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  1. Hey man... tnx a lot for the info. I'm going to take a look at it and see if I can buy a ticket.
  2. @Soo Swee Seng I didn't got any reply or response from them. I found two sites where they were announcing this concert. I uses google translate on it but I have the feeling that it is not very accurate. These are the announcements in Chinese 【公告】 #2015T-ARA大中华巡回演唱会# 合肥站 于10月24日在合肥奥体中心综合馆举行 首站将于近期公布座位图及开展团票工作 敬请留意 [太开心] 请大家多多宣传!【欢迎加入T-ara巡演交流,群号码:203518639 咨询】 And from another site: #2015T-ARA大中华巡回演唱会#小编最近收到投诉,有小伙伴通过非官方途径购买到假票在此,郑重提醒大家不要轻易相信票贩子,任何形式的打折票、低价票都是假票,请大家从现场官方售票点或是@永乐票务 进行购买,以免个人财产受损。711T-ARA北京工体等你来约噢!@T-ARA吧微博 @T-ARA中文首站网 Can anyone translate this for me?
  3. Ok guys this is some great info!!! Now... where to buy tickets? I really need to know plz and tnx in advance.
  4. Ok nice... any more info on their other dates? When will they give a concert in Hong Kong? Tnx in advance.
  5. A revenue of 160 million won, that's like 145 440 us dollars. That is not much right?? I mean considering the fact that the money needs to be divided to 5 girl/boy groups, onstage background dancers, make-up artists, stylists, various managers etc.
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