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  1. I posted 4 photos on Facebook in the album "test1" https://t.co/Gq7cqVbwfK

  2. @MELODYdotcom don't pleaseeeeeeeee

  3. When she comeback to Korea??? Next week is Little Apple stage
  4. can't wait for November 6. Chinese Queen's is so huge. I hope this debut in China will successful
  5. RT @HyominTHfans: [Fanart] Hyomin Jiyeon #ทีมมินยอน (cc:k91201) http://t.co/t249g7jrnJ

  6. RT @mjc0930: LMAO SsoMin what's this????

  7. Nhóm nhạc T-Ara tiếp tục làm khuynh đảo làng nhạc Hàn Quốc với album mới http://t.co/gRYhPxlzL3

  8. RT @vancew90: Why did T-ARA only performed #슈가프리 in the race queen suits ONCE???

  9. Hyomin looks adorable when she forced her hair like this
  10. Kim Woori is stylist of T-ARA ? I thinked a sister, not a brother
  11. Love them so much. I had watch and they are really cute. And i saw EunYeon moment when Jiyeon laughed haha
  12. RT @chicpjy: T-ARA #티아라 Is #슈가프리 The Best

  13. RT @MeenaBQ: ฮาวะ 5555555 อยากให้ทีอาร่าเห็นคิวริคิลเลอร์กับเอิ้นสวยจัง กร๊ากกกกก #슈가프리 ㅋㅋ #티아라 ㅋㅋㅋ

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