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  1. did I see a new face of speed? how about sungmin and taewoon? I hope their comeback with complete formation and t-ara n4 too
  2. I'm getting jelous to euna.. she's very close w/ t-ara.. and get selca everytime she want >.<
  3. this is another repackage from and&end? I hope china market is cheaper than korea
  4. Parksso charismatic is ♥ ♥♥♥ move less, charm more
  5. the admin is really nice, he/she always make interaction with fan XD I like him/her
  6. I know what u mention.. it's haha mong show, isn't it? much t-ara poster in that restaurant XD her father proud of eunjung too, and eunjung love her parents~ ♥
  7. ahahaha playing metal slug with dat glassess XD
  8. what people see/say: woaa princess qri, you so sexyy me : bappuli (qri's dog), you so cuteee >.< *correct me if I wrong
  9. hyomin selcas are cute even she is a sexy icon of t-ara >.<
  10. I love her style so much~ she always take awesome picture
  11. woaa i like the outfit XD she absolutly sexy pretty~
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