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  1. I've done some search and this might be the one she's going on... boarding on the 13th in Barcelona, goes to athen and dubai! But it travels for 16 days not a whole month...


    if it is, then she might be able to MC on this tuesday but not the week after :(

  2. WOW, this epsiode was so fun and nervous, everyone were so into it :)
    Just waiting for the guy to reply, and see what he replied!!!
    So funny when they all jumped of the chair, haha

    Even though I just understood about 70% of it I was anxious like them...
    Well even though we don't know if they got together... hope they can have a great realationship :)

    Love Eunjung-unnie on this show(well anything), she is so true and bold, love that about her!!
    can't wait for her solo debut, Eunjung-unnie Fighting T-ARA Fighitng

  3. Foreigners (to Korea) will probably get redirected to the global MNet site when accessing the Korean site but if you know a way to get around that, please tell us how. :)



    I was redirected back to the global site when I was trying to go to the korean site...

    So I figured, If I just change my proxy to a south korean proxy then I should be able to access...

    ... and "tada" it worked!

    So if you can't access I recommend it to you!

  4. WOW, a kiss...

    Listening to their talk it feels like Jiyeon will keep being in the drama for a few more episodes

    Found a chinese sub, but didn't have all the conversation so added some of my own... but my korean is really like an 5-year-old so not really 100% accurate. But something at least for those who's urgent of sub and want to know that they talk about.

    JY: You wanna go out?

    SW: No, I'm fine

    JY: You feel annoyed and hate seeing me, right?

    SW: It's not annoying, I'm just not interested

    JY: Is there someone you find interesting?

    SW: No

    JY: You're still uninterested even like this?

    SW: I'm not sure only with a kiss, sleeping together might be possible

    JY: Let's go then

    JY: Why?

    SW: I kind of like you
    JY: Your interest for me will keep growing and start to like me

  5. when I heard that Jiyeon was acting again I felt nothing can ever get better(but of course it will)

    I was so happy!!! Can't wait for more of this to happen!

    Seeing Jiyeon's hair style it seems to be recorded yesterday before the word cup cheering...

    I just found a chinese sub for this, so for fellow Queen's who's urgent for eng sub here's one I just made quickly

    Man 1: I’m a little late
    Man 2:No problem we just got here to
    Man 1:Please take a seat, Long time no see
    JY: How have you been?

    JY: It has already been two years since we last meet in Las Vegas,
    JY: I doesn’t seem like your in good mood.
    SW: Mm
    JY: Why?
    SW: Because, I don’t know the reason for meeting you at this moment
    JY: Your bad temper is still the same. I will give you the reason, don’t worry. Let’s have a cup of coffee.

  6. I do agree with "to split is to survive”, but I do not agree with "To unite is to die"

    With each member having their own individual activities they do not only make a living, but also

    market T-ARA through various directions, which means more publicity and more interest.

    But they will not die as they unite, because the problem is not in T-ARA!

    The problem lies at the korean citizen and netizen! It's their culture and acting that makes T-ARA seem lifeless in Korea.

    As we all can see that, that's not the deal in other countries!

    But even though they yet haven't won their #1 after the incident, they do rank high at the charts.

    And I really do not think "This is the last chance for each member to display their individual charisma."

    T-ARA and the members will live long, in the business, even if the public don't accept their recent works, they eventually will!

    T-ARA stands firm, and will comeback as the #1 girl-group!

    And I will wait for that day!

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