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  1. Wouldn't it be more befitting if it was a Tiara?

    We can get custom Tiara's for them made.

    I was thinking more like, a ring or bracelet they can wear it anytime, it's simple.

    I would love to give them Tiara's, but then in the end it would maybe be more like a decoration at home

    or just take it out on special events

  2. This is really giving me different thoughts!

    First of all it's so great that T-ARA N4 get's the chance to promote in the US with a big star and open up the door for the US market. Because they really deserve and have the ability to do so.

    ... BUT they have to choose the right person, T-ARA's image and brand have already been damaged because of "you-know-what" and now make a collaboration with someone the image is really no good really doesn't make it any better. They are really taking a big WIN or LOSE step. And those K-citizen we all know always just jump to their opinions and conclusions and never listen to the explains. And with the korean culture it can be really difficult for them to accept this collaboration.

    I do admit that KKS have good ideas for T-ARA and their music, but he really can't handle the Brand. He's like doing EVERYTHING

    that may ruin the T-ARA as brand and image.

    As I thought that K-pop idol-group industry have been active in more then 2 decades the label's now know to handle the market and

    brand, but as we can see they really S**K big times!

    But I do wish them GOOD LUCK! And I Love T-ARA as always <3!!!

  3. I wept tears with them, but not as much as my heart!

    I really just want to run over there and give them the biggest and warmest hug.

    At first I really loved South Korea, for their food culture, their music...

    ...but after the controversy and all the SH*T they say ... I'm really dissapointed

    As for right now, the only thing keeping me to keep an interest about South Korea is


  4. thanks for this! yay 8)

    everything worked for me except installing the stream plugin on melon! any mac users had the same problem?

    I didn't even need to install the plug-in when I use safari, so if you're not using safari, might try that :)

    But that was before I logged-in...

    BTW does it make a different about the counting or something like that, if I listen to the songs logged-in or not?

  5. Hello

    I don't know where to post this, so just do it right here.

    But I just had a thought about if T-ARA have anything like a symbol for them? And how nice and great it would be if our T-ARA have their own like T-ARA Rings or bracelet or something to be like a symbol for them. After all they have gone through I believe they now have stronger bonds and I do believe a symbol for that would be beautiful.


    My Idea was just like we maybe design a T-ARA ring or anything for them and give 7(8 if Dani counts, 9 if we count Hwayoung to, cause she was and always will be one of T-ARA) one each to them. Like SNSD have their rings, just that it was they who bought them, and WE can give T-ARA as gift and our support for them to always stay tough and T-ARA is FOREVER(something like that)!

    Just I thought I had, so maybe can be to consideration.

  6. I would say "YES" for some brave sister and brother Queen's out there, but and then many are hiding...

    But I do believe that once they hear T-ARA and T-ARA N4 once again and think it through... they will

    get out of the cave and be brave and stand for what they believe...!!!

    And for those guys we lost during this incident I wish them all luck, and may them rest in peace in the other world and find somebody else, but I DON'T believe there's anybody as good, kind, nice, beautiful,gorgeous, sexy, cute, adorable, funny, straightforward, cameleon...etc. as
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 T-ARA <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  7. There is really got Taiwanese version of BPBP...but the singer is a 40+ years old woman... :wacko:

    I heard that her album was in hot sale because of this BPBP song...

    Yes she got really popular because of BPBP, she got a lot of performances on TV(even though she already was a gagman) and different events, she's lucky she could do the song, she really have to thank T-ARA and CCM for letting her get the song. But it's so sad that an 40 year-old lady sing this cute song!!

    Anyone know when this M! Countdown will air?

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