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  1. That's a lot of people! Congratz to the girls. I count 6 members, who's missing?
  2. It still is a big drop from the BPBP figures, but hopefully it still charts the ff weeks to make up for the sales. It seems like the girls will still be promoting YAYAYA for the whole month so it looks fine.
  3. This is perfect, the person that likes to act like the boss, is now the boss! SY for the win!
  4. This made me miss Heroes. Jiyeon needs to do another variety or drama soon. Seo In Young is just too cute, even though I think her new song is a total waste of her talent.
  5. hi.. XD u always get my attention on your SN, 'ballpoint', so cute!~ XD <3

  6. At first glance I actually thought that was Eujung with Jiyeon! lol. They look a-like.
  7. My first thought was....hopefully that isn't a permanent marker. That's gotta be a pain to remove. lol.
  8. She looks so cute, she doesn't look her age at all Great to see her having more exposure, she deserves it esp. after what happened at DB2.
  9. Poor girl, it must be disappointing for her. It happens to the best of them, can't be avoided, some scenes are just deleted for better story momentum. The deleted scenes will probably be on the DVD bonus section though.
  10. Thanks for the upload Can you give me the link to Seo In Young's Cyworld? Glad the two are getting along, I love SIY's bratty attitude. She's soooo refreshing to watch amidst the mild mannered idols.
  11. Poor girl! Guess she just needs to rest her feet and lay off those killer heels for awhile. Get better soon.
  12. For a moment there I thought the 2nd photo with SIY was Nicole! Pretty excited for this show tomorrow!
  13. I guess Eujung and Jiyeon races to get their clothes off once they stepped in their dorm. lol. I thought Boram sweats in their interviews because she's nervous and too much camera lights can be hot.
  14. I also thought it was gonna be a full pledge series! So is it like 1 episode drama special? Anyway, hopefully it does well. Didn't know she's been studying acting for such a long time, she must be good then....
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