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  1. Ahhh!! Thank you so much! My heart broke with those pictures, glad it's nothing tho, poor Boram
  2. Someone has the translation? She seems to be crying in the last picture and I need to know if she's okay
  3. Hyomin fighting ! I love when she spams instagram with like 8-13 pictures a day hahaha
  4. EunYeon > All ! This pictures are godlike, and the last one... oh, yes.
  5. Eunjung is so hardworker it's admirable, I wish the best for her and T-ara, Little Apple is beautiful and she shines in every live, T-ara fighting! Eunjung fighting!
  6. Qri's getting prettier and prettier as seconds go by and I don't understand how that's possible, but in every new live show she is even more beautiful, angel Qri !
  7. I want pictures with Qrincess too! Hope I can find her when I go to Korea :3 (a man can dream, right?)
  8. Qri looks so beautiful while talking in here, finally she is open herself more!
  9. How I wish I could met them and say hi, they have to be so so so so so so beautiful in real life!
  10. Boram is just magic, for god's sake, look at her !!! <3 <3
  11. I hope they use the big room ver. next time! I like this version too, but the Big Room version is like the "big bang" of the album!
  12. Already did! It should get home in 2-10 days, can't wait, that poster... omfg!!
  13. But wt*, just look at them, how can they be so perfect? It's almost impossible to believe.
  14. All the girls have been working really hard for this comeback, but as I love Boram so much, I've noticed that she has worked even harder, she looks fabulous, not only her body, but she looks more confident on stage, with more selfsteem, I'm so happy about her, I just want Boram and T-ara to be happy
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