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  1. @peepapot HAHAHAHA. awak nih pun satu.. kenapa buat derk jer! LOL

  2. Even with a brolly I'm wet head to toe ?️?️?️

  3. Ended the day with a long overdue run event, my… https://t.co/bFqTddsrDX

  4. Haven't eaten anything since breakfast lol

  5. Wonderful end to the long day - we achieved our objective of 2m blue… https://t.co/bt1xlkvHjW

  6. RT @dave_filoni: This is some of the crew that worked on #StarWarsRebels over the years. We wanted to thank you for all the support you hav…

  7. I found a #cloud #torrent that's awesome ;) @seedrcoil it's FREE just give it a try! https://t.co/78EMSILN7H

  8. Google Pixel 2 International Giveaway @androidauth #giveaway https://t.co/lZuujpoJtP

  9. Cheap and good zi char ? #dietplanfailedagain #fatdie #whatisippt @… https://t.co/MBKz3xCRgt

  10. Long awaited meet up with this one! Hope you like the card and box… https://t.co/6s9qvSPZl6

  11. Never regretted joining the resistance. Always can meet new peeps… https://t.co/4asNtcG2y6

  12. @ndxya_ how she spell

  13. The biggest mistake I have made in my life is letting people stay in my life far longer than they deserve.

  14. Ending the day with my 10th blood donation. ❤️ Remember to quote… https://t.co/uTlgTC2Wey

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