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  1. the drama is too much for me to handle it is making me cry too.. >_< Hwayoung im missing you already
  2. why Hwayoung, why?? look... you are just a person who makes mistakes... but no matter what i will support you
  3. sorry for what? does this mean that she really bullied Hwayoung?? geesh this doesnt make any sense..
  4. all i can i say is... O_O they are not telling the real reason why they pull Hwayoung out of the group.. aish..
  5. I am getting curious about this picture.. I just hope that Hwayoung is still in CCM cause this company lost a great rapper.. literally..
  6. i think T-Ara is just going to be on HIATUS cause they want the issue about Hwayoung to die thats it...
  7. on every hour the news about T-Ara is getting worse.. i just hope someone or somebody can clear before something bad happens...
  8. OMG!!! I just only Hope that our site wont close cause this is the site wherein I find news about T-Ara plus i am a staff of T-Ara Philippines so i update our page...
  9. geesh this is so too much... aigoo.. >_< i just hope this things will be done
  10. now this is sooo confusing.. I cannot comprehend any of this anymore... what is happening??
  11. KKS you are so bad.. i hate you... I just hope T-Ara moves to another agency..
  12. aigoo.. this is too much in my head... tsk... KKS you have done a big thing that ruins T-Ara
  13. i hope that the Ryu Twins are not going to be traumatized due to KKS decision..
  14. OMO... now they are thinking of letting Hwayoung re-join the group? this is so insane!!
  15. wth?? now SBS will cancel all T-Ara guestings? what on earth is happening?
  16. this is now becoming more worst than i thought... KKS now you have done it...
  17. this is so bad.. QUEENS if you are a true fan just stick on being one... dont refund a ticket you bought just because of the issue.. that is insane..
  18. OMG!!! I dont know what is the truth on kicking Hwayoung out? and I dont believe that Hwayoung threw her crutches outside especially there are T-Ara fans waiting for her.. and if that is true is there a video of it?? tell me?
  19. i really hate this news... you broke Hwayoung's heart and our heart... I am totally crying right now... God why her???
  20. please dont replace or take out Hwayoung in the group.. It is not her fault that she got injured.. What is the big deal about that? She is not a robot that can perform even she has an ankle injury. try performing with an ankle injury and lets see how it feels... Geesh...
  21. I dont like the sound of this.. but please dont do anything negative... and dont think negative guys...
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