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  1. On the 11th afternoon, T-ara had an interview for their stage on the Asia Music Network Showcase. T-ara members, Boram, Qri, Soyeon and Eunjung attended the interview. During the interview, T-ara showed endless love for their hoobaes (junior), GFriend. T-ara expressed, "previously our hoobaes were our fans, now we are our hoobaes' fans. They look really pretty while working hard. We are envious." They added that, "in the waiting room, we're envious when we see our hoobae's performance stages. We definitely have a different image from that. When we think back to our rookie times, we really worked hard like that too." Eunjung was full of praise for their hoobaes. "We can see how hard they work in their idol life. They look really pretty." *** Source: Newsen Chinese translation via _转身落寞 @ Tiara Tieba Eng translation by Beckhie @ TiaraDiadem
  2. Such touching news are known only after it happened. T-ara girl group member, Jiyeon's brother, Park Hyojoon, underwent liver donation for their critically ill father who was suffering from a life-threatening condition of liver cirrhosis. A media source on the 10th said that Park Hyojoon completed the liver donation transplant to his father in May and resumed his duty after that. The news was learnt from the military newspapers published in May. At that time, Park Hyojoon, who was serving in the land army unit 6 77 troops, donated 70% of his liver to his critically ill father. His father's condition was life-threatening if he didn't undergo liver transplant and upon successful matching, he underwent the major surgery. As the news of "Park Hyojoon soldier" spread, no one knew that this soldier was the brother of Jiyeon. Close source of Hyojoon told OSEN that "it was a difficult situation when they couldn't find a suitable match for the transplant." His father strongly objected to receiving the liver from his son who had a bright future. Hence, Hyojoon underwent the surgery in the capacity of a "stranger" and his father knew of it only after the surgery ended. It was such a touching story. Park Hyojoon was previously cast in Mnet's Super Star K3, where he attracted a lot of attention for being "Jiyeon Brother." *** Source: http://osen.mt.co.kr/article/G1110243971 Chinese trans via zhu-er @ Tiara tieba Eng trans by Beckhie @ TiaraDiadem
  3. [15.04.12] T-ara, Why They Are So Popular In China Local girl's group, T-ara, has received the 3 highest honours in China. Their popularity in China is unlike the rest. In a key music award ceremony, The 3rd V Chart Awards, they won the highest popularity award, celebrity of the year award and member Jiyeon won the award for best female singer. Particularly for the highest popularity award, it was determined by the voting of fans. Being able to defeat the rest of the well-known artists to win this award has a deep significance. So what is the reason why T-ara is so popular in China? On the 12th, T-ara's agency announced that T-ara had won the highest popularity award, celebrity of the year award and best female singer award in the annual V Chart Awards ceremony held in Beijing. Many of the Chinese industry reps expressed that the high popularity of T-ara was due to their songs. Many of their songs are widely popular. Roly Poly, TTL, Bo Peep Bo peep, Like The First Time, I Go Crazy Because Of You, etc are well-liked not only in Korea but also in China. In addition, their unique music style and their catchy tunes are also key in obtaining the love of the local fans. Due to their unique concepts, their stage performances are diverse in style and hence, they became the 1st to be considered for invitations for many of the activities. Shuffling dance and retro-dance moves that are choreographed to be easy to follow were effective in their aim. Last year, T-ara collaboration with popular Chinese duo, Chopstick Brothers, for 'Little Apple' also helped raised their recognition in China significantly. With the familiarity of the songs, though unfamiliar faces, this activity raised their level of presence among Chinese fans. Although not fluent, T-ara still try hard to use Chinese to communicate with their fans. Their effort put in are also recognised and appreciated, adding to their popularity. Learning and being familiar with the Chinese words/phrases to use on performance stages in order to interact with fans is the key in the eyes of T-ara's agency. T-ara had also earlier performed for the sultan coronation ceremony in Malaysia as the main performing artists on 29 March. They performed 10 songs and along with Taboo from Black Eyed Peas, they were promoted heavily in the local promotion posters. All these overseas activities had led to the accusations of "T-ara are focusing on overseas activities due to their difficulties in domestic activities." If this is indeed true, their strategy has been very successful indeed. *** Source: TopStarNews Chinese Translation via T-ara Tieba
  4. [15.01.22] MBK Entertainment CEO Gao Jian Ci, "T-ara will be the future of Hallyu in China." The survival of the fittest applies to all and the entertainment industry is no exception. With the signing of the China-Korea Fair Trade Agreement in November 2014, it signifies the birth of increased competition and changes in the entertainment industries of both countries. The beginning of the FTA from March has heightened expectations in many areas from the expansion of artists' activities to movies, dramas and variety. Being rash is definitely undesirable, but with the stream of 'China Wave', it has brought about more chances and riskiness for Korea's domestic entertainment companies which has been a topic of 2015. Amidst this trend, there is a entreprise which has been speedy at work, it is none other than MBK Entertainment. MBK former 'self' was CCM, led by Kim Kwang Soo. He has led T-ara, Son Ho Jun, F-ve dolls, Speed etc in October 2014 to form MBK, Music Beyond Korea. He emphasises that MBK and CCM are 2 different companies. Prior to MBK, the focus was on stability and completeness. Now in 2015, MBK will be more active in promotions and organising events. Focus is on becoming "a global entertainment company." Q: Let's get straight to it. When did you actually start planning on taking over the reins of CCM? Gao: From April 2014, I already had plans on a model for an entertainment company. So, I started MBK in July last year and formalised it in September. Foremost, out of the many companies, I chose CCM to merge with. It was mainly because Kim Kwang Soo and I share the same visions. MBK was perceived by the public to be "CCM" with a name-change, but this is not the case. Although the original team (artists) remain unchanged, it is essentially a different company from CCM. In the initial stages of forming the company, we prioritise revamping and stability and did not feel the need to specially express this difference. In the future, we will address this misunderstanding. Q: Then what kind of company is MBK? Gao: Our company focus is no longer solely on the Korean market. MBK's name signifies a step above Korean Music. Finding the answer to the globalisation of Hallyu. Hence, I believe taking over CCM was appropriate. Especially with the possibility of (our core group) T-ara's oversea activities, growth is the focus. Compared to boy bands, the recognition of girl groups is on the downfall. After Baby Vox in the beginning stages which received exceptional attention, there aren't any more. On this level, T-ara holds an unique advantage. In the China market, the response has been good. Although currently the income from Japenese activities are higher, with the expansion into the Chinese market, the situation will change. I believe that starting Chinese activities now will have a big impact. Q: Currently what is the level of T-ara's popularity in China like? Please be specific. Gao: Last year-end, T-ara held a concert at Shanghai. From a realistic point of view of the box office, the ticket sales were of the highest. It ended successfully and the Chinese company had even completed a proposal for the next show. Although it is difficult with the current music sources, but the model of using concerts for profits has already been established. Since the signing with the China agency, T-ara members have been in discussions over movie and drama roles. Without a doubt, we will work hard to achieve it. The purpose for the collaboration of T-ara and the popular China duo, Chopstick Brothers, was also for China activities. For them to receive continuous love, they must work on local popular works. Although worried about Korea's comments, this decision was made for their China activities. In comparison to a depressing situation, the response so far has been passable. Especially when we found something that stirs up the interest in China. The sales methods have also evolved. Gangnam Style finding fame through YouTube is a classic example. Q: It seems inevitable that there will be competition with the bigger entertainment companies. Gao: I think this is a chance to liven up the Hallyu scene. Of course, SM, YG and other companies are also preparing for their advancement into China. For this year, our plan is more of an offensive one: to carry out activities and expand the enterprise. These areas, where other entertainment companies would not take into consideration, we will have to try them ourselves. T-ara should also take this to heart, so as to put more emphasis/focus on it. We must do well in these areas. Moreover, this is the start of our China advancement. The Little Apple project has garnered enthusiastic responses. To produce comparative results at once, with promotions as our main focus, is what we are worried of. We are in the position to learn about enterprising advertisements and activities; we will carry them out in no time. Q: MBK's journey will be a busy one. Are there any plans still in the midst of formulation? Gao: MBK has a lot of things prepared. (Laughs) Those of which we have already started with, we hope to continue being busy with. There will be new releases for SPEED and The Seeya. However, we will also have to prepare for the new group to take flight. Of course, Kim Kwang Soo is the main producer for this. If he produces 100, it is the management's and my job to make it 200-300. In order to bloom, even though we put in a little more for the new group's expenses in the early stages, we will have to face the challenges bravely. We are also mindful of and are in the midst of preparing Chinese activities for the newer groups. For example: under circumstances where there has not been extensive promotions, The Seeya's new song has still managed to clinch 6th place on Yin Yue Tai. This kind of response is really surprising. We will continue to cultivate this area. Q: Last question. Please tell us about MBK Entertainment's future goals. Gao: We want to make this company a place where the artists and staff feel like this is their home. We want to find a way whereby in the long run, both the staff and artists can have a symbiotic relationship. Of course, we want to earn money too. As of now, we have just over 40 staff members. This year's revenue should hit 160 hundred million won. If everything goes as planned, this should not be difficult. *** Source: TVReport Translation by Beckhie & Rachel via Tiara Tieba
  5. [14.12.26] Persevering even though it's lonely... a promise kept 2 years later An explosive rumour that resulted in an irreparable impact, from this angle, this definitely looked wrong. But if you examine deeper, you will realize they had been maligned yet had chosen to continuously maintain their silence. After the incident happened, it snowballed into something bigger and bigger. This without a doubt was an easy target for the hunters, which turned the rumours into "fact." Even for those who want to find out the truth now, it has already become meaningless. For T-ara, they can only grind their teeth and persevere. These 2 harsh years for T-ara had been so lonesome and depressing. Regardless of it, they continue to push on. On the afternoon of 25th, T-ara held their 1st solo concert 'Dear My Family' at Seoul, Gangnam Coex. Two shows in a day and met with 2200 audience. Compared to the cold internet forum receptions, T-ara's family and fans participated in it. This concert was T-ara's 1st after 6 years into their debut and had a special meaning to it. That day, T-ara performed Cry Cry, No.9, Sugar Free, etc. (20 songs) for the 2 hours show. T-ara opened the concert with a christmas-feel theme. T-ara expressed to their fans, who had worked hard in supporting them, their desire to keep their promises. Qri said, "they had really wanted to meet for a very long time." Soyeon, "although we had held many concerts overseas, this is our 1st time in Korea. Thank you everyone for your support and please continue supporting us." Hyomin simply said, "I am very happy" and started choking back her tears. Jiyeon expressed that "they will perform all the songs they had never been able to perform during this period of time." Boram said gratefully that "she was very happy and excited and that she can't put her emotions into words." T-ara 1st solo concert was originally planned 2 years and 4 months ago. It was planned for a large scale of 10,000+ audience and had created a sold-out record. T-ara's members were preparing for the concert, but just before the concert could happen, the sudden news resulted in the collapse of T-ara. At the same time, the determination of the fans started to waver. In spite of that, T-ara did not give up as they bit their teether, held the fort and carried on till today. T-ara said, "a few years ago we cancelled our concert. Even though today's scale is not as big, compared to the thousands-scale concert, today's concert is more important and meaningful. We spend Christmas with everyone and in the future, T-ara will work even harder." At the concert's ending, T-ara shared a video message, "thinking of the time that had passed, we sometimes wonder if we can carry on. The reason why we can stand up here today is because of each one of you." They further added in their message, "we will work harder to make our fans feel that being a Queen's is a good fortune. We hope to become this kind of T-ara." After the ending of T-ara domestic concert, they will go to China for their tour. In September, T-ara signed a contract to begin their activities in China. These will include concerts, dramas and varieties as well. T-ara concluded at their concert "today is our 1st solo concert and there are many areas for improvement. T-ara will work hard to improve and we hope everyone will continue supporting us. We will attend MBC Gayo on the 31st." *** Source: TV Report Chinese Translation via _转身落寞 English Translation: Beckhie
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