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  1. Old Username (Name you login with): hellotiara New User Name: hellotiara Link to any one of your posts: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/26806-140415-video-jiyeons-1min1sec-behind-the-scene-teaser/?p=448120 Donor: Yes Zee i remake my account with my new email (always login with username not email so im forget my old email)
  2. already uploaded Dream High 2 Ep 01 720p, i have ep 14 but my connection is so slow now. will upload if my speed is back. EDIT: i reupload SBS E! T-ara's Pretty Boys Ep 04, Please check......hope this helps fellow Queen's + i still try to reupload Dream High 2 Ep 14.
  3. full list ---> yes you right, SNSD and Suju in the top 5, T-ara in 13 but i still proud of them.
  4. hyomin and areum looks so beautiful today. oh my baby dino i muss u so much.
  5. what wrong with hyomin outfit? she looks like going to gym.
  6. jiyeon mode on ---> cute without make up, with make up she looks gorgeous.
  7. can't wait for confession. i hope after confession, all about scandal clear. t-ara back as before.
  8. so sad. oh eunjung don't give up please. i was waiting you so long time.
  9. 2012 is bad year for T-ara. i hope she recavery quick and well
  10. i dont know what she say but im cry. be strong unnie.
  11. korean netizen so crazy. T-ara become like this because of you NETIZEN. Small problems become big problems because Netizen.
  12. looking forward for eunjung drama. cant wait for press conference. take care Eunjung, antis around you.
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