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  1. Thats awesome that they got to collab with a guys group, and now a winter special too.
  2. Is that gold? I hope thats lots of gold. You see if i studied kanji properly i would have this problem.
  3. I would buy a jiyeon tshirt.

  4. I turned on a jiyeon performance by accident, i dont think im sleeping tonight :(

    1. chibiidol


      Ill be watching Jiyeon performances all night

  5. Ive never heard of speed before their comeback with T-ara, i hope they are popular
  6. So unexpected. Isnt Jiyeon always connected to Eunjung at the hips?
  7. I think i only know where eunjung is, Jiyeon maybe 4?
  8. Link to any one of your posts: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/27257-yeonism-what-are-your-goodbye-message-for-her-last-day-of-solo-debut/?p=456638 Donor: No Yes/NoReputation Points: I dont remember, probably not enough to matter maybe like 5-10? coul be more though i never payed attention ^^" Just curious will this also restore sign up date? not that i signed up too long ago but its always nice.
  9. I guess she finally made non celeb friends~ Im happy for her :3
  10. These are my favorite photo sets~ Shoulder length hair fits her well, imo she looks less intimidating than when she has long voluminous hair. Maybe with this hairstyle the "scary" image koreans apparently have of her will fade. I dont care what color she dyes it just keep it shoulder length please Well even if she grows it long, if she makes lots of TV appearances they will see she is a sweet silly girl
  11. I thought those pictures where incredibly cute. It makes me proud of jiyeon to see them, almost brings tears to my eyes to think about her emotions of seeing them after hardships
  12. Im confused if her hair is black or brown in the PV with these brown haired teaser pics
  13. Thank you for the link ^-^ Its a nice MV, everyone looks so comfortable and beautiful~ Its a beautiful song. It especially feels nice understanding what jiyeon is singing, makes me want to work harder to learn korean so i can experience it more.
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