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  1. So it was really THE Gossip Girl!!!

    Then Soyeons instagram must have been a hint!! HAHA :P

    Except for Jiyeon they are in their mid- and late 20's and look that good in School Uniforms!!!

    Can't wait for the album

    BTW, looking at the pearl version it does give me a feeling of the characters...

    jiyeon as serena

    soyeon as blair

    qri as jenny

    hyomin as vanessa

    There's no really girlcharacter left and suited so...

    eunjung as dan

    boram as eric

    Hey, just what I thinks!

  2. GREAT PERFORMANCES!!! <3<3<3 That screaming fan really stands out!

    Reading the description for "Roly-Poly" it does not only describes the toy right, it fits as

    a description for T-ARA also, "... that rightd itself no matter how many times it's knocked down".

    As for T-ARA, no matter how many attacks from scandals and/or hateful comments they get

    they stands strong on their feets (with the support of us Queens).

  3. is this really eunjung's instagram?

    is it new?

    why does it stand "HEJ"(which means "hello" in swedish) under her username, anyone know the meaning?

    what I could think of it as is "Hyomin Eunjung and Jiyeon", but my would she left out QBS?

    But if it really is her, then nice! It shows that the past is the past and she's back in the cyberworld.

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