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  1. RT @sononi_pic: 161001 인공 출국 #여자친구 #은하 3pics https://t.co/tUvWbr5iON

  2. RT @BoxMysterious: 160922 호식이두마리치킨 팬사인회 #여자친구 #GFriend #은하 #Eunha 3pics HQ Box 7~9 Open! https://t.co/WVZSbXIwK9

  3. RT @shaytyen: [vid] 160915.아육대.남자 양궁준결승.여자친구 신비 인터뷰 진행 #GFRIEND #SinB 울 띤비는 진행도잘해요~! https://t.co/bOnPoaLItC

  4. RT @forsinb: [FANTAKEN] 160905 #GFRIEND at National Skills Competition #SinB #신비 #여자친구 Cr. My_SinB_0603 https://t.co/X3N2RnBG5R

  5. RT @GF_Grapher: 160830 유스케 - 트와이스 출근 프리뷰 https://t.co/P0c3B2c488

  6. RT @dooooly_: 이쁜이들~ https://t.co/3MgF46Qf7n

  7. RT @Selenasmylife77: WE DONT TALK ANYMORE LIVE SOUNDS SO GOOD OH MY HOD https://t.co/vsWoZpnwGJ

  8. @D_ays @LovesTozzz him ne se yo ~~ https://t.co/yZHLSWximn

  9. RT @shaq__34: 모닝 사나 https://t.co/ZwJGQAjCFU

  10. RT @shaq__34: 모닝 사나 https://t.co/LcteAaUWnP

  11. RT @shaq__34: 모닝 사나 https://t.co/kmApe43W0x

  12. RT @scentedSana: Sana and dolls. when sana is the cutest among them

  13. RT @Koreaboo: Tzuyu's photoshoot with PHOLAR continues to make hearts flutter

  14. RT @shaytyen: [vid] 160610.뮤직뱅크.트와이스 인터뷰 2/2 #TWICE https://t.co/JAw5akGNsd

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