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  1. Can't wait to see Hyemi in only underwea... I mean modeling for the brand https://t.co/NPy8JbFcBn

  2. @soyeonfriend https://t.co/xq4YCBwvfU

  3. Billboard fandom wars, one of the most interesting things that Queens' have to face

  4. Beer bong is so unforgivable game, just had to drink a litre of beer within 30 minutes

  5. Feels weird to be able to listen As Raina singing again, it's been so long since last time

  6. Is 9muses gonna go through same thing as After School? It didn't work for them so it sure isn't going to this time either, c'mon managements

  7. @soyeonfriend I wouldn't be ashamed of being curious, but if you were staring at him then it's rude xD

  8. It's really funny how knez now picked AoA as they new target besides T-ara for hating

  9. This is literally how I feel now. https://t.co/DJuFo5WurB

  10. I really hope that Shinsadong Tiger will be the producer of the next T-ara comeback. No more brave brothers, they got their chance

  11. Tekken 7 was very fun game to try! I really like Kazumi, will probably main her if they don't release Lee

  12. In japan, and obviously the first thing I did was eating Sushi. The new world has openned, there's almost no chairs

  13. Also finally got ranked up in han moo do, feels like winner

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