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  1. So glad to read "no sexy concept". Never like that concept. Can not wait for the comeback.
  2. This video is really like a badly dubbed MV.. very annoying to watch the unsync lips, the cut scenes.. They should just release the mp3 version if they are too cheap to create a new decent MV...
  3. Oww... I am going to buy the diamond version but I prefer the Pearl Cover.... looks so Japanese style with the school uniforms....
  4. I am going for the diamond.. might go for the sapphire edition as well, still not very sure about that... I can not resist the "Special Movie"
  5. Bom, Dara and Narsha (probably Sojin too) got attacked a lot too. It seems to me that Korean people has a massive emphasize on age, specifically to those who are singles regardless of how successful they are.
  6. I hope they appear more in shows like this... Thanks for sharing..
  7. oo.. I loves the fact that she finally gets the break she absolutely deserves... One thing though I hate it when people kept on saying "she got to be an idol because of her famous parents" and "the age" issues.. Those things are irrelevant and to be honest it is only a speculation by the interviewer at most.. Great job Boram and keeps on shining :wub: :wub:
  8. I do feel the same.. I was so excited when the mvs are finally released.. But then a bit disappointed since the MVs give an impression that this is basically the "cut and paste" version of the full MV. What they call "Solo version" is none other than the background song sung by each individual member. Well I still can not wait to receive my copy of Boram version though..
  9. Awesome...Can not wait to watch it... Thank you for sharing these...
  10. I like the song but I think the MV is using a very similar concept with number 9. I can not wait for the Boram version CD I ordered. Hopefully she is "out of the tub"
  11. She looks so pretty... Like a princess <3
  12. Cool.. That is awesome achievement..I thought they will not even make the top ten.. With the likes of SNSD, Kara and Super Junior etc... :D
  13. KBS just showed it on my cable last night... well I do not mind watching it again though... .. Thanks for sharing the link
  14. I am so happy for her... this will surely silence some of the critics..
  15. Thank you for sharing the video.. I wish I could get one Boram's personal item.. I mean really personal used item, not some replicas or mass produced souvenirs with autograph..
  16. I found this link http://www.soompi.com/2013/12/23/t-ara-to-sell-personal-items-stage-costumes-and-more-for-charity-bazaar/#.UrgoRSeIy_I But when I try to access the soompi shop, it gives me "pages not found".. I was just trying to see what the shop looks like.. Maybe it will not be online until the d-day
  17. Ooo.. I have Hello Counselor in my cable.. I hope I can watch it ( it is never a live show though..)
  18. ooo.. just watched it this afternoon... They got a lot of scream there...
  19. So proud, T-ara is voted number 1 in Indonesia. I wish I can watch their show for once in my life..
  20. You are super fast.. awesome!! I managed to find the normal version but not the winter version... Thank you for sharing
  21. I never paid any attention to what rank T-ara is in.. Just enjoy their performances and download them so I can re-watch them over and over again later...
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