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  1. Found similar articles in Japanese regarding their japan debut. they are under EMI's Jrock am I correct?
  2. omg! they aimed to enter oricon at #1! I WANT IT TO HAPPEN! All the japan music programme/dramas appearances is getting me excited
  3. i suddenly reminisce the moments of BPBP days. Every concept of theirs are noteworthy to recall back
  4. MV is awesome!!! Lots of remix of songs. >< but I hoped for a mv released without the story plot.
  5. wow sadded. I thought I was able to view video and listen to the song simultaneously. Audio released alr good enough.!
  6. How I wish today is 29th! Really felt thrill for their comeback especially they dished out the mv teaser that was too addictive!!!
  7. The mv teaser is just too addictive. Arh!! 4 more days to full mv released!
  8. omg cool!! one thing is a little imperfect the hair colour!! really really want to watch!!!
  9. It must be tough for them to study japanese but they gt lots of support from the CEO with that dictionary. Is alr decorated. ><
  10. so retro and school like pictures~~ Loving you. All look so adorable.
  11. influences by parents showing her the video so she knows how to dance? nothing to do with age
  12. I remembered the forum post a qns on that topic. haha!! finally come true. ><
  13. jiyeon with eyeliner more alike to Kim Tae Hee. haha!! Anyway, whatever is it, jiyeon is jiyeon. Her personality will not just change just because of her image.
  14. look alike because of hair cut and the lower half of her face and face shape.
  15. how i wish there's promotional activities for it. But i guessed not because of 5 dolls will be debuting then.
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