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    D-man reacted to red4summer in [SPAZZ] T-ara concerts 2015, sold out or not?   
    No. Nothing is confirmed with regard to the remaining tour in China etc. All venues and dates circulating in internet are not true. Even if there are people selling tickets, it will be at your own risk. If there are confirmed concerts in China, TaraChina and TaraBar will be the first to know. As of today, nothing has been announced.
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    D-man got a reaction from soo swee seng in [SPAZZ] T-ara concerts 2015, sold out or not?   
    Omg guys... I just heard from someone that all the upcoming concerts are sold out! I don't know this guy personally. But he can read chinese and looked into this for me in the chinese forums and websites. He is now asking someone else for confirmation.
    Guys ... is this true? Can someone else in this forum confirm this? Oh man.. this better be not true. I still hope i can attend one of those concerts.
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