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  1. I second to that!!!!!.... and Congratulations to our Queens.... Great job Queen's!!!!
  2. he's not Siwon right???? Siwon from Super Junior???
  3. Old Username (Name you login with): j-min New User Name: j-min2 Link to any one of your posts: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/24900-timerstypesetters/?p=456664 Donor: No
  4. Can someone rotate this??? i'm having a neck problem here.... LOL ^^ ---->by the way she's Adorable!!!
  5. i want her shoes ...... and those red nails feels like they could be a deadly weapon..
  6. Looks like sSo ad bBo went on a hiking trip.... Glad their relaxing before their jap. Schedules start....
  7. LOL..... she doesn't want her Dog to be...........exposed!!!
  8. wOw theY're going to worK with double sidekick and braVe brothers (gReat producers) getting excited!!! i hopE the other meMbers could haVe soLo debut too., them having a different cOncept than their usual??? what other concept they haven't tried yet???
  9. your not the only one..., anyway the MV's are great but its kind of slow
  10. Ohhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! This soNg is soooo GooD., I really love it... the lyrics, the tango thingy, sPecially the rapping paRt., EB really did a good joB., Park siSters and their voiCe really fit the song......
  11. Park sisTers!!!!!! "First Love" is a dance-pop song utilizing the sexy charms of a sexy and elegant tango. The tango rhythm will contrast with intense and hurtful lyrics about an unforgettable first love. Very T-ara an upbeat song with hurtful lyrics
  12. I really don't get it? what happen can someone explain this?? and why is jiyeon there LOL^^
  13. Looking forward for the songs..., can't wait to know the meaning of La'Boon....
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