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  1. Old Username (Name you login with): RyanC New User Name: chanw4 Link to any one of your posts: (click the number on the top right corner of your post) http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/17731-spazz-who-will-be-the-next-leader/?p=263547 Donor: Yes Reputation Points: (provide an estimate if you can't recall the exact amount): no idea
  2. Im not positive about that,CCM and KKS probably want to ride the publicity for as long as possible. But i doubt debutting in the US is his and their goal at all.
  3. lol. i wonder who wrote the article. as always. they like to exaggerate the figure.
  4. probably just a massive pr move. kks don't have interest in going international. he will take any chance to promote them if offered but will not initiate it himself. like the cancelled sf concert. free promotion is always good.
  5. CCM is really shitty and need a new PR chef to cook up their story and being consistent. Seriously, everybody on earth and in Japan knows what those machine are for and what they signify.
  6. Junggie's high note!!! !!! I'm happy to see them fine on the stage and the fan chant is like they used to be!
  7. So she is still in the hospital? I thought there are ppl and 'patient' said she leave the hospital unharmed! SoYeon should rest, a flipping car accident is dangerous even with no external injury due to the impact.
  8. its not aired yet, they can reshoot the scene.
  9. Oh god, this is what i fear after the news comes out....
  10. HwaYoung is there at MuBank record as she performing on chair is captured on news (or was it inki??). But we dunno the reason why she isn't there at the real recording.
  11. CCM sud know better releasing such article with no proof at all will make the situation even worse.
  12. lol, you're not the only one liking junggie's rap at the beginning.
  13. So they swept all the song category yet they only won the best MV on MMA.... Congratulations to T-ara!!
  14. I can see why they need to make one more MV cos 17min MV is not really replayable. (you would watch it once and thats it) but 4 extra versions with 3 directors are really overkill. But then, ppl can't complain anymore who got less appearance now I think. Its 5 MV so everyone should have enough appearance.
  15. so its three or five? jk* only, don't shoot me. I think theres a typo here Anyway, this sounds overkill, are they overworking them again?
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