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  1. I so love Dani and Areum.. I will support the two new members of T-Ara.. T-ARA FIGHTING!!
  2. FIGHTING HYOMIN!!! She is really awesome, humble and nice.. She got it all.. That's why I like her..
  3. OMG!!! i was laughing hard on Hwayoung's reaction also Jiyeon's reaction upon smelling the shirts... hehe
  4. T-Ara is so great! I hope they can have a concert here in the Philippines also.. >_<
  5. I am sure that they are having fun in all that they are doing and im glad they are doing good.. T-Ara FIGHTING!!
  6. aigoo.. if only I can go to Korea i would definitely watch them and of course i wanna see them personally... T-Ara please come to the Philippines..
  7. nice!!! I cant wait for this new dance craze i will definitely dance this again just like roly poly, cry cry, and lovey dovey.. hehe
  8. Dani is so cute... i like her voice when she speaks but more naturally i wanna hear her speak in English..
  9. Hwayoung actually has a great potential in this field! cause she can make people happy..
  10. I know that Eunjung can act with different actors cause she has a talent in acting..
  11. FIGHTING BORAM UNNIE!! i knew it actually from the start that Roly Poly would be a big hit!!
  12. I bet Eunjung can make people laugh.. hehe... she is so humorous..
  13. congratulations girls!!! im so glad of your work... keep it up
  14. Dear T-Ara members, I hope you take care of yourselves and take some rest... so that you dont get sick.. arrasso... Love, your fan..
  15. T-Ara is so kind to their fans.. I hope they can visit Philippines also..
  16. Aigoo.. wth!!! delayed again... aish... KKS!!! Tsk... aigoo.. huhu.. i wish its a good teaser
  17. OMO! First Hyomin, then Soyeon and now... Eunjung Kyaa!! its so good.. I hope all T-Ara members will have a tv project also... hehe
  18. I so love the poster so much. I hope their album will have a poster on it..
  19. OMG!!! I so love it... I am gonna wait for the teaser of this video..
  20. OMG!! I will definitely watch this especially Soyeon is here.. I know she has potential on acting!
  21. omo.. my dino is still beautiful as ever.. hehe.. i so love my dino..
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