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  1. I love this one so much, they are so dorky during the "party" part XD
  2. Maybe they removed it, because the picture quality was worse than in the original MV.
  3. You can buy it from here, just 90 copies left tough, so better order it fast ^^ http://kpopmart.com/product.php?id_product=7646
  4. YesAsia just canceled my order of the poster version? Guess I have to re-order just the album now and buy the poster by itself from somewhere else. What a bummer...
  5. Ah thank you so much for this *_* This will look great on my wall *has to look for more free space*
  6. Has anyone already an idea what the poster is going to look like?
  7. Thanks for the videos *_* The Eunjung one just made me die as a happy man XD
  8. This sounds so awesome, brillant instrumental so far. I'm so hyped, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  9. WOW, I'm impressed *__* But didn't they said 'we don't want to show our sexy side this time' or something similiar like that? Hot little liars ^^
  10. EDM style sounds exciting as hell and in 6 days we will finally see their comeback *_*
  11. The pictures look very exciting and that 'casual' look suits them well. This mini-album is going to be epic for sure. We had to wait long enough for it ^^"
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