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  1. DAEBAK!!! The fanchants really have improved from the days before! Keep fighting K-queen's, even though we other queen's are far away our hearts are gathered to support T-ARA
  2. this wasn't really what I imagined, it's better but to bad Qri, and Jiyeon only got so few lines, wanted to hear more of them but I still loved then song, hope they will perform it live!
  3. OMG OMG OMG, only one word! LOVE<3 I love it so much, it so different then the old mv's I love the close-ups and their feelings in the mv what can I say, just loved it
  4. omg... it's like hell waiting for the song and their performance!!! they all look with so much charisma and sexy!! T-ARA FIGHTING!
  5. I just realize that Boram, Eunjung and Hyomin must be showing "9" as number 9 with their hands in the first picture! How cute! Really disappointing that there wasn't an audio release today but.. what can we do Well I'm waiting for the fancam's on the 6th at Dream Concert, and the official release on the 10th... I'll be watching M!Countdown LIVE!!! T-ARA Fighting!!!
  6. OMG! I can't wait... it's itching in the body... this comeback have done that I can't concentrate on my exam! I hate T-ara for that, but I LOVE them even more for making a anticipative comeback<3 I love songs with like sad emotion but in a strong beat and feeling!! This really is so far one of my most favorite concept
  7. SOOOOOOOOOOOO Happy for Soyeon It must have been hard for them to maintain during this period but really happy to know that there's been someone cheering for her during the hardship They look so happy so cute! Even though they say it's their 1000th anniversary it's not really like that, he's been to the army for almost 2 years... for really dating it's just like a year.. but for them to overcome the 2 years it's love and happiness REALLY HAPPY FOR THEM! WISH THEM ALL THE HAPPINESS AND LOVE
  8. I'm REALLY exited for this comeback I really like the concept and the teasers And I know the song will be the big hit to!!! REALLY CAN'T WAIT FOR THE 26th
  9. This sounds very interesting, hope to be able to play it soon And maybe later when I graduate with my bachelor of computer and science I can help! Keep Fighting!! hope to see it launch soon
  10. Really curious for the new concept! They always rule the style!! My birthday is the 20th october, so the comeback will be an early birthday gift!! Really hope today was the 10th October!!!
  11. this article brings out the sadness and the happiness... It's hurtful every time mentioning the things that you want to forget, and as much as you try to erase it, it engraves in history! But just as the reason I first started to like T-ARA, T-ARA is a group of girls that are much stronger then they look, and there's so much more inside of them that you don't know about if you don't spend the time and will to find out and understand about them. Even though they are on the other half of the earth, I will with all my might support them wherever I am!! Once a Queen's, forever a Queen's !
  12. So happy for T-ARA, really nice that they go to places beyond the usual.... I'm sure they'll have a even more busy schedule they usual now, but I know they can do it Keep the hard working and take care of your health... Fighting!!! Hope they next time can come to europe!!!
  13. Eunjung look really pretty, they really suit each other, to bad they didn't made the drama but happy that they could do a duet together this time!! can't wait for the videos to come!!
  14. Hyomin is really hyper,...so cute" Really wish I was there to watch the concert!!!
  15. God! I wish I would come back from hong kong a month later!! This is really a heartbreaker!
  16. I really really really really really hope this IS NOT the version they will debut in the US with I really really really really really hope this was just a remix!!! Even though I really love T-ARA N4 and support what they do, but this version is BAD, they have ruined the K-pop style it feels like they have made "jeon won diary" into some crazy, bad black sexy thingy!! The sexy thing is alright, but the music, rhythm is really weird! And I can already visualise the bad response, if this is the one! And T-ARA N4 do not deserve it. If they keep creating things like this... it will make it hard for me to keep supporting them, but I will try my best. AND I will as always support T-ARA and T-ARA N4 in their korean and japanese style
  17. WOOOOOOOW........AWESOME!!!!! they finally got their chance to go worldwide... I really hope they get a positive reception out of this, can't wait to hear it all!!! SO nice that all members will go to the US. T-ARA really got great stuff going on... QBS in Japan, T-ARA N4 in US (and in Korea), really awesome!
  18. Poor things, SOOOOOO akward!! Dani doesn't seem good in english either, even though she's from the US. Hope they get the chance to learn some english, so they later can handle the media their self!!
  19. This is really giving me different thoughts! First of all it's so great that T-ARA N4 get's the chance to promote in the US with a big star and open up the door for the US market. Because they really deserve and have the ability to do so. ... BUT they have to choose the right person, T-ARA's image and brand have already been damaged because of "you-know-what" and now make a collaboration with someone the image is really no good really doesn't make it any better. They are really taking a big WIN or LOSE step. And those K-citizen we all know always just jump to their opinions and conclusions and never listen to the explains. And with the korean culture it can be really difficult for them to accept this collaboration. I do admit that KKS have good ideas for T-ARA and their music, but he really can't handle the Brand. He's like doing EVERYTHING that may ruin the T-ARA as brand and image. As I thought that K-pop idol-group industry have been active in more then 2 decades the label's now know to handle the market and brand, but as we can see they really S**K big times! But I do wish them GOOD LUCK! And I Love T-ARA as always !!!
  20. Hyomin and Eungjung throw their caps!! I WISH I WAS THERE TO CATCH IT!!! The accompaniment looked a little like crazy persons in the back, but I liked it, it was different and creative and that's was T-ARA is like, crazy, different and creative... and loved!!! LOVE them as always!!
  21. I wept tears with them, but not as much as my heart! I really just want to run over there and give them the biggest and warmest hug. At first I really loved South Korea, for their food culture, their music... ...but after the controversy and all the SH*T they say ... I'm really dissapointed As for right now, the only thing keeping me to keep an interest about South Korea is T-ARA
  22. is there anyway I can support the korean charts??? Just think that they deserve more, then they receive...
  23. They are all so cute!!! Can't wait for their live performances<3<3!! Eunjung-unnie fixed the chairs at the ending...LOVE her for that !!!
  24. Yes she got really popular because of BPBP, she got a lot of performances on TV(even though she already was a gagman) and different events, she's lucky she could do the song, she really have to thank T-ARA and CCM for letting her get the song. But it's so sad that an 40 year-old lady sing this cute song!! Anyone know when this M! Countdown will air?
  25. <3<3 LOVE it!! it has already gotten in my brain of just listen to it once!!
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