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  1. [17.06.27] T-ara get together over drinks with Ilgan Sports to talk about recent events and life as T-ara Will there be another group with so much ups and downs like T-ARA. If we examine the team’s life graph over the past 9 years, they’ve experienced going from peak to bottom. They debuted as a public-friendly trend-setter girl group and reached the peak but then fell to bottom after the ‘bullying’ scandal started. The team underwent several reformations as well. At that time they gained a negative image with the public. Although the truth about the “bullying scandal” 5 years ago was revealed recently, it still wasn’t easy for T-ARA’s image to change. Before their June comeback, the group revamped to a 4-member group after Boram and Soyeon’s departure. After having a drink, T-ARA confessed that they feel ‘scared’ about any ‘team changes’. Because the reason they cried after winning for the first time in 5 years was because they had a flashback of all the ups and downs they experienced. “We tried not to cry but we couldn’t control it. We want to show a ‘smiling T-ara’ from now on.” T-ARA was more persistent than any other group out there. It feels like they got stronger after undergoing a series of bad incidents. They invested their youth entirely on T-ARA. It’s no different than saying they spent half of their life as T-ARA. When comparing being a “celebrity” to being an “office worker, they said “For every job, you’ll experience the same amount of stress,” which showed their maturity. T-ARA extended their contract until December this year. T-ARA’s fate in the future is up to the 4 members. What choice will T-ARA make? Q.This is a fixed question. What is your alcohol drinking capacity? Eunjung: up until 1 bottle of soju. Jiyeon: I think 3 cups of Soju. Qri: 2 cups of wine. This is my resting mode. Actually, it changes according to my condition. (laughs) Hyomin: For soju, 1.5 bottle. For wine, up to 1 bottle. Q.You had a drunk talk 3 years ago, your drinking capacity hasn’t increased since then. Eunjung: During the past 3 years, it increased up to 1~2 cups. I think my ability to pretend I’m not drunk when I am has improved. Q.At that time, Eunjung exposed Jiyeon’s bad drinking habits. You said she shows lots of aegyo, does she still do that? Eunjung: She still has lots of aegyo. It depends on how you see it, but she’s totally cute (for me). Q.You look very nervous this comeback. Eunjung: We’re supposedly on our 9th year as a girl group but we still get so nervous. We showed our solo stages during the showcase in attempt to show a new side to us, but it wasn’t something we prepared long enough for. We’re doing things we haven’t done before so we’re even more nervous, excited, and also tense, we’re having mixed feelings. Jiyeon: Before going up on stage, all four of us were like “Is it only me who’s nervous?” We were even more nervous than during our debut. Q.How do you think of people’s reaction for ’What’s My Name?” do you like it? Hyomin: First of all, even while we were preparing the album we already decided not to get too attached to chart results. We weren’t anxious about it. We just got mentally relaxed. Q.Why were you relaxed? Hyomin: We had lots of worries about whether we’ll be able to show what we prepared for well, will we make mistakes, will our showcase go well. But fortunately everything went well. Eunjung: Even having a comeback by itself was hard for us. This comeback wasn’t easy like before, but we overcame that thanks to our fans’ big support for us. Q.You underwent a sudden team reformation before the comeback Eunjung: We re-recorded the song and did lots of position changes. We made lots of efforts in order not to make the two members’ absence obvious. But above all, having a comeback by itself felt happy. Jiyeon: We felt sorry we couldn’t wrap up T-ARA as full 6 members. We’re sorry to our fans. The two members’ absence was big due to that. Q.Are you the type to accept team changes. Eunjung: Most of the changes T-ARA has underwent weren’t good. They created many rumors. That’s why we hated changes. We wanted to let things flow as they are without caring much about popularity. Q.You received hard questions during the showcase. Qri: We went up on stage expecting such questions but hearing the questions in reality we got emotional. That’s why we were even more nervous. Eunjung: But we dont’ hate such questions. Because we know it’s only natural that (the journalists) get curious about it. Q.Did your bond grow stronger after the two members’ leave? Eunjung: We underwent many tough situations so I think we have a strong bond regardless of the no. of members. We feel more energy just by hearing the name “T-ARA.” Some people ask us ‘people don’t even know you released an album so why do you keep releasing albums, you’re only making things harder and receving more hate’. That’s not important to us. We like communicating with our fans, showing them our performances, and being happier with them more. Hyomin: I think we have a strong desire to maintain T-ARA’s name. Q.You teared up during the showcase. Eunjung: We didn’t want to cry because we didn’t want to hear people say “They’re crying? again?”. Standing in front of the public is our job. We know that the reason we’re crying will not sound 100% genuine to the public. Unless we’re asking for perfect understanding from people, then I believe it’s better to keep it appropriate. We always end up thinking about it rationally. Hyomin: We don’t want to show our tears in front of people. But I guess it was hard to hide our feelings that’s why we started tearing up nonstop. We want to show our smiling side instead of crying side. We want to remain as a ‘smiling T-ARA’. Q.Your initial sales for this album reached 30K copies. Hyomin: Really? The printed copies got all sold out so they did tell us that we no longer have CDs to use for fansigns. It’s surprising. [T/N: in yesterday’s fansign the members said that it might be their last fansign, I guess it’s because they ran out of copies to sell.] Q.Thanks to that you achieved 1st place in a music program for the first time in 5 years. You cried to the point where you couldn’t give an award speech. Hyomin: We really didn’t expect winning 1st place. We had zero expectations so we were so shocked when they called our name. It was an unexpected win so we couldn’t control our tears. I remember our last win was in Music Bank for Lovey Dovey. We were thankful because we won it during our Japanese promotions, but I think this win will be more memorable. I think it’s impossible to win 1st place again. (laughs) Q.Your resolution to not tear up again got all ruined. Hyomin: I think we can’t hold in our tears anymore. We cried during the showcase too so I made a promise with the members to not cry again but..(laughs) Q.We heard you even got a cake from the fans. Hyomin: Our fans were really happy about it. We cried a lot inside so we came out late but they were waiting for us outside with a cake all that while. We teared up as soon as we saw the fans but we held it in until the end. We’re sorry for making our fans cry. In the future we’ll work hard to make you proud of being a T-ara fan. Q.You appeared on ‘SNL’ as well. Hyomin: We started filming the recording just a day after winning 1st place so our eyes were swollen from crying, we tried cooling them down using ice bags. We were resolute into making it a laughing day instead of a crying day. Q.How did it feel going live on 'SNL’. You even had to act on live broadcast. Hyomin: we were more tense and nervous than any other broadcast before. SNL cast members took care of us and lead us well so we were able to wrap up the broadcast well. It was a special and fun experience. Q. We saw that you right up confronted the controversy on SNL. Jiyeon: Rather than saying that we intended it beforehand, we just thought that “since we’re appearing on the program, let’s do our best while at it!” As you know, SNL’s speciality is delivering a message or satire through skits. If we were to be scared of that idea then we wouldn’t have appeared at all. Q.You had bold transformations through skits like Hyomin’s “Woman with fast progress” and Eunjung’s “Holiday,” didn’t you feel fearful at all? Hyomin: Rather than saying “fearful”, we actually had fun filming. It’s a program we really wanted to appear on so we were looking so much forward to it, it was also our first time trying live skits so we had fun while working. Q.Did you personally come up with ideas for the program too? Jiyeon: We had lots of discussions with the production crew during the meeting. We prepared a lot in order to deliver a legend episode. We told them in advance that we were okay with showing embarrassing acting. Q.I think you almost teared up again at the end. Eunjung: We didn’t tear up (laughs). We just felt relieved that the live finished smoothly. Q.During the showcase, you said “no one believed our explanation during the bullying scandal 5 years ago.” But some people reacted to that saying “when did you even explain about it. Eunjung: I wonder why. I think it’s because we always only apologised and never really explained the situation bit by bit, but we can’t just focus on our personal feelings alone so we had no choice but to be cautious about it. During the time we were staying cautious, many people started having different thoughts. All people have different thinking. It was difficult to explain according to every person’s thoughts. Q.Anyway, the controversy settled down after 5 years. Eunjung: Amongst ourselves we thought “What is this again. Why do suddenly…” Hyomin: We hated being the noisy kids [T/N: as in a loud issue] but we became a noisy topic again so it made us sad. We wanted to stay quiet. Regardless of the consequences, that time by itself was tough. We didn’t want to be the talk of people so we always acted very cautiously. We were really staying put but then that controversy came to light again so we thought “Are we really fine”. Q.Living as an idol for 9 years, were there any hard things about it? Hyomin: There are many hard things, it’s hard to pick the hardest thing amongst that. I believe every job has its difficulty. People’s attention, interests, misunderstandings are all a given when it comes to living as a celebrity. It’s the job we chose and it’s something that we have to cope with. It’s similar to the stress an office worker receives from their boss every time they go to work. Eunjung: As a career, there were actually much more benefits about it. Q.During the past 9 years, have you ever had a deviation from routine? Hyomin: Not yet. Our company naturally let us free later. Ah right! If I’m to pick one, we once had our mobile phones confiscated so I temporarily got a rental phone. And we once secretly left the dorms when we weren’t allowed to. We made a human-shape on the bed (using pillows) and then placed a wig on top, then we made up tactics and sneaked away from the dorm. But we didn’t have any place to go at that time so we just stayed at a coffee shop in Gangnam and chatted for some time then went back to the dorm. Q.Do you have any breakaway you want to do in the future? Eunjung: I never thought of doing a breakaway before. I didn’t feel the need too. I think I grew more responsible. Jiyeon: The longest (official) holiday we got was a 3-day holiday during our 3rd or 4th year. One day we spent with our parents and another day we rested at our dorm, that was all. Eunjung: That’s why our managers were like “You don’t know how to hang out even when we give you free time?”. But then we replied “You should give us more time” while laughing. Just having a meal at the neighbourhood feels like hanging out. Once I was just walking on the crosswalk but it felt so nice so I just stopped right there. We always transport by car (for schedules) so we never get the chance to walk on the crosswalk. I feel happiness through trivial things (laughs). Hyomin: I want to travel with the members. During our time off I’m busy sleeping at home. Receiving an (official) holiday from your job and resting for a bit while working are two different things. When I’m resting I don’t even think of hanging out. Q.Is there any place you want to travel with the members? Eunjung: Anywhere is good. There isn’t anything specific we want to do or have. We do have greed when it comes to working but beside that, we have no other greed. I think we’d be happy wherever you take us to. I never thought of it proactively. Hyomin: There are many places we want to go to but I start to give up when thinking of it realistically. If we go overseas it will take us lots of time travelling back and forth and there aren’t many places to go to. That’s why we don’t have much fancies about it. Q.Leave being realistic on a side, where do you want to go? Hyomin: Europe or Hawaii. We once went to Italy, France, and Swiss for a pictorial shooting. Back then, we didn’t know how to enjoy our time while working. Our schedules were tight and our transportation alone took 7~8 hours by bus so all we could do is quick sightseeing. We missed so many things back then so we want to go again. Eunjung: It would be meaningful if we go that route again. Hawaii has lots of Japanese tourists. Our members speak Japanese better than English. I think we’ll be able to communication there so it’s even better (laugh). Q.You’re workaholic. Hyomin: our job doesn’t have a regular pattern. If we suddenly get work to do overseas then we have to go there immediately. Back in the days, we might have grown tired of it but after undergoing several incidents we realised how much of a valuable thing that was. We now know how to be grateful. Qri: We don’t want to ditch our work in order to play and hang out. Work comes first first and T-ara work comes first. Q.You’re on your 9th year, but it feels like it’s been more than that. Eunjung: On our 2nd year of debut we heard we look like a group on their 5th year. During our first 3 years, we released an album every month. That’s why. We also went on many variety shows and acted on movies and dramas. We has so many exposures and showed so many diverse sides to us that’s why we have such (veteran) image. It’s something we’re thankful for. Q.You must have earned your pay quickly too. Eunjung: That’s true. But we didn’t work for the money, it was more meaningful to us that ‘we debuted and went up on stage’. Q.How did you ‘9th year’ look like in your imagination when you debuted? Eunjung: We didn’t have time to think of our future. Excelling the job that’s at our hand came first. Hyomin: During our 2~3rd year, I by myself wrote a future plan in my dairies, but I gave up midway. Because I thought I’ll get stressed if things don’t go as planned, especially due to the nature of our job. I was aware of the fact that it doesn’t usually go as planned, and it was also really hard to draw my future. We couldn’t do anything but do our best at the job we have at our hand at the moment. The word doesn’t go as one likes. Eunjung: Since before, I always had the mindset that “let’s just live with flow” Q.That sounds mature. Eunjung: We’re not young either (laughs). I think it’s because we started working early. Sometimes I feel like I need a recharge but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Q.Do you reveal your worries to your members? . All: of course. Eunjung: Even if we reveal our worries to our friends, they don’t always understand. Our members are first priority. Q.With whom do you share your life talks with? Eunjung: I don’t have many friends. There are many friends I know by connections. But for the friends I can share my life talks with, there is one friend I met in middle school and two friends I met in university. And that of course includes our members. I don’t know many people who’ve experienced many ups and downs. But for our members, they know how I feel even without me talking it about it. We understand on each other quickly and we know each others’ personalities well. I don’t think I have anything my friends know but my members don’t. We were together since our early 20s, and mid-10s for Jiyeon. We had lots of changes and underwent lots of emotions and our personalities matured as well. We’ve spent the past 10 years like sisters. Jiyeon: Beside our members, it’s difficult for other people to understand our job. Hyomin: Even financially, we’re are all the same. We understand each other even without explaining so it’s comfortable. Q.You weren’t closed since the begining, you became a team out of business. So you must have had some troubles during your early years. Hyomin: We’re like sisters so it’s only natural to get upset with each other sometimes. But even then we just used to speak out to each other and it all passes. Eunjung: I can’t talk ill (to people). I think it’s more appropriate to express it as “understanding each other” than “holding it in.” I just speak it out when I have something to say instead of making things more complicated. We’re all like that. Because they’re all people I like and not people I hate. Q.Do you like meat? How do you take care of your body. Eunjung: I really like meat. Today is an eating day. “ Qri: I take care of my body from time to time according to my outfits. If I feel like my outfits don’t fit me then I’ll hold myself from eating on that day. Hyomin: I can’t starve myself all the time, never. Q.How far have you tried dieting? Eunjung: Two members sharing one bibimbap with only vegetables. Excluding red-pepper paste. We had it with vegetable flavour. Hyomin: It was during Bo Peep Bo Peep preparation. I took a staff’s leftover Gimbap, put it in my pocket, then called the members at the bathroom and ate it all together. Also during “Invincible Youth” days, Kim Taewoo oppa was promoting at the same time and he asked me if I had eaten and I told him no so he gave me snacks. But I couldn’t take that with me to the dorm so I took turns with the members and ate it at the bathroom. But now we can’t do that at all. Q.Do you live in your separate houses? Eunjung: Yes. But it was way more fun when we used to live in a dorm. We felt more freedom at the dorm. It felt like a share-house. Jiyeon: We asked our company if they can provide us a dorm just during our promotions at least but they rejected us. (laugh). Hyomin: In the past, we gathered money and lived in dorms for 1~2 years. But we evacuated later after our parents told us to come back home because (renting a dorm) is very costly. (laughs). That was before we started overseas promotions. Q.Don’t you earn lots of money? Eunjung: Not as much as the rumor goes. Because not all the money goes to us. (Laugh) Q.You have expressed your secret to popularity in China as “Old-fashioned music. (On SectionTV) Hyomin: Actually I couldn’t say ‘뽕끼’(slang for retro/trot feel music) on TV that’s why I expressed it as “old-fashioned”. T-ARA’s music has trot feel to it. I think that has contributed to our popularity in China. Eunjung: Even overseas, people like our trot-feel songs like BPBP, No.9, Like The First Time, and WAYBLT. We have so many good songs. People always say “But at least, T-ara has good music.” Q.Why did you add “at least” in your statement. Eunjung: There are still many people who think negatively of us. That’s why I assume. It can’t be helped. Q.Your juniors from the same company has debuted. Do you have anything you want to say to them? Hyomin: Few days ago I had a conversation with DIA’s Chaeyeon. They’re experiencing the same things we experienced during our debut. I though it was “cute” because all of that we have been through before. Even if it’s tough, they’re all things they’ll end up doing anyway, so I hope they don’t get too stressed about it and do well. Eunjung: I want to tell them that feelings are unnecessary. Q.You spent your youth in T-ARA. Do you feel regret? Eunjung: I don’t regret it at all. Hyomin: I’ve never regretted becoming an idol. I rather think it’s an honour. We promoted during the time K-POP received the most attention and love, I’m grateful. Q.Have your non-celebrity friends ever envied you? Hyomin: They envy us when we travel. Q.You must have friends who are already married. Hyomin: My closest friend is getting married on September. It feels weird to think that my friend is becoming a mother. I think we’re definitely living less maturely than our same-age friends. It applies on both our appearance and life pattern. Sometimes when I see my friends I wonder “am I really living well?” Q.All of you have tried dating, right? Qri: It wouldn’t make sense if we say that we haven’t dated until now. Eunjung: I’ve dated a lot secretly. I become more cautious when thinking of marriage. Q.What kind of person do you want to get married with? Eunjung: Someone who’s well-mannered, responsible, and manly. Actually that’s what my unnies told me. In the past, I used to think “What’s important about that. I just prefer someone who looks good in trench coat.” but now I wonder what’s the point in all of this. (laughs). My unnies told me that if I try to find a man who’s 100% perfect then I won’t find anyone. They told me to love him if he’s 70~80% fine. I think they’re right. (laughs). Hyomin: I wish it would be someone who’s fun and I can have endless conversation with. For outer appearance, I’d prefer if it’s simple. Rather than a person who’s pretentious and cares too much about his looks, I prefer someone who’s natural. Qri: My ideal type is someone with slanted eyes, it hasn’t changed. However, I think it’d be more comfortable if he has a similar pattern and is in the same work field as me. Since my job has an irregular pattern, I think someone from the same work field would understand me better than an office worker. I think it’d fit better if we can guarantee win-win for each other. Q.What’s the longest time you’ve dated? Eunjung: my first time dating I dated a non-celebrity for 3 years. I’ve never had a public relationship but I always get caught by my friends. Q.Will you get married? Eunjung: Of course I should. There aren’t any restrictions regarding marriage in our contract. Actually, I should make our company be the first to give me wedding congratulatory money. (Laughs) Q.Your contract ends on December. What will happen to T-ARA in the future. All: We don’t know. Hyomin: if we don’t have a solution we should find another solution Jiyeon: I guess we’ll only know then Eunjung: There are many complicated things so we want to accomplish what’s at hand first. I haven’t thought of the next step yet. Q.Do you want to maintain T-ARA? Jiyeon: All of our members want to maintain T-ARA all the same Hyomin: It’s not like a hobby which we do because we want to do it. We have aged enough and have to think about it realistically. It’s also our one and only job. In the future we’ll discuss it amongst ourselves and then decide which direction to take. Q.You don’t have any solo plans? Jiyeon: We have solo songs in this album. We also performed our solo stages at music programs. I think being able to do this, by itself, it something we should be thankful for. Q.You’re a presistant team. Hyomin: That’s how it ended it up like. So many meanings are included in this phrase. (laughs). Q.What is T-ARA to T-ARA? Eunjung: I spent all of my 20s. in T-ARA. I spent my youth in T-ARA. It’s my everything. Hyomin: This will be the only day we tell sad stories. Tomorrow we’ll forget about it again. It’s like living just for a day. I believe that’s how we keep maintaining a bright side to us. Q.At last, anything you want to say? Qri: I’m thankful to our fans. Our fans can’t proudly say they’re T-ara fans. I want to make them become proud of being a T-ara fan. Eunjung-Jiyeon: Thanks for always staying by our side and supporting us. Hyomin: Our fans had it as tough as we did, and maybe ever tougher than we did. *** Source: Ilgan Sports 1, 2, 3
  2. [16.06.22] Hyomin reveals her personal beauty and health tips for Cosmo Beauty “When I was young, I used to just pay attention to beauty that appeals to the eyes. So I used to be obsessed with outer beauty-care, always concealing my flaws or maximizing my merits. But now that’s not the case. I have come to realize how important natural beauty is.” - Hyomin. This is our second time meeting, right? Your body seems to have gotten better compared to the last time, do you still work hard to keep in shape? Haha. Back then I used to work so hard to keep in shape, to the point where I used to do crossfit. Right now, I can’t exercise as hard as I used to back then, but since it’s summer now I’m trying slowly to go back to keeping in shape. Can you tell us specifically what you’re going to do? Obviously, your goal will not be about losing weight.. No matter what, health is the most important! No matter how much I want to keep in shape, if I can’t keep myself healthy or if I’m psychologically depressed, then I will not be able to do anything. Also, given that I used to exercise a lot in the past, nowadays my body remains in shape with just minimal everyday efforts. For example, when I eat too much during dinner then I will make sure to go home walking for that day. That’s why I always go around wearing loafers or running shoes. You were drinking coconut water while getting your makeup done. Does that also have to do with keeping your body in shape? I have a bad habit of not drinking much water. However, drinking sufficient amount of water is necessary for a fit body and nice skin! As I was worrying about this, I have come to learn about coconut water. It was delicious so ever since then I started ordering and drinking it everyday. During the last time we had an interview with you, you were having an energetic diet. But now, it feels like you have become a wise person when it comes to keeping in shape. Do you agree with this? As long as I’m living as a celebrity, then I can’t not be watchful when it comes to keeping in shape. However, I believe that I have to naturally develop some habits for keeping fit, if I don’t want it to last short. It’s going to be hard of course, but I’m trying to slowly put that into practice. Other than this, is there any of your past habits related to beauty that you regret now? During my early 20s, I used to only pay attention to pretty makeup, I was really ignorant when it comes to cleansing. I regret having that habit, so now I try as much as possible to erase my makeup and allow my skin to breathe whenever I have time. Even if it’s only for 1 hour. I guess it’s because you lead a healthy life, but you have such nice skin. What’s your secret? Lately I started to use a pure vitamin C serum. Once I apply it to my skin, I start feeling my skin getting tight and radiant. Now that I do skin cleansing frequently, I started getting more attracted towards mild watery products. I can also use them easily inside the car, which I like about them. On days where you have an important filming, like today, what kind of special care do you do? I use Mikimoto facial mask to supply my skin with nourishment and moisture. Just with this alone, I can really feel my skin looking different. I lately purchased a large quantity of it through home-shopping. At last, anything that you hope for? Now, I want to find my own happiness outside of ‘celebrity Hyomin’. It doesn’t matter even if it’s just a trivial happiness. Of course, I will not neglect my duties as T-ARA’s Hyomin either. *** Source: Cosmopolitan + scan by Starhunter910 Translation: FY!T-ARA
  3. There’s one week left until the release of your second album (when the interview took place), how do you feel? It’s an album in which I had enough time preparing for and really prepared hard for, more than any other album before. It’s to the point where I want to show it to you right now. I’m excited and anticipating. It’s nice seeing you confident. We’re already full of anticipation just by watching your teaser and jacket photos, we’re curious about what kind of music will you be showing. It’s a really different style compared to the music I’ve showed up till now. The album is full with the music genres I like, it’s based off the pop genre but also has some electronic elements, it’s hard to describe the album with just one genre. I’ll let you listen to it later. We’re honored! We heard that outstanding people participated in your album such as Ryan Jhun who produced for EXO, SHINEE, Red Velvet, DQ who composed Beyonce’s ‘Hello’, August Rigo who produced Justin Bieber’s ‘U Smile’, Chris Brown’s “Back To Sleep’, and One Direction’s ‘Gotta Be You’. It’s been an honour to work together with such solid people. Most of them live overseas so I met personally with only two of them. After the album finished, they praised me saying I sang well which made me feel proud. We heard that you locked yourself inside the recording studio for few months. Yes, at first. I’ve been in charge of everything including the chorus this time. I think I stayed in there for almost 50~60 hours every time. When recording as a group in T-ARA, not only our parts are short but we’re also always pressed for time due to our schedule. But for this time, I stayed in there for long hours and recorded over and over until I liked the outcome, I also shared lots of talks with the producers while recording, it took a long time but was fun and remained as a good memory. We’re curious, was there any special reason for you to devote yourself this much? This might sound a little funny, but I wanted to show that I’m a person with lots of passion and greed in singing. That’s why I also practiced a lot. Of course, the performer side to me is also important, but through this album I wanted to show the vocalist side to me too. Ah right, the album contains two self-composed songs. I think you can look forward to it. We heard than you not only composed the songs but also participated in the visual directing of the album. Looking at your instagram, you seem to have lots of interest in art. I’ve always liked looking at and making visual things. It’s probably because my parents major in art, but I grew up playing with art tools since I was young, so it influenced me. For this album, I personally picked the concept while picturing the kind of performance I wanted to do. While looking up the internet, I analysed the image people have of me and then sketched the image that people want to see me doing the most. I hired the photographer, MV director, and stylist who usually know my preferences the best and vice versa, then we held a meeting to discuss our ideas, after that we went ahead with filming the album jacket first. Actually before finishing the title track ‘Sketch’, I first made a visual map and then worked on it inversely. A process in which you first create the visuals and then create the song inversely, what a fresh idea! Our company thought it was absurd that I filmed the album jacket even before making the songs, but it resulted in an album that matches with the image I had in mind so everyone was satisfied eventually. That’s very smart. If I had to do it because someone told me to do it, I wouldn’t have done it like this. (laughs). I wouldn’t do it if I was told to. This year, you’ll get into your 8th year since debut. How does it feel to live as a girl group? You must have lots of worries and thoughts, right? Being in a group, by itself, is like always being in an invisible contest. Watching a program like <Produce 101>, the members have a fierce rivalry between themselves. But that’s all a friendly kind of rivalry. Because they work more diligently with each other. It sounds vague to express it as ‘rivalry’, but regardless, a development starts taking place in there. However, to be in such environment causes a fundamental stress. Nevertheless, since I fortunately have an optimistic personality, I’m the kind to cast aside hardships positively. We think that’s why you get to develop your own identity. Ah right, we heard that T-ARA’s popularity is huge in China and other Asian countries. We always say this amongst ourselves, but we think we really have great luck. We’re not just saying this to sound humble. Our Japan activities and China activities were both just in time with the K-pop craze over there. You have a fan-meeting in Vietnam tomorrow, right? You do lots of overseas activities, so now you don’t have any places that you haven’t gone to already. There’s really no country that we haven’t gone to already, but since we always only stay in the hotel, the street scenery we see on our way from the airport to the hotel is all we get to see. It’s really a pity. I’m planning to go on a trip by myself when I have time. I love taking pictures and collect lots of cameras, to the point where I have a camera refrigerator at home. Now I want to try going around taking pictures with my camera. When we say Hyomin, the word ‘Nice body’ comes to mind. Do you have a secret to maintaining your toned body? I’m the type to gain weight when I don’t pay attention to my body. Once I used to relieve my stress by eating and ended up gaining 8kg. To think of it now, there’s really no diet that I haven’t tried already. I tried exercise, diet therapy, and detox but now they’re definitely less effective than before. That’s why I try to do exercise as a fun sport now, and I’m improving my daily habits. Rather than doing it obsessively, it’s important to have a balance. If I feel that I ate a lot today, then I try to eat less tomorrow. I take care of my body by making the amount of food intake proportional with my movement. I think that’s a good method for your body. Do you have any artist as your role model? I personally hope you continue to show us your experimental performances even after you hit 60s, just like Madonna. That person is a living cultural treasure (laughs). I actually have lots of foreign artists that I like, but I think in our country, there’s not much fields which I can do. This might be an excuse but there are many things that I ended up giving up on after thinking “Aye, how can I do that in our country.” We hope you can slowly break down (that prejudice). I put in a lot of efforts this time to break away in my own way. I hope guys can enjoy it. If you weren’t a singer, how do you see yourself doing? I’m very energetic and I like trying out different things, so I’d probably be doing another job that has to do with art. I lately have lots of interests in videos and visual directing so I’d love to try producing. Directing and taking responsibility from start to end while preparing for this album was more fun that I thought. It suits you well. What about your future plans? For the meantime, I have to focus on my solo activities and T-ARA’s overseas activities. We definitely enjoy working more than resting. We know well that this time is very important to us so we don’t even have time to complain saying it’s tiring. You must be enjoying your every day. That’s right. I like being busy (laughs). *** Source: Dazed Korea Translation by FY! T-ara
  4. Q. What have you been up to lately? Eunjung: We had a Korean comeback as well as Chinese promotions. Individually, I joined as a leading role in the latter half of a daily KBS2tv drama called ‘From Today, I Love You’ Boram, Hyomin: We wrapped up our ‘So Crazy’ activities in Korea and are now preparing for our China concerts that will be taking place from October onwards. Q. The concept of this photoshoot is a friendly trip. Have you ever been on a trip with the members? Eunjung: We’ve travelled to so many countries together, but we’ve never travelled together for fun, only for our overseas schedules. I think a trip amongst ourselves would be even more fun since we know each other well, I really want to go together one day. Hyomin, Jiyeon: We’ve travelled to so many countries together, but aside from our overseas schedules, we’ve never travelled together for fun. We want to make some time and go on a group trip together one day. Q. What is the place you want to travel to the most? Eunjung: If I had to pick one, I would say Europe; we went there for work before but we didn’t even have 5 minutes of free time. I want to speed a leisure time with the members. (Europe) is very far away so it’s not very easy to go there, but there were still so many things that we didn’t get to see, hear, or feel (during our last trip there), so we had many regrets. Qri: Europe? Japan? Anywhere is good as long as we can visit many places together. Q. You’re mostly busy with Chinese activities. No matter how busy you are, do you still get breaks or go sightseeing? How do you mostly spend your leisure time? Hyomin: I visit a cafe or just enjoy my time exercising. Qri: I either hang out with my friends or spend the day at home. I also clean the house. Boram: I’d spend most of my time staying at home with my mom. I sometimes watch movies and visit galleries as well. Soyeon: I go on family trips. I’d also go with my friends to suburbs to enjoy the cold air. Eunjung: I go shopping for cosmetics or visit yummy restaurants with the members. It’s my fun time as well as my momentary leisure. If there are any nature places nearby, I’d go for a visit too. We’re the type to spend our leisure time on trivial things. Q. Your popularity in China is so big nowadays. You’ve become Hallyu leaders over there, how do you feel? Hyomin: Now that you put it out like that, we’re very thankful. Qri, Boram: We haven’t come to realise it yet, we just feel that we have to work harder. Jiyeon, Soyeon, Eunjung: We’re thankful to our seniors for paving the way for us. We feel a sense of responsibility and feel that we should work harder too. We think it wouldn’t have been possible if not for our company staff and for the love of our fans who support and cherish us. We have to be grateful and consistently do a good job. Q. How is the atmosphere of the Korean music industry and Chinese music industry different? Jiyeon, Boram: We haven’t learned a lot about the Chinese music industry so we can’t pretend to know it all, but the Chinese audience show a very passionate reaction to music. Soyeon: They were similar to our country’s people in how they carry around banners they made and show their passion for the things they love. There was no big difference. Qri, Hyomin: There was no big difference. Our Korean and Chinese fans each have their own charms. Finally, T-ARA. She was born in Busan, started attending an acting academy in middle school, and then she fell in love with music as she was studying musicals over there: Hyomin. She was originally a child actress and was the last member to join T-ARA, yet became the leader: Qri. Having singer-actress parents, she took after them and is now a celebrity with very cute visuals: Boram. She filmed in so many dramas and practiced singing whenever she had the chance; passionate Eunjung. She made her debut after winning in a school uniform model contest;Jiyeon. Her outstanding singing ability was first discovered through a teenage music festival, and then she was appointed as T-ara’s main vocal; Soyeon. Each one was different, until they gathered and became one; T-ARAwho are rising as Hallyu stars. Q. Your own way to overcoming tough times? Eunjung, Hyomin: Exercising, learning something new, or spending time with precious people like family or friends. Jiyeon, Soyeon, Boram: We change the mood by spending time with family or friends. Q. A word each one of you wants to say to the rest of the members? Eunjung: We’re already on our 7th year since debut, it’s also been more than 9 years if we’re to count trainee days too. I’ve come to cherish you more and more. Thank you! I love you! Qri: Just like now, let’s work hard and enjoy our time! Boram: let’s always work hard! Hyomin: let’s work hard in order to not have any regrets! Soyeon: Our members who always work hard, I’m always thankful. Jiyeon: Unnies, I’m always thankful and I love you. Q. T-ara’s future plans? Jiyeon, Qri, Boram: We’re starting our China concert tour this October, we’re planning to prepare our best. Hyomin: After having finished our Korean activities, we’re now preparing for our China concerts from Oct. onwards. We’ll keep our fans in our hearts and continue to work hard. Soyeon, Eunjung: T-ara’s web-drama is going to be screened in Korea, China, and Japan, so we hope that you look forward to it. Q. At last, please say a word to K-wave’s Korean and Chinese readers. Eunjung, Soyeon: We’re thankful to everyone showing love to us and our music. This might appear like a textbook answer, but we will work our best in order to sincerely repay your love. Qri: Thanks for always supporting us. We’ll continue to work hard in the future too. Jiyeon: I’ll work my best in order to become a person who’s capable of repaying fans’ love. Boram: Our fans, thanks for always showing love to us, T-ara. We’ll work hard in the future too so please watch over us. Hyomin: In the future too, we’ll always work hard and show a good side to us.
  5. Eunjung whose pure smile is her charm. At the same time T-ARA’s Chinese activities are proceeding successfully, she was casted in a Thai movie, putting a start to global activities. Having had survived tough times long time ago, the present time is very precious and valuable to her. She stood in front of the camera giving off a mature and feminine feel to her, she was full of anticipation and excitement. Although T-ara’s splendid image on stage is charming enough, Eunjung, individually, has her own endless charms as well. T-ARA are now travelling around Asia, but T-ARA and Eunjung’s future that’s to extend not only in Asia but throughout the world, how far will it go? Q. Your thoughts on this photoshoot. This is my 3rd photoshoot with BNT. Photoshoots are always fun. Last time I took the photoshoot with pilates as a concept, but this time it feels like a fashion pictorial, it was a pleasant and fun (experiment). Q. Your recent news? As T-ARA, we released a Korean album on August in the midst of our China concert tour. Independently, I sang the OST for the T-ara web-drama that’s soon to be released. And the song has been out. Q. That solo track charted no.1 in China. The song wasn’t a promoted song since it was just an OST but it still received love in China, it’s very thrilling. I’m both moved and baffled. No matter what, I think being in T-ARA put me in advantage. Q. Do you regularly check the charts? Fans send it to me. They let me know of the news through weibo or instagram. Q. How was the reaction to your solo track? The song itself is very calm and lyrical. I think that I had quiet promotions matching with the mood of the song, but it was also an opportunity in which I personally got to upgrade myself. I felt that standing alone on stage is really something. Q. Girl group DIA, they came out as the 2nd T-ARA. I think they’re showing a yet different charm compared to us when we debuted. I, of course, wish them the best, but their colour right now is charming enough so I hope that they become the 1st DIA rather than the 2nd T-ARA. I believe they can gain people’s love through their own colour that’s different than T-ARA’s. For T-ara, I think having had funky and exciting music and having tried out various concepts, including funny ones that are hard for girl groups to digest, is our own charm. For DIA, they’re all pretty and fresh so I think they will be able to gain enough love from everyone. Q. For T-ARA, what comes to mind first when seeing girl groups debuting. Seeing how restless and nervous they are, we can relate a lot to them. We want to encourage them and pat them. Q. 7 years with the members. You’re like family. Even if we stay apart for a while, it still feels like we only saw each other yesterday. Even when we don’t necessarily talk, we still know each other’s personalities and preferences well, so it feels like we’re sisters. Q. Do you ever feel that the reaction of the Korean public has started to improve (towards T-ARA). I’m not sure. We always feel that our fans are strongly protecting our position, we’re always thankful. I think it’s not right to think in advance of what image and what kind of activities should we do to receive love. If we just work hard and silently then there will be a time where we can be likeable. I think whether people like me or dislike me, it’s not something I can argue about. We’re only in the position to receive the choice, so I believe it’s all up to the public. Rather than having any deep thoughts, I think our job is to just silently carry out with any work given to us. Q. In contrast, do you find it tiring to think that (the public) still carries hate for T-ARA. I never have such thoughts. Since the public’s love also determines the popularity, I think it’s a given that we’re at the mercy of the public’s choice. Q. Do you read the comment from time to time? I used to check them out a lot in the past but now not as much. I used to go through all the comments before but lately I stop after just reading few. Q. If they upset you, how do you govern yourself? If they’re saying something right then I’d prepare to take the next step that matches with (what they’re saying). If the content is something I can’t possibly prepare for then I’d just ignore it. Since I’m the type to comply and accept easily, I quickly prepare for the next step to take. Q. We heard you got cast in a Thai movie. It’s called ‘Micro Love’, the filming starts early November. I’m co-starring with a very popular star in Thailand. He’s very gentle and also good at acting. If you look it up, there are many Thai movies that ended up being well-received in Korea too. I’m looking forward to it. You can think of it as a drama with romance rather than the melodrama you’re familiar with. Q. How is dialogue like? It’s a big problem. 10% Thai, 20% Korean, and up to 70% English. Since I’m a native Korean, it’s making me so worried. Not so long ago, a fan gifted me a Thai book. I should appreciate her kindness and start diligently studying (the Thai language). Q. A while ago, Min Kyunghoon choosing you as his ideal type became a hot topic. Ah, really? That was from 4~5 years ago, who knew it’d suddenly became a topic now. How is Sunbae doing? (laughs). I should thank him since I became a hot topic thanks to him. Q. What is your ideal type? Someone who’s passionate in his work, sensible, and courteous. I don’t pay attention to the physical appearance. Q. You might not even have time to date due your overseas activities. I believe that one day, I can do everything even if I’m busy. Q. How did you date before. If we’re busy then according to our schedules. Although it can cause a handicap (to the relationship) since we’re always busy. I think I had an apologetic dating life. Q. Even if you’re busy, you still make a beautiful girlfriend. That’s not evrything about it. What I feel more as I grow older is that looks are not everything. Getting along well and having a good flow of conversation is the best. Q. What do you do when you’re stressed? I either stay and do nothing or do the things I like. I like exercising, playing with my puppy, and hanging out with my friends. Or learning something new. Q. With what exercise do you maintain your body? I do pilates and PT together. Q. You must be good at Chinese by now. I think my accent has improved a little but it’s still a long way to go. I learn through video lectures since I don’t have time. Q. A remarkable role that remains in your memory the most? Dream High remains in my memory as it brought me so much love, but character-wise, Queen Insoo was the most remarkable. I usually like historical dramas regardless of their language, but nevertheless, I was given a role that’s originally hard for an idol to digest. At that time, the actors and staff were all generously kind to me, and even when I caused inconvenience due to my leg injury, they still showed so much consideration. On the other hand, I don’t think I’ve ever been as busy as I was during that time. Q. The job of a singer has a short lifespan, have you ever thought of until when will you be able to continue being a singer? I think the job of a singer and the job of an actress are the same. However, as long as there are people who still look for me and fans who still support me then I can continue singing and acting, as they’re jobs I want to do and can do. Q. When will we be able to see your Korean activities again? This time, we want to prepare thoroughly and carefully then show ourselves. If we start preparing bit by bit then we will be able to meet you by next year. Q. What’s your goal. I want to continue receiving fans’ love just like now, and want to repay that love as well. I’m happy just the way things are right now. I hope to continue having activities and hope that my members and families stay healthy. There are many sad and chaotic news lately, but I hope there are only good things around. Q. When people in the future recall ‘Hahm Eunjung’, how do you wish to be remembered as? I want to be remembered as someone who worked hard and was sincere. I’m willing to put in my all just to hear “She was so fine”. Just that one sentence is great. Q. Until now, I don’t think there’s any group who’s as popular as T-ara during their prime. We always talk amongst ourselves about how lucky we were. Even for our Chinese advancement, we rode on the Hallyu wave that was increasing due to Korean dramas. We luckily ended up gaining popularity in China and started receiving attention not only for our songs but also for our fashion, makeup, etc. I believe that wouldn’t have been easy if not for our seniors paving the way for us. Q. A word to your fans. For our Korean fans, they watch over us and support us like our parents so we always feel reassured and thankful. We don’t even know how to express our thankfulness. For our Japanese fans, they would always come to our concerts even in different countries and show us lots of support, it gives us strength. We never thought that we’d be able to hold a tour before but we’re really thankful for the love Chinese fans show us. Our fans in other countries too always cheer on us together regardless of their nationality, it really makes us proud and thankful. When we go overseas and see them all support us with one mindset, it makes us want to learn from them and also makes us feel a sense of responsibility as Korean celebrities. See Full BNT Photoshoot Here. *** Source: BNT Translation: FY!T-ara
  6. 7 years ago, an extraordinary girl group had debuted. Girl group T-ARA in which each member has her unique charms, and when they unite, they release off a great energy, showing a perfect image. T-ARA who are on their 7th year since debut, after wrapping up their ‘So Crazy’ album, they started their overseas activities such as in China and Japan and showed a professional side to them. Between the 6 members, there’s Soyeon who catches attention with her talent and beautiful looks and is said to have so much love for her fans and regards them as family. A warm autumn, she expressed a girl laying down restless in a cosy sofa. Later, she put on a two-tone dress and showed a goddess-like image. For the third concept, she matched a frilly striped t-shirt with a one-piece dress, emphasising on her feminine beauty. For the last concept, she wore a short miniskirt, showing her beautiful legs, and a flight jacket, perfecting the chick image and autumn fashion. Soyeon thinks that there’s aways something regretable after each concert. However, in contrast to Soyeon’s image on stage, she answered the interview with deep thoughts and in a clear and cautious tone. Q. On your 7th year since debut, yet this is your first individual photoshoot. I personally have so much interests in fashion so I enjoy checking out pictorials, I also checked out BNT pictorials a lot before. (The photoshoot) was really fun, and I really liked all of the concepts. However, since our debut days, people around me used to always tell me that heavy makeup doesn’t suit me, our CEO too always hated my heavy makeup look (laughs). That’s why I tried it out this time as it’s my first solo photoshoot, and it actually wasn’t as bad as I thought. I had fun today. Q. The members you’re always with aren’t here right now. How does it feel to be alone. T-ara have showed various concepts, and we’re used to dividing the images (amongst ourselves) in each concept. So it somewhat feels automatous; however, in today’s photoshoot I had to digest each concept by my own so I tried my best to deliver each feeling well. Q. You tried your best (in the photoshoot). I recalled in my head my favourite models’ poses and facial expressions in their pictures and then tried to imitate them, but I’m not sure if I did well. (laughs). Q. Soyeon, (talk about) your debut in T-ARA. I was the last member to join the team a month before the group’s debut. I actually was a trainee in SM Entertainment for 4 years and then later on ended up debuting in T-ara. Q. What are T-ARA doing recently. We officially started our China promotions since early October. We luckily met a good Chinese agency there and started showing our Chinese fans various sides to us. We also started reorganising our Japanese activities that were halted for about a year and a half. But for now, we will keep going forward with our Chinese activities first. Q. What are you specific plans for China, Japan, etc. A while ago, we wrapped up our ‘So Crazy’ promotions in Korea, and now we finished recording for the Chinese version of our ‘So Crazy’ album. We’re recently proceeding with our China tour. For Japan, rather that releasing an album this year, we are planning to greet our fans there through fan-meetings first. Q. Any remarkle T-ara concert? The T-ara concert that we planned in 2012 didn’t happen. It was really upsetting for both us and our fans. After that, we didn’t get the chance to hold any concerts in Korea and so held concerts in China and Japan instead. We held our first Korean solo concert in December 2014, it was definitely a remarkable one. Although it wasn’t a big-scale concert, we started it out thinking that we should impress our fans, but at the end it was us who were impressed by our fans. (laughs). Q. T-ara after a concert? We want to show a good side to us to the fans who made time and bought tickets just for us. We prepare hard every time, but there’s always an unsatisfactory part (to each concert), so it’s always regrettable. Q. On your 7th year since debut, age is an obstacle to idols. You might feel rushed as well. I’m turning 30 years old soon. It’s not a small age, but I somewhat feel insensitive about it. T-ARA are on the 7th year since debut, yet I haven’t been able to try many things outside of T-ARA. People who appear on TV are still like celebrities to me. It’s fascinating (laughs). Q. What about your girl group Hoobaes. Gfriend who are promoting right now are a group I like and favour. They approached and greeted us first, so I’m thankful and overwhelmed. Q. You appeared as the female lead in the web-drama ‘Sweet Temptations’ on 5th of October. The day it was first released, 5th of October, was my birthday. Our CEO said that it’s a birthday event for me but there wasn’t much reaction (laughs). It was a huge burden on me, probably because of the lack of preparations. Q. Soyeon’s thoughts on acting? I was a Theatre and Film student, and it remained the same in both my previous and current companies. I was casted in Haeundae Lovers in 2012 but was unfortunately dropped, so it was an unfortunate project. I will work harder on acting in the future. Q. You rarely have any opportunities within your team as well. While waiting for an opportunity within the team, I ended up falling behind. I was pushed back to Eunjung and Jiyeon who were the first to start off (their acting careers), I am waiting for an opportunity but now it’s too late and I yet haven’t been able to show enough sides to me as an actress. I believe that opportunities will come to me in the future, and so I’m studying hard about acting. Q. Soyeon who’s thirsty for acting. I really want to do acting, I’m hungry for it, so I’m fine with any role. Rather than being obsessed over the role, I just want to do acting for a long time. Whatever role it is, I think being able to digest that character accurately is what’s the most important. I might become more flexible when time passes and my acting skills improve, but for now I can do well as long as I’m given the opportunity. Q. School days Soyeon VS. Nowadays Soyeon. I was always the class president when I was a student. (laughs). I used to represent my friends and talk on their behalf and I enjoyed being righteous, I also have memories of being hurt back then, but the teachers favoured me. For now, I became more shy around strangers and I can no longer bring myself to (openly) say that I ‘like’ (somebody) or find them ‘pretty’. Q. Soyeon’s casual self. Except for my days off, I rarely ever go out. Different than how I appear like, I actually can’t drink alcohol at all. And since I’m an only-child, I’m like friends with my mom. I also hang out often with my aunts and go shopping or watch movies together. I raise puppies at home as well, Totoro and Sodong. Q. Any exercise that you find yourself more interested in as time passes? I have more older people in my surroundings compared to juniors and colleagues, and having turned 29 recently, I started thinking more about lots of things. That’s why I’ve been considering exercising since 10 months ago. Seeing people who exercise even though they’re having it as hard as I am, they always seem energetic and positive, and so I started pilates and ballet to improve my posture. Q. What effect do you see? I saw a huge effect in my diet and posture. Especially after fixing my posture, whenever I monitor videos (of myself), I can find a big difference compared to before. Also, I became more photogenic (laughs). Q. 30s are approaching, it’s a time suitable for marriage. My fantasies about marriage and dating were big when I was 20~21 years old. However, as time passes by, I come to like my job more. As long as I have someone I love then I can get married at any time, but I believe that marriage is not something that can be done with just two people, it’s something by which the two families become one. For now, I have no marriage plans nor do I have the leisure to do so. Also, I haven’t achieved my dream yet. Q. What is your dream? I received lots of love while being in T-ARA but I yet haven’t found myself in acting which was my dream since I was young. For now, T-ara is more important to me than Soyeon. And for marriage, I have got to do it soon too but I want to achieve my dream in the next 10 years first. Work is good for now. Q. Do you have any troubles with the members. I’m originally calm and quite when alone. However, the cheerful atmosphere when I’m together with the members makes me unconsciously grow more cheerful as well. That’s why we don’t have any disagreements. Even if we do, we always decided on stuff through rock-paper-scissor since our debut. We use it to make even more important decisions as well. (laughs). Q. If you do that, it might linger in your minds. That’s why rock-paper-scissor is good. Since it’s me who lost, then I have to bear with it, we’re not supposed to hold any grudges. Q. Amongst T-ARA’s long-time fans, one posted the following “I used to go see them all the time but now it feels like I became an obligatory fan.” There are things I can’t talk about even amongst my family, things that I can’t talk about at all, and things that I can’t explain fully with words. These things can cause many misunderstanding, but I believe that as long as you wait and have faith then a day where we can open up to each other will definitely come. Because T-ara are growing more affectionate for the fans, and not out of obligation. Q. To fans. To me, work is the most important. The things I’m doing right now, they wouldn’t have been achieved without our fans. That’s why I think our fans are the most important and precious. You’re more than family to me, so I sincerely wish that you believe in me. I believe that if you trust me and wait, a day where I can repay you will come. Q. Hardworking T-ARA, what is T-ARA to Soyeon. T-ARA are my existence. When promoting in T-ara, there are countless efforts and worries. Of course, since we’re a team, the six of us each has her share of responsibility and endurance, but that’s not an easy thing. Q. The T-ARA image that you want to show to the public? Rather than the image of us that’s shown through the TV, you will get to feel our charms better when you see our natural selves instead. I hope that people view us without any prejudice or bias. Q. Your resolutions and goals? There were so many happenings, and we grow more mature as time goes by. Our goal at the moment is to work hard at any work given to us. Where our fans exist, that’s our resolution and goal. Source: BNTnews | Translation: FY!T-ara
  7. Group T-ARA have opened up about the malicious comments about them. T-ARA have released their 11th mini album ‘So Good’ on the 3rd of August and started their promotions with their title track ‘So Crazy’. ‘So Crazy’, being composed and written by Brave Brothers and Galactika, is a funky dance song with an outstanding brass sound. They aspire to captivate the public with such exciting music that’s enough to cool off the summer heat. We met with T-ARA on the 7th at the waiting room of a music show, they revealed their thoughts on having a Korean comeback for the first time in a while. Eunjung opened up first saying “Actually, as we were having Chinese activities, we wanted to create more chances for us to meet our Korean fans and so ended up having a comeback. We didn’t prepare long enough for these activities so we’re very stressed and nervous. As you know, we’re having a comeback along with eminent seniors which makes us very nervous. Nevertheless, (people) showed us more interests than we expected so we’re very happy, nervous, and fluttered.” T-ara, who have mostly worked with Shinsadong Tiger all that time, are working with Brave Brothers for the first time as a group with ‘So Crazy’. Hyomin worked with Brave Brothers before on her latest solo song ‘Nice Body’. Regarding their first work with Brave Brothers, Soyeon explained “First, the song is very good. I guess T-ARA are definitely blessed with music. Beside Hyomin’s solo album and personal project album, this is our first time working with Brave Brothers. I think this song is meant for us. It went to other groups and came back to us again. It suits our colour well.” Eunjung added “It has Brave Brother’s own colour to it combined with our own retro sounds, which allowed us to showcase our own colour so it’s great.” Due to a scandal surrounding a member’s withdrawal from the group, T-ARA couldn’t free themselves from malicious comments. They reflected enough upon their mistakes and promised to make up for it through devoting themselves and working harder; however, they revealed that it was hard for them to put up with malicious comments directed at their families. Eunjung said “Actually, we even considered taking legal actions. However, it’s laughable for us to say we’re suing people now after it’s already too late. That’s because there were times where they actually were too severe. Rather than saying we overcame malicious comments, we just think that they’re not worth putting up with.” She continued, “When we think that we should locate keyboard warriors and sue them, we think of our families seeing (those comments). Whenever we feel that we need a solution for this, we start thinking of our families. For us, we can filter out (the comments) to some point; however, our families can’t, so we thought it over and over.” Later, Eunjung said “We became immune by our own. We grew used to it since few years have passed. Although we do get hurt…” Soyeon confessed, “We still get hurt all the same. In the past and now, we didn’t change. We’ve been patient all along, but when we see our families getting hurt by it, we start considering seeking for legal help just like other celebrities. We are being tolerant up till now. Our hearts still hurt at the malicious comments that are too absurd.” Regarding what goal do T-ARA want to reach in this time’s activities, Soyeon explained “Actually, the song is such a waste. We are worried that this song will not receive love due to the several handicaps of ours. We were given many good songs that could’ve received enough love have they been released in the past during the time we used to receive to much interests and love, we are worried that our song will not receive love. I wish people can put away their bias(/prejudice) and like the song.” Eunjung revealed her wishes saying “Because we are a group that have been hearing people say ‘T-ARA’s songs are really good’ all throughout that time, we want to hear such words again this time regardless of any handicap.” Eunjung said “Of course, we do have the greed to win no.1. We wish we can just get into top 10.” Soyeon revealed “It’s hard for girl groups to have high music chart entries. Our song debuted at 39 in the charts, we were so happy and screaming just by that alone. It’s extremely hard for a new song to enter top 100 in the charts lately. We released an album in Korea for the first time in a while, we’re happy and excited just but this alone. Of course, it’s great if we can receive more love. I think we should put in more efforts.” Source: Newsen Translation: FY!T-ARA
  8. T-ara’s cute jewel Boram who’s always been hidden between the members of T-ARA, maybe because of her small height. She, who said it was her first time having a photoshoot of her own, was a little nervous; however, she was certainly full with anticipations. We wanted to find the hidden side to Boram. Because she undeniably looks like a small lady on the outside, yet is is a full-fledged mature ‘woman’. In the first concept in which she’s wearing a yellow dress, she looked like a girl who accidentally ended up on the red carpet of an award ceremony. With her cute, pretty, mysterious, doll-like appearance and her slender legs, she welcomed the wide world. The second concept showcased her charms perfectly. She expressed the feeling of being on a trip to a small and adorable world, just like that of Alice In Wonderland. In the third concept near a dart game board, we can see Boram’s facial expressions showing her enjoying herself. She delivered an unfamiliar yet interesting feeling. The last concept was the concept of a mature woman which Boram’s never tried before. As she exuded the mature and womanly side that was hidden inside of her, we were able to discover a confident and elegant Boram. During the interview, she couldn’t hide her awkwardness when she said “During interviews, the members are always the ones who do (all the talk)…I’m not sure what am I supposed to say.” Soon enough, she started telling her own stories in a relaxed and composed manner. Saying that it is her role to work harder, that she should go forward slowly without being greedy. You said this is your first time having a photoshoot of your own I always did (phoot)shoots with the members. The other members have had lots of photoshoots by themselves. Jiyeon and Eunjung had BNT photoshoots as well. When I received the photoshoot offer, I insisted that I wanted to do it. How does it feel now that you did it It’s a completely new experience to me. I had no idea about anything but it was really fun. If I get to have such an opportunity again, I think I’d be less unexperienced than now. I actually had a fixed thought. I thought that if a certain concept doesn’t suit me, then it will never look good on me no matter what. But now that I got to try different concepts, it’s really fun. You’re 30 years old now. Now you must have grown sick of being called ‘baby-face’ No. I want to hear it until the day I die. (Laughs) Don’t you have any complexes about your height? I’ve already grown too resolute about it. I’m just a ‘small child’. Rather than changing this image, I want to upgrade to a better image instead. I like eating and I eat well, but my height still can’t be helped. You’re holding activities in China right now, it is said that you’re popular over there We’re preparing for a China tour concert with Nanjing as a start. They liked us better than we thought. It’s amazing. There was a period of time in which it was hard for you to promote in Korea due to a group conflict. How is it now? I think things are getting better with time. Between ourselves, we are determined to work hard before thinking of this and that. We tell ourselves to work hard wherever we are. Didn’t you feel unfair(/victimised) somehow? Not at all. We’re afraid that if we think that way we might get trapped in our own beliefs become close-minded, so we are just determined to work harder. The members must have grown closer with each other We’ve always been close. Rather than growing close because of that matter, we’re telling ourselves to persistently walk forward while showing a good side to us and without making the people around us worry. Your younger sister is an idol as well (D-unit Ram). Do you have a good relationship? Usually, when siblings are only a year apart, they’d fight a lot. It actually hasn’t been long since our relationship’s gotten better. Now we’re closer than ever. I feel a little bad for my sister. She’s a rookie yet isn’t having much activities, so she’s having a hard time. I also went through the same so I feel sorry for her. Nevertheless, it’s a relief that we can relate to each other and share our feelings. Did you inherit your talents from your parents Actually, it’s my sister who inherited my parents’ talents. It’s just that she never had enough chances to show it. I hope my sister can get enough chances to showcase her talents. In my case, it’s just that I had great luck. Haven’t you performed together with your father (Jeon Youngrok) before? I did at my father’s 40th anniversary concert. I was almost not able to go as it was overlapping with our Hong Kong schedule, but it’s been a relief. I went together with my members, my father was really happy. I was grateful too. I didn’t have anything to do for my father as his daughter before, but I was really happy that I got to make him happy like this, it felt new. Were your celebrity parents against the idea of you becoming a singer at first? They were surprised. They said they thought I wouldn’t work in the entertainment industry. Because they know how my personality is. I, too, never knew I’d do this job. It’s not that I never had any interests before, but my case, my dreams have grew bigger as I worked in this job. Were your parents of great help to you ? People think that “since her parents are celebrities, she must have learnt a lot from them.” Honestly, I didn’t learn anything from them. They instead advise me dispassionately and precisely. They once talked to me so coldly that I cried. How is your personality like? I am more mature than I look like. Seeing how I look like, people would think that I’m young on the inside as well. When I’m with the members too I’d often hear that “Jiyeon is younger than you but she’s more mature,” but I think it’s a prejudice. I certainly have something to offer as an unnie. You must be like a family now (referring to T-ara) I see them more often than my family. I’m originally not the type to become close with people. However, I feel that I’m very close with our members. I’m very shy around strangers but seeing how close I’m grown with the members, even I find it surprising. Do you go for a drink with members Strangely enough, we never had a drink amongst ourselves before. We’d eat, watch movies, and hang out with each other often but surprisingly, we never had a drink together. Instead, we play around just as if we’ve drunk. What about your solo plans? What solo… the younger members are doing a great job. But it’s not that all of the members have to go solo. What should I say. Shall I say that I know my distance. It’s not that I don’t have any greed, it’s just that I don’t think it’s time yet. I think that I have to improve better first. What about acting? For acting, I really want to do it. I filmed a web-drama a while ago, and it was really fun. I don’t know much (about acting), so I think a lot that I want to learn it and that I want to do it. My mom said this since she’s an actress. That for acting, rather than learning it, the knowledge you gain from experiencing it in real life is better. I somehow know how that feels like. What about dating? Right now, I have no interests at all. Sometimes I wonder if I’m a little strange. The members say that it feels lonely but it’s just troublesome for me (to date) now. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a man, I feel happier hanging out with my friends and with the members. What is your ideal type? Once more, I think I’m really strange. I don’t have an ideal type either. Unless you tell me to specifically pick someone. Then pick someone. Yoo Hae-jin sunbae-nim. I like the relaxed and easy-to-talk-to feel to him. My standards for outer looks have already disappeared. What is your current worry? I want to try different things but there’s some restrictions. Escpecially since I’m the older one but I haven’t shown anything yet, so I think that I’m doing nothing but growing older, I experience such thoughts a lot these times. Will this be my first time having a personal photoshoot if otherwise. I hope that I quickly get more opportunities. Your future plans? We’re planning to focus on an Asia tour including China. Also, the web-drama starring the 6-memebrs is on its way to finishing. You’ll be able to watch it soon. We’ll release an album this year as well. This period of time seems to be staying still, but we’re just planning to work hard. We will do our best, I hope you can look on us positively. *** Source: BNTnews Translation: FY!T-ARA
  9. Part 1 - Interview Stars representing Korea’s entertainment industry, how do their pets look like. ‘Star Pet Story’, which started off out of mere curiosity, introduces celebrities’ pets as well as focuses on how they live trusting and relying on each other. Furthermore, it allows people to listen to the stars’ own honest stories about their pets through an interview, and aims to resolve together with a behaviour-correcting expert the unrevealed worries of their relationships with their pets. Getting off at the Dapsimni station, line 5, and walking for few minutes, you will find a cafe called ‘Congzon(co-existence)’ located under a dog shelter. At Congzon, you can often see those who are out to spend time with their dogs. While sharing time with their dogs, the owners would feel sorry over realising that they might have been negligent toward their dogs all that time. The trivial but precious worries that people have for their dogs as well as the warm looks they give them, these could be a beautiful start to co-existence. T-ARA’s Hyomin (27) has visited Congzon along with her 4-years-old dog, Youngmini. Youngmini, whom Hyomin received as a gift, is a male dog from the Japanese Chin breed. She gave him the name ‘Young-mini’ meaning he is the ‘young’ brother of the papillon dog she was already raising, Mini. Hyomin was living in a dormitory during the time she received him as a gift, and so he was raised by her parents at first. 2 years later, Hyomin started living together with her parents and Young-mini, who already turned into an adult at that time. Youngmini is like a naughty younger brother to Hyomin, who grew up as an only-child, and like a reliable son to her parents. When Hyomin was in her teenage years and had a lack of conversations with her parents, Mini was a good companion for her parents. And when she was away from her parents for long periods due to her long overseas schedule, Youngmini played the role of the reliable son, which makes her feel very grateful towards him. And so, Youngmini and Mini are like brothers and family who connect Hyomin with her parents in a yet different way. Hyomin seemed to feel burdened at heart about the 2 years in which she hasn’t lived with Youngmini. About what tendencies and habits has he developed and how did he develop them, all she knows is what she heard from her parents. She says although it’s a relief he grew up healthily due to his tendency to easily get along with everyone, including strangers, and without being sensitive, she still cannot overlook the notable problems he has sometimes. Upon seeing the female greyhound, Kelly, who came along with trainer Kwon Hyukpil, Youngmini stopped his activities. Kelly, who was roaming around and exploring her surroundings, was exceptionally scary to him. Although Youngmini would quickly follow along everywhere, he was frightened and hiding under tables and behind people’s legs when Kelly ran around after seeing him. Hyomin looked worried upon seeing the passive side to Youngmini, who would otherwise act differently around people. Hyomin: The Japanese Chin breed is said to be an active kind of breed. Youngmini, too, is a very naughty kid who isn’t usually shy around strangers, so he’s the type to get along with everyone and is easily approachable. He’s also the type to joke around with other puppies, especially his older brother, Mini, he jokes around with him a lot. Mini is very timid, but it happens a lot that Youngmini would go up on the sofa and tease him. Youngmini is also way stronger than Mini, so it feels strange seeing him intimidated. How to establish the seniority between the dogs? Kwon Hyukpil: Just now, Youngmini could be seen turning his back whenever Kelly approaches him, when this happens, it’s wrong for the owner to hug him and dodge the problem. It’s way better for the owner to just walk around (allowing the puppies to solve it by themselves). There’s also a way to distract the puppy’s attention when trying scatter his food on the floor. When you scatter pieces of their snacks on the floor, they would grow closer as they eat together. Puppies are considered social animals so they need time to adapt and adjust themselves; however, when it comes to seniority, it’s important that they are left to establish it by themselves without the interference of humans. What causes the biggest worry to Hyomin is the way Youngmini acts during strolls. During stroll, Youngmini causes worry by holding back his urge to pee sometimes. At home, he would usually settle his urination and defecation needs perfectly without any mistakes; however, he never urinated before during his outdoor strolls with Hyomin except for one time only. Other than that, Youngmini and Mini have irregular eating habits and rain-sound phobia respectively, causing Hyomin to worry as well. (Photo Caption) Showing off Youngmini’s merit, Hyomin said, "Youngmini is very optimistic, he’s a healthy kid I’m thankful for” Hyomin: Youngmini’s urination-defecation training has been easy since the beginning. Since he first came to our house, he would always do his business in the place specified for it. I think he was born with it. (Laughs). At home, he’s the type to know well where to and where not to urinate/defecate, so I though that he might just find it rather uncomfortable to do it outdoors. Seeing how the owners are supposed to clean after their pets outdoors, I would think in my head that “All good, it’s better this way”; however, I still worry about it. It’s hard to hold it in for a long time. Kwon Hyukpil: When it comes to urination, it’s highly possible that he gets cystitis if he holds it in for too long. Usually for home-raised dogs, their owners would tell them to come back whenever they go near grass thickets or grass during outdoor strolls. Puppies would sniff scents and even feel traces of cats everywhere they go, when you restrain them from doing this, they will not be able to feel mentally relaxed. Strolling on sand with your puppy will solve such problem in about 3 days. Hyomin: Neither of Mini nor Youngmini have greed for food. Although Youngmini teases Mini a lot, he would still treat him as his older brother when having their meals or snacks. (Laughs). When Mini is eating, Youngmini wouldn’t attack him and would just wait instead. Anyhow, Youngmini doesn’t eat well so I have to personally feed him with my hands for him to eat. He once didn’t eat at all so I, out of worry, approached him telling him to eat but then he growled at me, I was shocked. Kwon Hyukpil: Youngmini is now accustomed to free-feeding instead of restricted-feeding. When practicing free-feeding, he will see that there’s always food on his food bowel so he would fail to link food with surviving. He will naturally come to eat less than the ideal portion of food he should have. Or he might come to not eat at all. If you switch to restricted-feeding and clean his food bowel, he will naturally start looking look for food. This food habit could also be changed by acquired learning. Hyomin: Since 2~3 years ago, Mini would always hide under tables whenever it rains. He would go under it and quiver, and if I ever just close the door, he would start clawing at the door for about an hour. He might have a rain-sound trauma, but he would predict rain just before it rains. It’s rainy season soon, I want to quickly put Mini’s mind at ease. This kid is exceptionally timid, sensitive, and also barks a lot so it makes me worried. Kwon Hyukpil: In this case, you can record rain-sounds and play it for him under a low volume, then offer him whatever he likes after that. For example, if he likes toys then throw him a toy and slowly raise the volume, if he gets taken aback upon hearing the sounds, then lower the volume again. Providing him with a stimulus from a low to a higher state, systematically, will gradually get him accustomed. (This method) doesn’t work overnight, it needs at least 2 weeks to work. If you do it for 5~10 minutes everyday then you will start noticing a change in about 5 days. (Photo Caption) During the interview, Hyomin confessed her feelings about Youngmini saying he’s special to her. She said, “As I’m an only-child, Youngmini is the most reassuring existence to me when I feel lonely,” she added “More than anything, when I have lots of overseas schedules, he would fill in the job of the youngest son at home. I’m very grateful.” Hyomin followed Trainer Kwon Hyukpil to the training session of basics etiquette. The training session uses a clicker that makes a rattling sound when clicked, whenever the dogs hear the rattling sound of the clicker, they are reminded of their snack reward and hence are able to learn the lesson quickly. Hyomin carefully observed the trainer’s demonstration and while putting what she learned into action, she proved how much of a quick learner she is. Smart Kelly showed quick reactions in response to Hyomin’s instructions, which created a harmonious atmosphere. Kwon Hyukpil: The most important thing about behaviour-correcting is the guardian’s strong will in training. Behaviour-correcting depends 30% on the puppy and 70% on the guardian. If the person or the environment doesn’t change, then the puppy wouldn’t change either. In a case like Youngmini’s, he’s very social around people but not so much around other puppies. It’ll be good to help him through socialising training so that he can act normally even in unfamiliar environments. If you visit dog cafes too often, then it might show a reverse-effect. I’m saying this again, but the most important thing in this is the person himself. Hyomin: The only time I ever attended schedules with my dog was for a photoshoot, but I’m so happy that I got to come here with him and spend time together. More than anything, I feel so relieved that I got to find the reason behind the problems that were troubling me and got to find their solutions as well. I want to quickly go back home to put Youngmini and Mini mentally at ease, and spend time to understand them better. Now to think of it, everything had a reason behind it, I feel sorry that I neglectfully overlooked that. Even after she left Gongzon, Hyomin still showed interest in the dogs shelter located upstairs. She said that she has so much interests in dogs but not enough opportunities to put it into action. All of the T-ARA members live with their dogs, she hinted that, if given the chance, she wants to perform good deeds with the member who’s the most interested in dogs, Soyeon. She also said that she wants to show even more interests in Youngmini and Mini, whom she will leave to her parents as T-ARA will be mostly promoting in the Great China Region this year. And so, Hyomin left home with Youngmini. PART 2 (Photo-story) Someday in early June, just around time the summer heat hits in earnest, we met with T-ARA’s Hyomin (27). Hyomin introduced her 4-years-old Japanese Chin dog, Youngmini, whom she had cuddled in her arms. Taking after his cheerful owner, he approached everyone first to greet us while gently wagging his tail. He left a good impression with his charming lovely looks as well has his gentle, soft, and optimistic propensity. The interview continued even in such a hot weather. Although the behaviour-correcting training is tiring, Hyomin and Youngmini seemed to enjoy it. Youngmini didn’t act like a crybaby at all and instead smiled while giving cute poses together with his owner. He cutely ran around between people, receiving everyone’s love. Hyomin looked at Youngmini warmly with a calm smile on. Hyomin and Youngmini, the lovely siblings showed a happy energy. Youngmini would become shy and timid upon seeing unfamiliar dogs around; however, once he’s with Hyomin, he’d return back to his original optimistic self. The reason he was able to adapt quickly even at the unfamiliar Gongzon, was the trust he has in his owner. to Hyomin, Youngmini is a more than just a dog, he is like her younger brother. Youngmini seemed to have a strong trust in Hyomin as well. The heartwarming sight of the two tells about their special relationship, that is more than just an owner and dog relationship. “Hello. This is T-ARA’s Hyomin. The weather’s so hot, isn’t it?” “Youngmini, you too say hi. Hello~ I’m Hyomin noona’s youngest brother! Do you know the Japanese Chin dog breed?” “Youngmini, are you already feeling hot. Let’s go take behaviour-correcting training!” "Our Youngmini is scared. Don’t be scared, noona is here.” “Trainer Kwon Hyukpil’s dog, udeung, is indeed unique. How can do such a good job! So admirable” Youngmini is a Hyomin fan, he cares about no one but noona Youngmini is aware of the camera, shall we pull a real pose? Is it done like this? He’s facing us! Hyomin noona is fresh, Youngmini is stiff “Hyomin noona, I’m starting to feel hot now.” “My youngmini has a very long tongue, shall I imitate him too?” “Huk, Hyomin noona don’t do this. I don’t like having ugly pictures of me~” Hyomin and Youngmini, they have similar big eyes ~ The most romantic moment between owner♥dog, does our brother/sister relationship look good? “Youngmini, are you tired? Shall we go home?” “So, I’m going home now! Had a fun training today~. Youngmini, you worked hard too.” *** Source: News1 (1, 2) Translation: FY!T-ARA
  10. [15.06.11] Eunjung and Hyomin share a cute and hilarious report of their recent Hong Kong trip @Hong Kong International Airport “Are all of these really our fans?” Ah! I got caught. Although my mouth is covered with the mask, my eyes are smiling. Yes. We received a passionate (welcome) in Hong Kong. Thinking of the moment we arrived at the airport, I still get goosebumps. Hello. This is ’T-ARA’ Hyomin. You’re asking whether I have an ‘issue’? Yes, itshu!! On the 7th~6th of this month, we spent a hot day in Hong Kong. We participated in the Hong Kong 2015 Youth Music Festival and had a production press conference about the T-ARA web-drama. You’re curious about our trip report, aren’t you? From here onwards, follow me~ This picture is from the airport. More than 800 fans have gathered. And around 40 local reporters were there. We first went into our rooms. And quickly unpacked our baggage. The next course?^^ Tada! I’m in front of the 2015 Hong Kong Music Festival venue. T-ara are at the top (in the picture) We also spotted Kookie oppa from Running Manㅋㅋ Here is the waiting room. Eunjung unnie, you’re already preparing yourself? “Did you have fatal fruits as your inflight meal??” [T/N: implying Eunjung is looking fatally attractive] At the back, I was praying “I hope my makeup looks good.” Now, shall we have fun! The show has finally started. 'Sugar Free’, 'Number 9’, and 'Roly Poly’ We sang a total of 3 songs consecutively. The atmosphere at the venue? You’ve never heard the Chinese singalong, have you? Then don’t say anything! Strangely enough, you can hear (us speaking) Chinese. It makes us even more excited. That we won the ‘Asia idol’ award. And so, we were able to be interviewed by so many reporters like this. We’re sincerely thankful to our Korean and Chinese fans. Really, really. So, up till now, this was Reporter Hyomin with you. Eunjung unnie will be telling us about the 7th of May event~ "Elsie unnie, come out!” Hello. This is ‘T-ARA’ Eunjung and ‘Elsie’. I will be vividly reporting to you about the the press conference that took place on the 7th this month. Trust and follow me. Here is one of the shopping malls in Hong kong. Are they having a blowout sale, by any chance? So many people have gathered. Ah, spotted an Eunjung fan Yes. This place is where T-ARA’s web-drama press conference took place. So many Chinese fans have gathered here to see us. My facial expression control is no.no.no. my face looks stiff. We’ve truly never felt this welcomed in a long time. An interview took place as well. shall we call this self-luminous~ Wait a minute!! you’re asking what T-ara’s web-drama is about? I’ll explain. It will have T-ARA as the leads. 6 different stories for all 6 members It will be in omnibus format. ‘Black Holiday’ which played on screen that day had Qri unnie as the lead. You can trust me on this, It’s fun. Oh right, 'Five Doll’s Seunghee, too, will have an important role in the drama. To give a hint, the mediator that links all 6 stories together? So! It’s photo-time now. Everyone line up “Rambbo unnie, the best baby face” That’s a nice heart Everything we did in Hong Kong will remain to us as unforgettable memories. We’re also waiting for the day we meet with our Korean fans again. This was Reporter Eunjung with you. *** Article written by: T-ara's Hyomin and Eunjung Source: 이슈잇슈 via Daum Translation by FY!T-ARA
  11. [15.05.16] Boram talks of the pressure of being a part a 3 Generation celebrity family A 3-generations celebrity family. She has a celebrity family that consists of grandfather (Hwanghae), grandmother (Baek Sulhee), father (Jeon Young-Rok), mother (Lee Miyoung), and even her younger sister (Jeon Wooram). It’s T-ARA’s Jeon Boram who’s determined with her unique talents to become an even more famous singer than her father and an even more outstanding actress than her mother. Jeon Boram said that she does feel lucky for having celebrity parents and grandparents; however, there’s a side to the story that not everyone knows. “Because my parents are celebrities, I feel even more careful. The burden I carry inside to show (the public) an even better image than my parents has been stressing me out. I’m not even in the position where I can tell others that I have worries. My worries might bring shame to my parents.” “I tried to not become (a burden) on my parents’ name. When I first said I wanted to become a singer, my father worried a lot. Although he didn’t show it, I could tell he wanted to stop me when I first told him. However, he didn’t oppose me. He just looked at me silently,” said Jeon Boram. Whereas Boram’s mother, Lee Miyoung, fully supported her singer activities. Jeon Boram confessed that she felt lots of pressure over being labelled a 2nd or 3rd generation celebrity. “Before being known to the public, the label ‘Someone’s daughter’ was following me everywhere. I had lots of stress since my parents are the ones to receive the backlash whenever I do anything wrong or cause trouble. However, after I began working hard in T-ARA, I started getting acknowledged as T-ara’s Boram rather than ‘Someone’s daughter’ which made me feel happy.” When asked whether she ever took advantage of her celebrity parents’ statue, Jeon Boram replied “That’s completely not true. If I was riding on my celebrity parents’ coattails, then I wouldn’t have failed all of those auditions. I would’ve just debuted easily and promoted easily. When I was cast as a T-ARA member, it was due to the CEO’s love-call to me after he watched a video of me dancing to BoA.” The whole family are celebrities so it’s not easy for them to gather. Boram shared that when the family gathers, they’d talk about all sort of things and the place will be filled with bright laughers. She said that she’s happy to be promoting in T-ARA. “I don’t have a friendly personality, but I enjoy it and feel happy when I share conversations with my family. When we have activities, we monitor and give advices to each other. We’re all celebrities so we have sharp eyes,” she said while laughing. *** Source: Baekuk-nam Translation by FY! T-ara
  12. [15.05.16] Eunjung tells us more of her solo, her appearance on 4 Things Show, T-ara and dating T-ARA’s Eunjung has made her comeback as a soloist named ‘Elsie’. Just like how unfamiliar the name ‘Elsie’ sounds, Eunjung has armed herself with her own unique colour different from what she has shown as a T-ARA member thus far. Her sometimes lively and sometimes delicate charms have shone through. On the 13th of May, Eunjung has met with various news outlets at a cafe in Jongno-gu for an interview. She has unfolded her stories in a pleasant and honest manner. Q.How do you feel about your solo debut? Eunjung: I received lots of help for the outfits and stage, they turned out more perfect than I expected. For the song, I wish I had sang it better. When I listen to the recorded AR, I keep regretting it thinking ‘I should’ve sang it this way, I should’ve sang it that way’. Regarding my debut, I feel like a rookie debuting with her first solo. It feels like I’m starting from the scratch all over again. As I was preparing for a solo stage with a style different from the one I have in T-ARA, it felt like I had become a rookie. I didn’t even have confidence at first. Q.Your title track ‘혼자가 편해졌어 (I’m Good)’. You can use its dual meaning for your actual solo debut as well. [T/N: her title literally translate to ‘Being alone has become comfortable’] Eunjung: It’s ironic. The name of the title track is like that. ‘Being Alone Has Become Comfortable’ is like chanting a spell on myself, but it’s not really that I’ve gotten more comfortable. For me to show a different side to myself as a soloist, it feels like I’m chanting a spell saying “I’m fine even when alone.” However, it’s not really that being alone has become comfortable. I’m nervous and stressed. Q.What’s different about solo Eunjung. Eunjung: My image in T-ARA feels very boyish and powerful. As a solo, I wanted to show a more composed and feminine side to me. Actually, I put in mind that many people might not be able to recognise me (if I go for that image), and there were really some who didn’t recognise me. (Laughs). Q.You had your first stage last week, how were the members’ reactions? Eunjung: First, for Jiyeon, she’s in China right now so she can’t (watch it) with her mobile phone. She said she wanted to watch it but the video doesn’t play for her so she couldn’t. Hyomin and Boram personally came to watch me, they said I looked very feminine and very very different than when in T-ARA. They said I improved on stage. (Laughs) I think I looked composed. Q.What is the concept about in Eunjung’s opinion? Eunjung: I actually did want a feminie concept, but I thought about a somewhat different type of feminine. The staff, composers, and our CEO all said they wished for a composed and feminine concept, so I just listened to them. They preferred a boyish concept last year though..(laughs). But I think they changed their minds after receiving the song. The quality of the songs has been my motive even while in T-ARA, so I think it always changes depending on the song. Q.The biggest difference about performing solo compared to performing with T-ARA? Eunjung: It’s fun when performing on stage as six members, (the stage) also looks rich with people. What I worry about when performing alone is the camera transition. The mood changes completely depending on the lyrics, song course, and transition, so I’m trying to fill up the void with that. Q.Isn’t singing live difficult? Eunjung: We’ve had solo stages during overseas concerts before, so it’s a part I practiced before. Of course, there are many things to worry about, but it’s fine. Also, since I have a male performer with me. (laughs). I will perform some solo stages [without the male performer] before my promotions are over, that’s when I really have to do well. Q.What did you worry about the most for this comeback? Eunjung: Because I came out mysteriously as Elsie, I worried a lot. Having to stick the name ‘Elsie’ next to Jang Hyunseung and Jeon Hyosung, I worried that people might not recognise me. Q.What do you think your own strong point is? Eunjung: How my song is a lyrical song that expresses one’s emotions very well is my strong point to me. I’ve always shown those exciting and fun sides to me on music shows, but this time I have to show a composed and emotional side to me which I consider a fine point for me as a solo. The choreography has many dancey parts, also a captivating side… ‘captivating’ coming from my own mouth is a bit. (laughs). I think being able to show those sides of me is my strong point. Q.Is there any compliment you wish to hear the most? Eunjung: I’d be very grateful if you tell me that I have shown a completely different charm than when in T-ARA. “What will her next solo concept turn out to be”, showing such curiosities will be good too. It is my goal to release a second solo album with a yet different side to me than this one. Although there’s no plans about it yet. Q.You’ve had acting experiences as well, did it help you with the choreography? Eunjung: I was told that the choreography will suit me since I did acting as well. As we were looking for (a choreography) that goes along with the acoustic sound, we’ve come to find one with a story to it. Acting was fun for me as an actress, but having to act on stage is a new challenge for me. Having to act while dancing was difficult at first. I’ve only tried dancing powerfully before, so I had no idea how to express my emotions while using only one hand (in the choreography). But I’ve become more confident after being told that this will be a strength for me. Q.You gained the nickname ‘Red Pencil Teacher’ in ‘Witch Hunt’. Eunjung: Actually, when I was on the show I filmed it not with the thought that it’s a TV program. I acted like I was just talking with my friends. However, it appeared like I was an excellent dating master which made me feel embarrassed. (laughs). I don’t think I’m a dating master in real life. Even I will have my judgments clouded and will not know what is what anymore when I date someone. I think I was just able to talk about it because I wasn’t the person directly involved in the situation. Anyone will do the same if they were in my position. Q.When was the last time you dated? Eunjung: Early last year. That’s why I teared up when I first listened to ‘I’m Good’. I wasn’t the one who wrote the lyrics, but it’s really good. It feels like you’re the lead in a tragic love story when you part away for no reason. So I really like it when I listen to my song lyrics. Among my acquaintances, the people who experienced breakup all said that they liked the song. Q.You’re already on your 7th year since debut. How does it feel to look back. Eunjung: I think only now we are in the position to be making a long-run. I’ve come to feel the importance and necessity that comes from the insignificance of every single thing. In the past I took things for granted. The staff who take care of me, the song, the choreography, I thought they were all naturally needed things to release an album. But it all depends on how each work is carried out, I am learning about such trivial things. The staff whom I pass by everywhere I go, I didn’t think much about them (before). When you get severely scolded and then reflect on yourself, you come to think deeply of so many things. I think that’s how I come to have a new mental attitude. Q.Do you pay lots of attention to online comments? Eunjung: I read them a lot. I often do. I read them a lot on a day I feel I’m fine, and refrain from reading them when I feel like I might break down. Q.Is there any hateful comment you were hurt by the most? Eunjung: Although I wasn’t hurt by it, but I happened to read the comment “(She’s) like weed”. Strangely, I’ve come to admit it. I automatically nodded my head. Of course, It’s not a colorful flower, but (the comment) wasn’t saying anything wrong. I’ve been persistently and continuously coming out lately, it’s to the point where I wonder ‘am I not appearing (on tv) too often?’ I think it’s a good thing being invited by broadcast stations and getting to appear here and there. Even if I get called a ‘weed’, I still want to attend all places that look for me. I have to go if I get invited. (Laughs) Q.What helped you the most in hanging in there for the past 7 years? Eunjung: It might sound pretentious but our fans are what helped the most. Telling myself that I should hang in there is all thanks to the fans. I’m the type to admit (to my mistakes) quickly. I admit quickly, accept it, then focus on what I have to do next. I think of what I have to do next without giving myself a rest, this is my personality. The public might not know that I’ve already acknowledged it, but I still have to work hard while focusing on what I have to do next. I am also relying on the time. When things go against your will, wouldn’t it be better to wait until things naturally get better with time. Q.T-ARA are actively promoting even in China. Eunjung: We’re always active. It actually hasn’t been long since we started feeling our populairty in China. We’ve come to realise it better after winning a triple crown in an award ceremony. We felt “Ah so we are popular.” I think we’ll feel it even more during our China concert tour. We’ve held concerts before, but holding a tour has a yet different significance. On a different note, we also want to have another concert in Korea. Because there are fans who watch over us silently, we wish we can hold another domestic concert, we’re fine even with just a small-scale year-end concert. Q.What do you think is the secret to your popularity in China? Eunjung: I think it’s our music. I heard that in China people like songs with a melodic line. Also, China is fond of Korea(n music). I heard that Chinese people like the combination of retro and pop and think it’s unique. The members’ TV show appearances and acting, as well, were screened in China, and the power of Hallyu has had a great influence on us as well. ‘Little Apple’, too, was really big. Q.How long will T-ARA continue. Eunjung: I don’t think it’s up to us. It’s only possible (for us to continue) if we have fans who love us, but we wish that we always continue as T-ARA even as each of us does the things she wants (on the side). We don’t want to lose the unique colour that T-ARA has. As long as there are fans who love T-ARA, we want to continue promoting for a long long time. Q.Your latest appearance on ‘4 Things Show’ has become a hot issue. Eunjung: (It must be because) the part where I cried was shown. I do ask myself, ‘why did I cry back then’ and ‘it would’ve been better if it wasn’t broadcasted’. It was an extra interview after I finished shooting everything so I just talked it out comfortably, but then I unknowingly started tearing up. I think what I said just provoked further misunderstanding so it was upsetting and regretful. I think it’s because of my tears that it was viewed that way even thought it’s not like how it seemed like. I already cried it out so it can’t be helped, but I do question myself for doing it. Only if I knew it’d be viewed that way, I would’ve been more careful. I appeared (on the show) alone and was doing the majority of the talk by myself which made me worry a lot. Q.Why did you cry. Eunjung: Rather than anything in particular, it was just that the filming itself was so fun and happy that I started tearing up. Actually, even the writer and director in front of me cried. The room only had girls, and we all cried together. I cried after seeing them cry. I was in the midst of telling them “I’m really happy that I was able to film this so comfortably like this, thank you. Thank you for letting me film this without caring however it turns out, whether (the show) receives hate or not.” They started crying after I told them this, and then I burst into crying as well. Well, I did cry so I have nothing more to say. Q.Are you the type to cry easily? Eunjung: I don’t cry easily when I’m sad or when I’m being scolded, I cry when I’m happy. I guess that appeared to be sad. But that was what I really wanted to say. I actually was thinking about it in my head but I didn’t think they’d bring it up. As it was a reality show, we have been going around while chatting and talking with each other for a few days which made me grow comfortable around them*, so I just talked about it naturally. For a moment, I forgot I’m a celebrity and forgot about the cameras. (Laughs) [T/N: ‘them’ was referring to the director and writer unnies] Q.Lastly, anything you want to say? Eunjung: I also want to return to our past (popularity) but I don’t think we can go back easily. I think we might be looked on more favourably than before if we work hard and show a good side to us. We would be content with just this much. After we can be looked on favourably, then, I might want to think of more. We have to show a good side to us to be looked upon favourably though, I think that’s our biggest assignment. I think working hard is more important than anything else. Note: Eunjung’s answers might have a slightly different wording/phrasing or might be shorter or longer depending on which news site they are quoted from, so you might see different versions of her interview answers online. They’re all correct.
  13. [14.11.25] DongA's short interview with Eunjung, "moved by Brunei's Hallyu fans" Popular girlgroup T-ARA’s Eunjung expressed her gratitude regarding the Brunei hallyu fans. Eunjung, who was appointed as the public ambassador attending the signing ceremony for the latest Korea-Brunei 500 billion won joint cosmetic project, has arrived to Incheon International Airport on the 22nd. On that day, Eunjung met with DongA.Com and opened up about her impression of her visit to Brunei. She said “I wasn’t expecting it but I was surprised and thankful seeing so many fans welcoming us at Brunei. Meeting with the Brunei ministers and Prime Minister was a nice and new experience to me. As the honorary ambassador for this joint project, I have to promote diligently.” She continued, “Wherever I go, I’m not sure how did they know, but Brunei fans were always there to cheer on me. I was very grateful at how they showed love to the Hallyu culture and T-ara. There was a Hallyu DVD store in the Brunei main street, that made me feel once again how influential and scary Hallyu is.” On the 24th, T-ARA will release their collaboration with popular Chinese singers, Chopstick Brothers, of their hit track ‘Little Apple’. "As it is the first collaboration project with a foreign singer, there were many parts in which we had to pay careful attention to. It is a new experience, so I’m anticipating this. I think it will be a new side to us different that what we’ve shown before in T-ARA. The song’s promotions will last short in Korea, but we will still work hard." Meanwhile, the Korea-Brunei collaboration project in which T-ARA’s Eunjung and Actress Kim Gyuri are promoting as honorary ambassadors, is a business in which the world’s top 20 Sovereign Wealth Fund Brunei Investment Authority will be co-founding with the local co-operation, IMK, for the manufacturing-selling of cosmetic products, and then are set on taking over the Halal cosmetic market. Halal is a term describing products that Muslims can eat and use. The Investment institute(BEDB) affiliated with the Prime Minister’s Office will be supplying an industrial complex and factory construction of 50,000 pyeong. IMK has been planning over the past 3 years for a 200 million dollar joint investment with the government enterprise under the Ministry of Finance. For the global star-marketing promotions of this project, the Brunei Investment institute(BEDB) has signed a LOI(Letter of Intent) with one of the influential local entertainment management companies under the IMK Group, MBK Entertainment(CEO Go Geun Hee) and invested it with an approximately 80 billion won for advertising, promotions, and global star marketing. *** Source: DongA Translation by: FY! T-ara
  14. [14.11.05] Hyomin recalls school life, becoming an idol and her dreams to be actress in an interview with her own Sungkyunkwan University All-Rounded Entertainer, Her. Korea’s representative girl group, T-ARA, who had left so many hit songs like “I Go Crazy Because Of You”, Bo Peep Bo Peep”, and “Roly Poly”. Amongst those girls who have it all from looks to talents, there is a member who studies in SKK University, that is Hyomin! She, who is said to have had unique talents in art since she was young! Under the influence of having both of her parents majored in art, she has grown so interested in art, she says she has dreamt of enrolling in an art high school. However, she was torn having had realised she lacks the art skills to enrol in an art high school. Therefore, she has found her new path that is ‘acting’! After she knew that the art high school she was applied in has a theatre department, she persuaded her parents and registered in an acting academy. She said that although her family were greatly worried about her new challenge at first, they came to acknowledge her passion shortly after. "I was extremely nervous when I first went to the acting academy. I think I was feeling both thrilled and terrified at this new experiment. But I remember how I started this path after I reaffirmed my own resolution, by which I hardly convinced my parents and started going to this school.” However, due to the keen competition, she failed to enrol in the school she wanted, and therefore enrolled in a regular high school, but she still was never let down. As she was going to the acting academy and studying acting, her personality changed to an enthusiastic and extroverted personality rather than an introverted one, and thanks to that she was able to open up and get to know more people in the field she was interested in. Anyhow, she started a new life goal of becoming a ‘musical actress’. For that life goal, she had put in many efforts in singing, dancing, and acting, she lived fiercely not to repeat the same failure again. Thanks to that, she received various offers from many different agencies. Of course, it wasn’t that her efforts were recognised by everyone. She has underwent great frustration and scepticism when she failed the university aptitude test which she rejected all of these different offers in order to prepare for. However, she couldn’t just give up on her dreams and passions, she tried auditioning again and was finally accepted after her 3rd time. She enrolled in the university she wanted in last minute and achieved her goal. T-ARA Hyomin whose sense of accomplishment is said to have reached the skies back then. Based on this, she said she worked even harder in order to reach higher. And this is how she started preparing for her new life as a celebrity and ended up being part of a popular group; however, it wasn’t so easy from the start. She didn’t adapt so easily to the trainee life in which she used to practice from early morning to midnight everyday without a break. There were many times where she would get tired due to all of this hard work and secretly run away, and what’s more is that she would unite with other trainees and rebel because the training program during the early trainee stages wasn’t satisfactory. Above all, she confessed that it was tough as the gap between her ‘musical actress’ dream that she had since young and being in an idol girl group is vast. However, she didn’t give up and did her best until the end as she kept reminding herself that “Chances will come to me who’s trying.” Therefore, she ended up debuting in the entertainment industry after her trainee life that lasted for 4 years ended. Up until then, her source of strength was her family and her trainee colleagues whom she lived with and shared her joy with. "So many entertainers recall their trainee period as an extremely tough period, right? Although It was tiring physically too, it was an extremely emotionally tiring period. I, too, held onto my dream goals, but if it wasn’t for my family and all the good friends around me it would’ve been way tougher for me. Especially the friends who shared the same dream and worked hard with me, they were a great help in overcoming such difficult time. We fail together, comfort each other…. It’s important to have the resolution to overcome tough times, but I think the feeling of reliance is also important. I am sincerely thankful to my family and friends who have been a great support for me." After debuting in the entertainment industry like this, T-ara couldn’t stand out greatly during their rookie days; however, they attracted the public’s attention and succeeded after repeatedly showing original attempts and fresh concepts. (Hyomin) confessed while smiling that they were of an old age amongst girl groups during their debut time. However, the members said that despite that, they have put in great efforts such of enthusiastically attempting new things, personally researching them, and whatnot. In Bo Peep Bo Peep’s case, they said they were embarrassed when they first heard about it, but they enthusiastically proceeded with it with the mindset to enjoy it, and thanks to that they gained the honour of winning their first no.1 since debut. Also, they said that they suffered in order to create each’s own colour, such that during T-ara’s best hit track, Roly Poly, Hyomin personally designed her stage outfit. Moreover, Hyomin ran once again towards her dream of being an actress. Her passion didn’t solely stop at music industry, she gained recognition for her acting skills which she worked for for a long time and started starring in dramas and movies. Drama , , etc. She, who showed her increased popularity through popular dramas, has starred in a Japanese movie as the lead this year. Regarding having achieved the goal she had since young, she said she was happy and that this is just the start. It might be because of a long-time eagerness, but she said that when she thinks of the dramas and movies she starred in she gets mixed feelings. She said that although she has felt burdened in filming sites, she has come to discover the good sides of an actress’s job through this. She, who felt more passionate (about acting) than burdensome, said she wants to try acting in a short or an independent movie one time, and that she wants to develop more as an actress. T-ara Hyomin who wants to live an ardent life where she gets to always challenge herself with new things. She, who is talented in many different fields and passionately works hard, is still a girl with many dreams. T-ARA is gaining hot popularity not only locally, but also overseas. At last, we have asked her about her opinion regarding T-ara’s secret to having gained all of this popularity and their goals. "I think I was lucky. Just in time we debuted, the girl group craze started, and we were able to ride on the hallyu wave and meet international fans. We learned so many things while promoting, and are very thankful to our fans. In the future too, we want to promote more diligently under T-ARA’s name, be of help to our hoobaes, never forget fans’ love, and repay it through better songs and performances. That is our goal." SKK University And T-ARA’s Hyomin. Hyomin, who enrolled in SKK University’s Art and Theatre Department before debut is very proud regarding her alma mater. She said that SKK University is a great asset to her as it is her future pride, and at the same time is the first accomplishment she achieved herself. "The fact that this is the result I received after genuinely working for it by myself makes me feel a great sense of accomplishment and makes me proud. It made my parents very happy, and gave me huge faith (in myself). Just like other students, there are many times where just the fact that I attend SKK University is a source of strength to me." Although her university student life and trainee life were going side-by-side, she said she could never give up on either of them. Even in the midst of her tight schedules everyday, her attachment to her university was so strong that she would ask to be excused at her agency just to attend university regularly. Thanks to that, she was able to enjoy every bit of her university life while at the same time digesting her schedule and tight routine as a trainee. ‘From orientations to MTs to even meetings’, Hyomin who was happy to have enjoyed it all in her university life. When she was asked what university life memory remains to her the most she smiled and answered that ‘It’s hard to just pick one’. After she finished choosing, she finally said it was the ‘festival performance’. "The memory of when we performed the musical ‘Greece’ during the University’s festival is so vivid. It was my first experience of standing on stage and communicating with the audience. It was a gala-show themed performance that was cut down to 25 minutes, but it was a very very special experience. Expressing myself on stage, and then expressing myself again with the audience, feeling such moments made me feel once again how cool my dream of being an actress that I had since young is. We recorded that performance in video, I gain strength when I sometimes look back to it." Of course, her university life wasn’t just something she spent joyfully. Her greed in learning was no less than others’, and she never neglected her studying. What class would she recommend? Without hesitation, she picked the ‘Speech And Debate’ class. She said that at first she felt a huge burden speaking in front of many people, but through this class she overcame her fears a lot and was able to gain self-confidence. She also picked another class that remained in her memory that is the Video Scenario Filming class. She said it was a short class she took as a major course, but producing movies along with friends who all have the passion and ambition was extremely fun. She said that they had so many different experiences such as filming all night long, coordinating various opinions during the producing and editing stage, and so on, which all was of a great help for her at filming locations in real life. She also said that above all, it was a class in which she was able to learn what to do when she’s having a hard time and what to do when others are having a hard time, which made her feel great, and hence it’s a class that remains in her memory for a long time. [T/N: this interview took place on January] Recently she has wrapped up her overseas activities which lasted for a long time, and is now preparing to meet again with her local fans through a solo album. Although she is recently on a hiatus from her continuously busy schedule, she wants to return to university for a while and do university activities. She said if she ever gets to return to school, she wants to try getting a scholarship. “wouldn’t it be possible if I focus only on school without overlapping with my celebrity life…” She said while showing a bashful smile. At last, we asked her about what would she like to say to SKK University’s alumni and enrolled students. "There are so many times where I’d miss university life even amidst my busy schedule. To me, all of the moments I spent attending school have remained to me as precious memories. They also remain as a source of strength for me. I think of it as a school that has given me so many good things. I hope that you all would enjoy your university life, gain good ties and good experiences before you leave. I am always thankful." Hoobae asks, Sunbae answers. (Hyomin: Art and Theatre Department, Class 6081) Q.Who’s the person you respect the most? A. I think it’s the best school to gain what I want. Also, I trusted this school as it was one that filled me with the self-confidence I needed. I remember how extremely happy I was when my parents told me I enrolled in this university. I actually think you’d know more about this than I do. (Laughs) [T/N: I think there was a mistake in here as the answer doesn’t match the question.] Q.What was the happiest moment for you after you debuted? A. Although the moment where we had our first no.1 win with Bo Peep Bo Peep remains in my memory, I still think it was more remarkable when we had our first fan-club inauguration ceremony. 3 years after our debut, we held our fan-club inauguration ceremony at Kyunghee University, the moment where we got to personally meet with the fans who trusted us and supported us was the happiest moment. Q.Is there anything you’d want to do if you return to school? A. There’s so many that it’s hard for me to say everything. (Laughs) This is greedy, but, just like when I used to attend university before, I want to try doing everything in a common university life. Going to classes with my friends, eating at the cafeteria, going to MT’s. Looking back, the trivial enjoyments I gained from everyday life where all great enjoyments. Of course, meeting with cool people would be fun too, but that’s got to be difficult, right? (Laughs). Q.Are you always treasuring your ‘Musical Actress’ dream? A. I actually still have my old days’ dreams, but I think I should be careful talking about it. Because the ‘musical’ genre is a performance field that needs a tremendous depth to it. It’s a job where you have to work with many people for 3 months, I don’t think it’s something I can do just with my greed alone. Of course, It hasn’t changed that if I get a really good opportunity and get the circumstances that enable me to immerse myself into it, then I’d definitely want to try and challenge myself with it. *** Source: SKK University Translation by: FY! T-ara
  15. [14.10.24] Jiyeon talks of fashion and beauty in an interview with Cosmopolitan "I am ignorant when it comes to beauty and fashion. I find it bothersome so I don’t exercise to keep in shape nor do I go to massage shops to take care of my skin. I just live while being content with what I have. This is who Park Jiyeon really is.” - T-ara's Jiyeon - The makeup artist just said this: that amongst the members, Jiyeon-ssi is the only one without a (makeup) pouch. I don’t need a pouch. Other than when I get my makeup done at the salon, I almost have no other occasions where I need to put on makeup. - But still, there are times where you need to fix your makeup. First, I have no interest in makeup, I don’t even know how to do it. So I don’t even feel that I have to fix my makeup. Once I get my makeup done by the makeup artist, then I don’t touch it after that. I just trust the makeup experts and leave it to them. - Nevertheless, do you have a ‘favourite item’ in your possession? Sisley Essence, Jo Malone Orange Blossom Perfume, and Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil. These are three different products that I’d definitely buy whenever I run out of them. I skip all kinds of skin care as I find it a huge burden, so I tend to use products that are as good as Essence. Also, I really need the cleansing oil since I’ve got to erase my makeup. for perfumes, they are the only beauty products that I buy and collect. - It seems that you’re not much into makeup. Due to my carefree personality, I don’t like dressing up lady-like on casual. If I ever have to put on makeup, I put on foundation or base makeup, and after that I just slightly draw some eyeliner. - Do the other members have no interest in Beauty like you? Unnies are different than me. They have so much interest. They are no less than professionals when it comes to makeup, they personally do their stage makeup. It’s to the point where your jaw would drop seeing (them do makeup) up close. - If you were to pick the one who’s the most Beauty-Holic amongst the members? Boram unnie! Other than me, all of them are so interested in Beauty and do exhaustive beauty care. After our overseas schedules end, all of the members would go out shopping, and I’d end up staying alone at the hotel room. The unnies would tell me “Just wait for few years. You, too, will end up buying this and that”, but I still haven’t reached that stage yet. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m still young or if it’s just due to my personality. - Looking at your interview answers up till now, it seems that you don’t even have a Beauty role model. Rather than a ‘Beauty’ role model, I have a life role model. That is my mom! I always tell my mom “when I get married later I will be like you”! It’s not because she’s my mom, but she’s really wise, smart, and cool. I’m proud of my mom who’s always assertive wherever she goes. - Let’s suppose you ever grow interested in Beauty, which of your present habits you’d want to fix then? Wouldn’t I take care of my dry skin? My skin is so dry since I really don’t take care of it at all. It’s to the point where makeup artists would tell me “at least use a (face) pack” when doing my makeup. Of course, I know well that I have to take care of my skin but I still can’t get myself to do it. Lately, my skin is itchy and blotchy. haha. Anyhow, it seems that I keep giving answers that are far from beauty, is that fine? But still, since this is actually who Park Jiyeon really is.. *** Source: Cosmopolian Translation by: FY! T-ARA
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