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  1. Old Username (Name you login with): 9angels New User Name: (can i change it) hyoweird Link to any one of your posts: (don't remember posting anything in the non-protected forums recently oops) Donor: No p.s also subber p.p.s dear admins don't be sad take your time hehe (●´∀`)ノ♡
  2. At first, i was so happy and proud of Minnie then i remembered they were going to have a break from acting because their schedules from Japan and Korea could kill them already and got sad ): Well, at least its only for 8 episodes. Hopefully she doesn't get too tired ): And yeah, whats with her and dramas with foxes? I LOL-ed at that part! Anyhow, so proud and happy for Minnie
  3. Boram is sick and excluded from activities until the 11th Thats a period of 5 rest days. Jiyeon has back to back schedules, fainted and continued to perform the next day; Hyomin has filming back to back, fainted and continued to perform on the same night; Eunjung sprained her ankle, was advised by doctors to rest, and yet performed for all the comeback stages. My point being: Why is KKS/CCM suddenly being so nice? (read between the lines; i don't even want to speculate but..) I'm just really afraid for what's going to happen now; and i really really hope i'm wrong. i'm really crying from fear and uncertainty for the group at this point of time. And you know what.. Boram isn't even my bias. I just love the current 7-ara so much.
  4. that being said, i'll definitely not hate Dani because it might not even be her fault (well, yes she could have refuse to join T-ara and to train more or smth). besides, if she gets so much hate, and starts to cry at the dorm, she'll only be getting more love and comfort from the unnies, which i still feel jealous for jiyeon about :/ now i just hope the rooming arrangements don't change. minyeon as roommates are
  5. Truthfully i was a SONE much longer then i was a Queen, and its really annoying to see CCM trying to compare T-ara with SNSD because i think its only unnecessary stress on T-ara. SNSD and T-ara are on different levels, and so is T-ara and After School and i think what is needed is to stand out in your own way, and not try to follow other groups. Why have 9 or why have (if they do) a graduating concept? Plus she doesn't look like Yuri. Maybe Krystal but thats as far as you can stretch it. I feel sorry for Dani. Look at Jiyeon, debuting at such a young age, do you realised in alot of shows (Taxi, DH2 interview etc) she always says that she wishes to go to school, make normal friends? You're robbing a 14 year old girl of that in place of anti-fans, stress, sleepness nights, lack of family and friends in return for popularity (that by right, does not belong to her?) Qri and Boram has half a line each, Jiyeon's lines are reducing, Hyomin and Eunjung nevers raps anymore and their lines are getting less and less. Just compare it with Lies, IGCBOY with LVDV and you'll see that stark difference. What now? Ori and Boram, and maybe Jiyeon would become backup dancers? Just to fill the stage? i don;'t even know and it hurts to think about it that way. For me, i'm starting to feel that my favourite group will always be SNSD -they didn't need member changes to become popular, and while i'll always be supporting Hyomin and Jiyeon (the original maknae, and i believe she will always be taken care of best by EunMin), and continue watching over T-ara's activities, i don't think i can fully call myself a queen anymore. And for that, i'm really sorry to the original T-ara. Just my thoughts, no offense to anyone/ :/
  6. Why did they have to announce this on Hyomin's birthday omggg! ): And i don't even want to think of the consequences this might bring for the group ):
  7. 7th July as 7-ARA please! 9-ARA is just weird and i would be really...erm sad if they added a 14 year old girl in just because she can speak english. For one, is a 14 year old girl even mature to speak on behalf of a group that is gaining so much popularity and recognition and the other reason is really because the girl is too young to have 12 schedules a day with only 2-3 hours of sleep. Even the current members like maknae Jiyeonnie finds it difficult, what more a 14 year old girl?
  8. Oh no what about their break. And one month will make them really tired and homesick ): T-ara hwaiting!! I'll miss you girls.
  9. Our talented girl^^ So proud of her and so proud of them<3
  10. Thanks for sharing and offering to let us download it! Jiyeon's such a pretty darling
  11. Man it's just a show -.- He isn't that great a husband either since he doesn't know eunjung's hand anyway
  12. I was so worried when she did not perform the special song with the other T-ara members during the KBS Gayo Dejun But now i'm so happy for her, although poor girl, went from KBS to MBC and back to KBS for the ending! SO PROUD OF YOU HYOMINNIE!!
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