gorgeous and my heart is beating much faster after seeing these photos.
  20. This is exciting! From that top photo could she be a ghost, or is it magic, or is it just special effects to highlight the poster? Anyway, I'm glad that MBK is actually making this project a reality, I worried it might have been never heard of again, but Qri and Soyeon look wonderful in their posters and I'll be excited for the release and subbing of these! T-ara fighting!
  21. Wow, they are really bringing it on visually this evening aren't they what? Eunjung's red hair isn't my favourite, but it looks really nice here, and Hyomin as usual is heart-stopping!
  22. Still filming. She's too far away for it to be convenient to fly back and I think she'd be under contract for that time already.
  23. I AM NOT SURE THAT I CAN BREATHE AFTER SEEING THIS!!! Please let my heart restart Soyeon!!!!
  24. this is april fools perfection

  25. This much photoshop is a little disappointing, but I understand why MBK has done this as well. I mean even fansites edit photos a little I'm sure. Or maybe not, maybe Jiyeon does have the dewy skin of a newborn dinosaur, we just don't know.
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