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  1. I love to keep seeing information about T-ara members' activities! Hopefully they are having fun and are active, and I hope for a future comeback by T-ara! :-)
  2. Interesting news! I hope that there is no T-ara disbandment. Maybe the six members can reunite and continue on with some performances and new music. Where did Boram say that? What else are T-ara up to recently?
  3. Thanks for the videos, I love to see Jiyeon here on The Show and it looks like everybody is having a fun time! :-)
  4. I'm excited there will be so many episodes of Eunjung, and this is on a big station MBC, so many people will see her as well! :-)
  5. That was a long and great interview with Qri! I like interviews like this and hope there are more! :-)
  6. JetMagicHam

    [17.01.12] Video - Qri for bnt

    Qri is very beautiful here! I want to see more solo photo shoots of her. Since Jiyeon/Hyomin/Eunjung have had solo releases in recent years, I want to see a QBS comeback. Soyeon and Boram and Qri may not have enough popularity in South Korea for a popular mini-album for an individual member, however a sub-unit of them can be a great idea!
  7. This may be a good idea to delay the comeback. Jiyeon may not be ready for heavy promotions in South Korea, in the wake of the Hyoyoung scandal. MBK may want to fine tune the come back a bit more, and there may be some benefits to waiting and letting the news on the Hyoyoung scandal die down.
  8. Thanks for the article/updates! There are less news article about this issue in the most recent days. It would be nice if I could read Korean so I can see what the top comments are. Hopefully T-ara gets more Korean popularity for the comeback later this year!
  9. Thanks for the topics and continued work on the website! I'm glad that the site and T-ara are still active! :-)
  10. This is great! I always like to see T-ara members very active. Hopefully the comeback goes well. I am also very interested in a Korean comeback, a full Chinese album, and it would be good if they can release more Japanese music as well. I think Korean pop girl groups are less popular in Japan recently. Thanks for the articles please continue! :-)
  11. Great! I wonder what songs were performed?
  12. Okay good luck to them in their future activities! :-)
  13. JetMagicHam

    [16.12.21] Video - Web Drama "My Runway" (Jiyeon)

    I want to watch this! Please give me more information. How is it? How long is an episode? Also, what are T-ara's upcoming activities in the near future? I hope they stay active, I couldn't bear otherwise since they are my favorite girl group. I saw that YesAsia was selling just now their Remember mini-album autographed by all members but it sold out! :-O EDIT: I have been checking out this forum and I'm looking for some of general chat thread but I can't find one. Please tell me how to chat daily online with T-ara fans? Do you recommend me to join their official Korean forum?
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