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  1. BTW, looking at the pearl version it does give me a feeling of the characters... jiyeon as serena soyeon as blair qri as jenny hyomin as vanessa There's no really girlcharacter left and suited so... eunjung as dan boram as eric Hey, just what I thinks!
  2. So it was really THE Gossip Girl!!! Then Soyeons instagram must have been a hint!! HAHA Except for Jiyeon they are in their mid- and late 20's and look that good in School Uniforms!!! Can't wait for the album
  3. WOOOOOOOW Thanks for sharing!!! Really appreciate it
  4. GREAT PERFORMANCES!!! <3<3 That screaming fan really stands out! Reading the description for "Roly-Poly" it does not only describes the toy right, it fits as a description for T-ARA also, "... that rightd itself no matter how many times it's knocked down". As for T-ARA, no matter how many attacks from scandals and/or hateful comments they get they stands strong on their feets (with the support of us Queens).
  5. My ears candy... Sexy Ham-Kyul-Ji Go Boram Go Boram Go Boram Go Boram Go Boram!! Our Big Unnie-Boram is on fire!!!
  6. Even though hyomin look really beautiful with her hair bangs, I really love her without it... She looks so pretty with the ponytail ! As always she shows us her perfect fashion! Eunjung as always looks so charming! Even though I liked her hair a little bit longer hair (before this cut) she looks so charming, a lot of charisma!
  7. Oh that's right... Hehe, maybe coz I didn't really think it through, hahaha I whole month of assignments and my brain is like dead!
  8. is this really eunjung's instagram? is it new? why does it stand "HEJ"(which means "hello" in swedish) under her username, anyone know the meaning? what I could think of it as is "Hyomin Eunjung and Jiyeon", but my would she left out QBS? But if it really is her, then nice! It shows that the past is the past and she's back in the cyberworld.
  9. this is amazing, when the MV comes out even though I can't watch it in a theather screen I'm going to put the computer to the TV-screen and watch it!
  10. OMG! I really can't wait for their comeback! ""What Do I Do" will show the member's acting and expression through a musical-like choreography" hope the MV is a drama version then, really looking forward to it!!
  11. loved it , to bad it's in japanese!!! hope there will be some subbs soon
  12. Oh my oh my oh my.... Sso looks so beautiful and elegant in that dress ! SO happy that she's getting the chance to MC such a big event she must be really happy (as she said before that she would like to MC)!
  13. Yeah I know.. haha, I thought about that after the post
  14. God I love this so much!! Reminds me of the 2010. THE T-ARA FAMILY! but maybe change the "annyeong" to something else, cause saying goodbye to T-ARA is not something I want to do...
  15. if it weren't for the exam next week I will be flying to korea tomorrow to get the "free hug" from them!!!
  16. When the MC asked Jiyeon how she felt seeing Soyeon happily dating it felt a little like Jiyeon do have some one for her(maybe a boyfriend) at the moment so that she didn't say immediately that she's jealous of Soyeon, but had to come up with something... Well only T-ARA would know,
  17. Really can't wait for this, even though it's a bit "again" but no other groups do is as good as them, so it'll match them well Hyomin always looks so stunning!
  18. I'm really sorry to say this, but I really don't get the point why CCM releases so many different version of the MV that after all, all the same videos... Why don't they just put the effort and time to make a great drama version? They must know that all the fans is waiting for the T-ara traditional drama version!
  19. It seems like Jiyeons' knee got a lot better, but if she keep dancing like that, it probably will hurt again! we all know that she does it for the fans sake but she needs to rest! Just hope she can take it easy!!
  20. beautiful and elegant as always! hope she had a great time over there! Can't wait for the movie to come out...
  21. I'm really happy that they release an other MV version of the song but I'm really disappointed! I was expecting more like a DRAMA version, not putting the video from the photoshoot together as the MV. But I didn't expect much, cause we all know that the girls hvae been busy and they haven't really made a schedule for the "Drama version"-shooting! But still better then nothing!
  22. This really is a touching interview! T-ARA really has worked hard, even at there pike of the carrier they still worked hard and people just seems to ignore it. And I do believe that people learn from their mistakes. People who haven't experience it won't know what it is like. How many other girl-group have experience all this harsh criticism as T-ARA. Even before T-ARA's debut the K-nitizen criticized them for nothing. (don't mean to critisize but) Even most of the girl-groups don't have as harsh criticism as T-ARA, all they have been through are like plastic surgery or some dating scandal. No matter what T-ARA do gets bad noise from the K-nitizen and I just doesn't get why! They have lived with this criticism in all these 4 years, but it was last year that the biggest came out but it's not like T-ARA haven't experience it so they'll support each other and go through it. That's why T-ARA have lived for 4 years and will LIVE LONG!!! <3<3 FOREVER T-ARA, T-ARA FIGHTING
  23. this is all KKS and CCM's fault but all the bashing goes on T-ARA and that's really something I don't like about this company! They can't handle the business! And it's a really disappointment for such a great group with great fan-base! I really want to tell KKS to go to some business management classes, cause this is not how you manage a company and a label, not only CCM as well as T-ARA!!!
  24. I feel teary when I read this! I like that they called it self a re-debut. Because they have come back as new, more mature and stronger then before this is a whole new T-ARA we are looking at! And I like their mindset! If we get those criticism it's because you don't know us, and if you don't, we will work hard to make you like us! And this is why i love them Everyone one know how much hardship they went through the past years, not only last years, even from when they debuted, and even though time after time all these rumors and xxxx hits them, they never falls that the spirit of T-ARA! And I as a Queen's will always support and be there for them hardship after hardship!
  25. WOW, lucky those fans, god I wish I lived in Korea... Let the past be the past, we still have a great future worth fighting for This is why I'll always support T-ARA, they have the kindest hearts but other people just try to bury them... making them suffer What makes me just want to LOVE them and support them even more! T-ARA FOREVER, T-ARA FIGHTING<3<3<3<3
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