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  1. She is no doubt the forever beauty. Hahm Eunjung jjang
  2. She's so beautiful here! Seeing her work for that movie this hard, just can hope it to be a blockbuster
  3. They look great together. Can't wait to watch the movie
  4. She looks mature with her hair tied up. Beautiful and gorgeous
  5. Yepp the main mc is still yoo jae suk, well because he is awesome being one and kbs would never kick him out, haha, but the one who stays is just park myungsoo while shin bongsun and park misun (the one who look elderly, lol) weren't cast as mc anymoreGoodluck @red4summer!
  6. I would have thought the same thing if I didn't came across the first ep of the new season lol. Happy together's eps had been taking a downturn last few months(years?) for me so did not really watch many eps like I used to. It does look very2 diff, more so with misun out of the pic now.
  7. This is because happy together usually changes theme most seasons. Hahah this is the new look of happy together
  8. Lol she looks comfortable in that outfit. Glad t-ara comes out more in public nowadays, o>_<o~
  9. Ahaa the photo taken with jongkook in it was from happy together.. yehett can't wait to watch! Thanks
  10. Eunjung's so beautiful and happy here. Can I know what show is this?
  11. Eunjung is so beautiful and mature with this look ㅠㅠ and her face radiated kindness
  12. Can I know what show is this? Who are those persons?
  13. Eunjung is so cute! wish I'd be able to be in her cirque ㅠㅠ
  14. She. Is. Too. Beautiful... and wow they made photobook for the movie. Wonder where can I get it..
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