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  1. Where can we buy pr read this issue of InStyle magazine!! I want to know the content!!! Hyomin looks so nice, I prefer her with long hair, but she looks good in short to! So nice to see such changes that opens a new window!
  2. WTF!!! KKM Sh** the F**k up! T-ara, CHANGE COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KKM...DON'T IF U DON'T KNOW HOW TO! CCM if u r going to do PR, do it the right way, hire a person! OTHERWISE, just fire KKM! I believe there's other company that can make T-ara, better then CCM
  3. I just saw the Commerical... and I loved it! Don't know why but just loved it...well of course it's because of T-ara... love the concept!
  4. they are so cool in those outfits!! love T-ara love the MV
  5. Eunjung and hyomin look different they look like dolls, are the photos photoshoped or anything! still them
  6. OMG! I want it they look so nice! I so want to become their assistant or anything So I can follow them everyday!
  7. Always love the comeback stage's they are so special! so much vitamin for them, stay healthy
  8. can't wait to watch this episode! hope it's funny and cool as always!
  9. I so wish I was there! but... SO LOVE the style here in day by day they really hit it!
  10. the mv is so COOL! love them, the story is nice to to bad this wasn't a real movie! hope they can make one all of they I will so support them
  11. I was hoping to watch this drama but now it's without eunjung don't think I will watch it then to bad for them, lost one audience
  12. it's so nice to see them work out they're so cute! I haven't seen the video yet! hope to watch it soon!
  13. Love it, thank you as cute as always! just want to pinch her
  14. thank you so much for sharing! I love day by day style! hope there will be more as great as this one!
  15. SO happy they're back on stage again! love the dance, love them they look so cute! I want them as doll's at home!
  16. they look so nice! I love the robot-dance but I have to say they style is not a perfect match to them
  17. OMG! I so mish I was in HK that time! to bad I flew back already!
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