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  1. As a fan Loyal fan of T-Ara I am very happy if I won any of this items. Plus I am able to spread the fandom in my country Philippines. T-Ara FIGHTING!!!
  2. It's Hyomin's feet.. kekeke.. I'm very sure about it...
  3. Old Username: Jiyeonholic New Username: Jiyeonholic Link to any one of your posts: so far none Donor: No Reputation Points: 2,000+
  4. So pretty Hyomin. gosh i so love her... Kyaa...
  5. My profile has been deleted aigoo....

    1. Jiyeonholic


      updating... keke. Finally!!! ^_^

  6. a chair huh??/ omona!!! getting excited to her comeback... plus T-Ara coming here.. another PLUS!!!! hehehe...
  7. OMG!!!! I am now gonna download it. i am going to enjoy playing this and i will be able to see them in action.. ahaha.
  8. T-Ara are so kind to their fans that's why I love them so much. I wish I was there. hehe.
  9. OMONA... The two great rappers of T-Ara now gone... waeyo...??? why is this happening is there something happening behind the camera that we Queens don't don't aigoo...
  10. thank you for sharing this episode. *huggies* T-Ara Lover from the Philippines..
  11. did eunjung cut her hair short again O_O omo... im confused!!!
  12. omg! the teaser pictures are so beautiful!!! i so love it
  13. OMO.. this is so exciting... now i will really save money to buy all T-ara merchandise for sure.. hahaha.. I am really their fan when it comes to their albums and stuff. hehe.. T-Ara FIGHTING and Hyomin can you help me on my fashion sense? i dont like the way I dress. aigoo hehe..
  14. OMO. I really wonder how does Hyomin keeps her body physically fit despite the fact that she eats so many foods? hehehe... but i like it.. hehehe.. hyomin FIGHTING!! T-Ara FIGHTING!!
  15. I always love T-Ara songs... wish they will have a concert in the Philippines...
  16. probably when they come here in our country that will happen to us PH Queens..
  17. My cute 7 girls are sleeping so cutely!! kyaa!!! hahaha..
  18. Our Eunjung is so kind... Really... And whatever her decision is we will always support her. I just wish I have a friend like her.. So kind and true..
  19. im actually excited for the Dani's show and of course Hyoyoung is also there..
  20. Condolence from Filipino Queens.. Hope you will be okay soon..
  21. they are so cute!! kyaa!!!! hahahaha.... LOL.. hehe... lalalala... so excited really!!
  22. This is the main reason why T-Ara is very blessed lately! they have good heart towards people
  23. Russian Queens are so DAEBAK!!! dont worry Filipino Queens are also daebak!!!
  24. FIGHTING EUNJUNG!! Fight for your right!!! You must definitely win this case
  25. OMG!!! Concert in the Philippines??? OMG OMG!!!! I am so excited that better be true cause i will buy the front seat for sure!!
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