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  1. I Hope this rumour not becoming true at least soyeon should find boyfriend like her ex (handsome,good looking,masculine)
  2. Sad, very very Sad because i'm aggre with their relationship and hope one day they could married. this news is like incoming thunderbolt without rain. i hope this is not scritped by their agencies
  3. credit to the owner : https://www.instagram.com/fletcherotown/ friend who help me notice this pict : https://www.instagram.com/t_ara.soyeonsii/ rcksh www.tiaradiadem.com
  4. GGWP i'm glad to know t-ara could perform many song yeah can't wait for this perfomance coming ^^
  5. she bring you ti high level, then she the one who drop me from high too

  6. jiyeon be my biased since first time i meet t-ara ^^ after long time i notice soyeon is worth too, to be honest i have 4 bias :V (jiyeon,soyeon,boram,qri) here the specific reason 1.jiyeon = she the youngest and same age with me,but she can be inspired for youth generation, dancing + fihgting + singing + shiksin = PerFect 2.soyeon= i love her vocal and her face, soyeon body and height are my ideal type ,hope someday i can find a girlfriend like soyeon specification hahah 3.boram = boram is the shortest member in t-ara (also all korean idol maybe?) but she still confident and show to the world small person doesn't mean can't do anything . also she the oldest member,but she her face like telling she the youngest member :v 4.QRI = she is the quitest member in t-ara, but it doesn't mean qri an idiot, having retarded mental illness or selfish, however she like that because qri talk as necessary
  7. yes keep it good up glad to hear eujung enjoyed her poplulairty
  8. 8th feb it's time to me visit my families and collecting red package hahha :v yeah to be honest in the deep of my heart, t-ara is so busy,so let they rest in warm house with their family haha (but for t-ara popularity they must appear on china important show)
  9. dat KFC :v sexy eyes sexy nose sexy lips ~ by the way why she has several kfc box? because she very hungry? hahah
  10. @red a fews day ago i read article about snsd will perform at gala spring (not CCTv,as you said smaller scale, JSTv maybe) they will perform 2 korea song i hope t-ara have higher chance (because t-ara bring 2 chinese song)
  11. what a pitty t-ara T_T positive, those judges are gay. the most thing i hate is their way looking t-ara their eyes emite hatefull ray yes i know it's china show ,so the judge prefer perform from china hope t-ara not get mental breakdown,just keep striking forward for china market
  12. looking at soyeon pose and hair in photo car, i call it eyegarsm thank you ~
  13. yes really looks so adorable especially my soyeon hahha can't wait for their next movement in china
  14. t-ara really fairy musical they remake original song to be more catchy (manual of youth) and be more cute (happ cny chinadoll) (really love a part consist of fussion the percussion and electro in manual of youth ) ^ sad hear t-ara not qualified for gala spring T_T just hope all the best for t-ara ~
  15. brave brother, or shindong tiger? hope all the best for hyomin ~ (in the deep of my heart,i want see jiyeon go to solo too ~)
  16. thanks to sso , jji , and boram they prove if goddess is real can't wait for diadem sub realeased it hahha
  17. thugh life yes me too ~ every week i always download latest runningman, also i not following any show except it, before that, i don't have any idea what is runningman like, then i request my friend to give me some runningman episode which featured pretty girl, and then he give me episode 55 (suzy + jiyeon) , bring me love them it cause me break my wallet,take some money,went to computer shop,buy one 1 TB external HDD, go to friend home, copying all runningman episode :v thanks to runningman and t-ara appearance, now my 1 TB external hardisk become 100GB free space :v
  18. but the MC is stiil yoo jae seok or get changed too? my favorite MC is yoo jae seok, kim bong sun,and the woman who look elder,
  19. SAD hahah , yes me too can't wait for it released from observe those photo, the background seems like another show
  20. why they are not wearing bath costume? as we know happy together using blue for male and pink for female?
  21. best christmas gift i had in this year thanks ~ soyeon cuteness overloaded jiyeon good expression qri nice hair
  22. ah nice outfit really love it hope someone can record it with great quality
  23. LOL hangzhi :V my app store in autralia region, still it posibble pal ? or i must have china region?
  24. so i just search it on app store and type dream of the three kingdom in coloumn search? can't wait 17th haha
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