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  1. Step 1. Become super rich. Step 2. Take pic with T-ara Also much fun was had over the Invictus Gaming thing.
  2. Jebus Christ that's a ton O,o Whatnot with those two awesome concerts in China, they better make a DVD next time since they got a deal
  3. Bloody hell, someone linked this to me after I spent ages taking crappy little screenshots. Great minds think alike though, eh? How the bloody hell did you do this within 20 years though? And looking forward to looking at this stuff
  4. Hm... remind me to not drink with Sso, that could get really weird fast. And that is pretty damn horrible.
  5. Old Username Elienore: New User Name: Elienore Link to any one of your posts: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/27364-info-t-ara-tokyo-fan-meeting-13th-july/?p=456808 Donor: Yes
  6. 200% is stronk! Looking forward to this, gonna be great What's a head-to-toe body wave though? O,o Also dem teaser pictures, srsly.
  7. Man that dude has helped with some damn solid songs, hope it's gonna be great
  8. Oh God damn the group covers are amazing. Qri and Sso are reeeeally pretty on theirs too.
  9. I'm not gonna post any suggestions because, as we've noticed already, I suck horribly at this game. However, I will give some impressions I really liked the intro song and definitely think it's a nice touch to use their own music in the game ^^ The art style and the characters are so adorable, Boram nearly killed me there and their outfits were so nice too. Generally I think the dialogue and the various references were great, the game is awfully adorable and the setting is perfect. More of the same I say, more of the same. Also again, I suck horribly, it took me more than an hour to finish it ._.
  10. Man, I really like Hyomin's pink hair in these comebacks. But damn, they're chain-throwing new stuff at us O,o
  11. The bloody hell would I be crying for... Meanwhile, yay! It's great to hear that Sso has someone she loves and has been with for a long time I may always have promised fire and brimstone and hell for other fans if they so much touched her, but this is a guy she choose and it's really good to hear she's with someone like this ^^ Best of luck Sso, and I hope it'll be great
  12. Ouh that's a very interesting direction to take, I look forward to it ^^
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