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  1. Username: hellotiara Award I want: Jiyeon Achievement: Signed up Username: hellotiara Award I want: Hyomin Achievement: 25 Posts Badge Order: Hyomin - Jiyeon
  2. Old Username (Name you login with): hellotiara New User Name: hellotiara Link to any one of your posts: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/26806-140415-video-jiyeons-1min1sec-behind-the-scene-teaser/?p=448120 Donor: Yes Zee i remake my account with my new email (always login with username not email so im forget my old email)
  3. already uploaded Dream High 2 Ep 01 720p, i have ep 14 but my connection is so slow now. will upload if my speed is back. EDIT: i reupload SBS E! T-ara's Pretty Boys Ep 04, Please check......hope this helps fellow Queen's + i still try to reupload Dream High 2 Ep 14.
  4. full list ---> yes you right, SNSD and Suju in the top 5, T-ara in 13 but i still proud of them.
  5. hyomin and areum looks so beautiful today. oh my baby dino i muss u so much.
  6. what wrong with hyomin outfit? she looks like going to gym.
  7. jiyeon mode on ---> cute without make up, with make up she looks gorgeous.
  8. can't wait for confession. i hope after confession, all about scandal clear. t-ara back as before.
  9. so sad. oh eunjung don't give up please. i was waiting you so long time.
  10. 2012 is bad year for T-ara. i hope she recavery quick and well
  11. i dont know what she say but im cry. be strong unnie.
  12. korean netizen so crazy. T-ara become like this because of you NETIZEN. Small problems become big problems because Netizen.
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