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  1. Dang. I don't mean to be a hater but the photos are very amateurish in so many aspects... The magazine did not do T-ara any justice at all.......
  2. I hope the new album would be as good or better than Absolute First Album. Will like to see some new songs.
  3. It is the official T-ara information page in Japanese. Been around since before July 2011
  4. http://www.t-ara-official.com/topic.html
  5. It's really very accessible (if you're in Tokyo...). It's too bad that they didn't do this a month earlier......
  6. [12.02.20] T-ara Collab Cafe Opens Today! Today, T-ara Collab Cafe has opened its doors right beside TOWER RECORDS Shibuya as scheduled. As its first day of operations, many T-ara fans have made their way down here. We will like to thank everyone for their support. We will like to introduce the photos we have on display in both the interiors and facades of the cafe. As this is a limited period special until the 5th of March (Mon) only, please give the cafe a visit while the displays are still up. The special collaboration project with TOWER RECORDS Shibuya will begin on 23rd February (Thu), so please look forward to it. <T-ara Collab Cafe Project> - T-ara photo panels display - T-ara music and music video all time play - T-ara original menu (while stocks last) - T-ara special coaster present (with any purchase of a drink/food/dessert item in the cafe while stocks last) - Roly-Poly shopping bag pre-sales - T-ara x Cafe Maduka x TOWER RECORDS SHIBUYA project (Paying customers of T-ara Collab Cafe will receive a Roly-Poly lucky draw coupon and one item of T-ara original goods when pre-ordering Roly-Poly at the Shibuya or Shinjuku branch of TOWER RECORDS) Please look forward to the next Roly-Poly NEWS *** Source: http://www.t-ara-official.com/ Translated by: aspenx@Diadem
  7. He's supposed to be a "superhero" who goes around asking celebrities without any forewarning for presents. He decided to head to FujiTV to do his superhero work and stumbled upon T-ara. When he asks for a gift, Hyomin offers the chair and they try to give Boram away. He asks for something they may have in their bags but was rejected by Soyeon saying they're native Americans and do not carry bags. So... he decides to give them some sweet snacks. It's supposed to be his special move that will guarantee him success. And true enough, T-ara hands over something. But what is it? Gotta stay tuned to the next episode to find out.
  8. Erm, no. Phonetically, it's ageage purezento. "Age" is a colloquially short for moriage, which means to raise excitement or excitement itself. The title may be translated as "The Exciting Present"?
  9. I have a feeling the other songs are gonna be fab too!
  10. I like Eunjung's acting. But, she's overworked... I'd love to see Soyeon in a drama! (what happened to the movie she was supposed to be in???)
  11. [11.10.04] Second single "yayaya" confirmed for November 30th release! T-ara managed to achieve the title of first overseas group to reach the first spot on the Oricon Charts with a debut single with "Bo Peep Bo Peep". True to their name, T-ara, the last queens of Kpop have taken Japan by storm with their cat dance and will be following up with their second single release on the 30th of November. The second phase of their activities in Japan will be the release of the Japanese version of "yayaya". The visual concept this time will be that of a "native Indian". For T-ara who will be transforming from their cute cat images, the next transformation of T-ara's is definitely something to look forward to. Details shall be posted at a later stage. Please wait for our news. *** Source: http://www.t-ara-official.com/ Translated by: aspenx@Diadem
  12. [11.09.29] T-ara's live event attracts record-breaking 16,000 strong crowd T-ara, the 7 member girl group that took South Korea by storm with their cat-dance, held their first Japanese debut event in Lazona Kawasaki on the 28th. The 7 members who debut today with their single "Bo Peep Bo Peep" accepted an interview with us before the event started. They appeared In matching gold miniskirts as they greeted us together with an introduction "We are T-ara~". With regards to their preparations for the upcoming preparations, Eunjung (22) commented "As KARA and Girls' Generation has paved the way ahead of us, we did our best with our Japanese lessons so that we can follow in their footsteps". She continued to talk about a heartwarming episode with KARA's Gyuri, who is a close friend and also shares the same Japanese language teacher, softening the tension at the event. Eunjung recounted, "Gyuri told us to not be nervous and to just concentrate on singing our best. Also, she told us to please work hard on learning the Japanese language". When asked what they will like to challenge in Japan besides the music scene, Jiyeon (18) replied reliably, "Acting, variety shows and we'll work hard on everything!". As for the question of their favourite celebrities, each member was quick to answer. To Eunjung who quoted Takenouchi Yutaka as her favourite celebrity, Soyeon (23) who quoted Mukai Osamu and Oguri Shun and Boram (25) who quoted Miyazaki Aoi, Hyomin (22) the individualistic leader who was watching the scene quipped with a smiled, "It's rather chaotic but all 7 of us actually get along really well". Our interviewers posed a question to the group, who is well-known to make decisions through a game of "Rock paper scissors", asking them if they knew that the Japanese group AKB48 decides who will take centre stage for their performances through the same game. Eunjung explains "We know about AKB48 but have never heard about this side to them. We don't take the game so far. When we need to decide who will take centre stage, we will choose the member who fits the mood of the song best", surprising us with their unique selection process. T-ara performed their 3 debut songs enthusiastically at the event. With the highest turnout of 16000 spectators for the venue ever, Lazona Kawasaki Plaza, T-ara performed to a roaring crowd of excited fans. Note: Takenouchi Yutaka is best known for his role in Beach Boys. Mukai Osamu is known for his role in the live-action version of BECK, Oguri Shun as one of the members of F4 in the original Japanese Boys Over Flowers. Miiyazaki Aoi is a popular actress/CM model and Olympus spokesperson who is well-known for her role in God! Please Give Me a Little More Time. *** Source: http://news24.jp/ent...ws/1619355.html Translated by: aspenx@Diadem
  13. [11.09.22] Update on T-ara's Japanese TV appearance T-ara will make an appearance on "The Best House 123: Grand gathering of the world's superwomen! We will show you how to become the prettiest and coolest girls SPECIAL" as judges. The program airs on 28th September (Wed) from 9pm onwards. And! There will be a collaboration with Pistol Valve for a new rendition of Bo Peep Bo Peep! It will be a once-only rare performance. Please look forward to it!! (T/N: Pistol Valve is a 10 member Japanese all-girls brass band) *** Source: http://www.t-ara-official.com/ Written by: - Translated by: aspenx@Diadem
  14. [11.09.15] T-ara's Soyeon gives advice on what to cook Korean 7 member girl group T-ara made an appearance at a PR event for Nongshim Japan's new instant noodles. 24 year old Oshima Mai was also at the event at the guest. Soyeon (23) complimented her in Japanese and told her how cute and pretty she looks to a blushing Oshima. T-ara and Oshima then collaborated on a short dance after T-ara guided her on their debut song Bo Peep Bo Peep's (on sale from the 28th onwards) cat dance. Their conversations were lively and T-ara commented that the time they spent together with Oshima was like a dream. After the event, T-ara accepeted a closed interview. Soyeon expressed enthusiastically that with their debut just around the corner, T-ara has been working really hard in preparation for the debut to meet the expectations of all the Japanese fans who have been waiting for them. With the new Japanese phrase that she has just learned, Soyeon made an appeal and announced that they want to become Japan's little sisters. When asked for advice on what to cook for a guy, Eunjung (22) immediately replied playful "onion buchimgae!". Soyeon on the other hand, explains with glittering eyes that she isn't very good at cooking and so only cooks ramyun most of the time but will definitely love to pickle kimchi, which is traditionally said to be the most difficult food to prepare, for a special someone when she meets him. Hyomin (22) was absent at the event as she was unwell. *** Source: http://news24.jp/ent...ws/1619153.html Written by: - Translated by: aspenx@Diadem
  15. This sounds pretty random to me. I guess they can represent Hi-Mart like they do for Iriver.
  16. I'd like one of them posters myself too. I realised that I don't have any of T-ara's... yet!
  17. Hwayoung's getting prettier and prettier. And she does look like Park Shin Hye in some of the pics...
  18. To be honest, the part at 0:11-0:12 sorta freaked me out the first time. But it does sound better the second time round.
  19. [11.09.12] T-ara's Long Awaited Official 2012 Calendar The launch of T-ara's long-awaited official 2012 calendar has been confirmed! Format: 8 pages B2-sized poster type (with 1 extra page) Price: 2,625 yen inclusive of tax (2,500 yen before tax) The calendar may be pre-ordered and purchased at the following stores and websites: Maruzen, Miraiya Bookstore, Bunkyodo, other bookstores nationwide, Shinseido, Yamano Music, HMV, amazon, Rakuten Books, convenience stores and other stores that stock calendars. The calendar is slated for release at the end of October and is produced by J-ROCK ASIA Hagoromo ※Orders will be accepted at the T-ara official shop from 16th September onwards! *** Source: http://www.t-ara-official.com/ Written by: - Translated by: aspenx@Diadem
  20. The first pic was like "mmm... nice...". But it only got funnier and funnier as she made the pitch. ><
  21. And I feel bad having to translate this for you guys. haha But seriously, I wish they could release all these news much earlier. I'd make the trip down if I knew somewhat earlier in advance... Hope it helps for someone out there who has the luxury to plan for a trip at such short notice (I shouldn't have trashed my Nagoya plans...........)
  22. I realise that pretty much the better half of the article is practically redundant for most of us. But well, at least you get a better idea of how events are carried out in Japan.
  23. [11.09.09] T-ara Japan Debut Single 『Bo Peep Bo Peep』 Release Events Information Mini-Lives and fan-meeting sessions will be held as events to celebrate the release of T-ara's Japan debut single 『Bo Peep Bo Peep』! ※At the various locations, the mini-lives are free-entry for all. The "fan-meeting session balloting coupon" enclosed with the CD with the winning serial number however is required for admission to the fan-meeting sessions. <Tokyo> Date: 28th September (Wed) Time: 6pm onwards (scheduled) Venue: Lazona Kawasaki Plaza / Roof Area Grand Stage Website: http://www.lazona-kawasaki.com/ Details: Mini-live and fan-meeting session <Nagoya> Date: 30th September (Fri) Time: 6pm onwards (scheduled) Venue: Asunal Kanayama Website: http://www.asunal.jp/ Details: Mini-live and fan-meeting session ※To prevent congestion and disorder on the event day, a priority area for viewing the mini-live will be prepared. Tickets to the priority area will be distributed. Details on the distribution will be published on this website at a later date. <Osaka> Date: 1st October (Sat) Time: 12pm onwards (scheduled) Venue: Abe Market Park Qs Mall / 3rd Storey Sky Coat Website: http://qs-mall.jp/ Details: Mini-live and fan-meeting session ※To prevent congestion and disorder on the event day, a priority area for viewing the mini-live will be prepared. Tickets to the priority area will be distributed. Details on the distribution will be published on this website at a later date. ★The winning serial numbers for the fan-meeting sessions will be published at a later date on T-ara's official website 【How to win a chance to the fan-meeting】 The fan-meeting sessions are organised specially for holders of the winning coupons enclosed in the 3 versions of the 『Bo Peep Bo Peep』 single listed below. It is necessary to bring the winning coupon to the event. At the venue, the winning coupon may be exchanged for a ticket to the fan-meeting session. The redemption may be made 3 hours before the start of the event until the end of the mini-live at the venue itself. Please confirm the details at the respective venues' websites. <Singles with the coupons enclosed> ・「Bo Peep Bo Peep」【First Press Limited Edition A】(TOCT-40357) ・「Bo Peep Bo Peep」【First Press Limited Edition B】(TOCT-40358) ・「Bo Peep Bo Peep」【Regular Edition】(TOCT-40359) 【Selection for the fan-meeting】 A serial number is printed on each enclosed coupon. The lucky draw will be carried out to the final digit of the serial number. The lucky numbers will be announced on T-ara's official website the day before the events. Furthermore, the winning numbers will be displayed at the venue itself. More chance!! More winning numbers will be announced at the event itself!? For those who unfortunately do not hold the winning numbers published on the website, please still bring your coupon to the event. More lucky winners are to be announced at the event! Other special privileges have been arranged for everyone who are still unable to join the fan-meeting sessions. Please look forward to it! ※To everyone who have reserved the CD online The event at Kawasaki Lazona falls on the day of the release itself. It is recommended that the date and time of delivery of the CD be confirmed with the online shop. 【Important Notes】 ※Please read the points stated below and enjoy the events with the contents in mind. ● Although the mini-live events are free-entry, you may be barred from entry if the maximum capacity of the venue has already been met. You may also be restricted from entering the fan-meeting session in the event of over-congestion. ● Details on the distribution of tickets to the mini-live priority area for the events in Nagoya and Osaka will be published at a later date on the venues' websites and T-ara's official website. ● Entry to the fan-meeting sessions are strictly only for holders of the winning coupons ● A limited number of CDs with the enclosed coupons will be on sale at the event venues. The sale of CDs will begin 3 hours prior to the start of the respective events. ● Entry to the fan-meeting sessions will be denied if you do not possess a winning coupon, regardless of age. ● Holders of more than 2 winning coupons will be allowed to participate in the same number of fan-meeting sessions as tickets won. However, we request that you queue at the end of the line from the second event onwards. ● Participants of the fan-meeting sessions are reminded that each person is required a winning coupon to be granted entry (this will include guardians). ● The coupons may not be reissued under any circumstances. The transfer and/or sale of coupons is prohibited. Please do not make counterfeits of the coupons. Entry will be denied to anyone found committing the offences. ● Entry to the fan-meeting sessions will be denied after the designated ending time of the event regardless of possession of a winning coupon. ● Event details may be changed or the event may be canceled at the discretion of the organiser for safety concerns. ● The events will take place even in the event of rain. However, the event may be canceled in the case of various natural and traffic disasters and there will be no replacement event. ● Please refer to the respective venues' websites for information on access to the events as entry to the event is venue-specific. ● Entry to the fan-meeting session will be denied if the winning coupon is not exchanged for a ticket with the stipulated time. ● Overnight or early morning reservation of spots at the venues is prohibited. Persons deemed committing the offence will be barred from entry to the event even if they possess a valid coupon. ● All other activities apart from shaking hands, hugging, asking for a signature and taking photos are prohibited at the fan-meeting sessions ● Personal handing over of presents to the members is prohibited. Please pass them to the designated staff. ● Staff may usher participants through gestures such as tapping on the shoulders for the smooth procession of the fan-meeting sessions ● Please do not raise your voice or create a commotion in the vicinity of the event outside of the stipulated time of the event. Such activities may lead to the cancellation of the event. ● Please note that event line-up and starting time is subject to change without any advance notice. ● All travel and accomodation expenses incurred by the participants are solely the responsibility of the participants. Parking space for the event have not been catered for. ● There are no facilities at the venue for the depositing of bags. ● The organisers, venue and performers do not hold any responsibilty for any accidents and thefts. ● Please bring your trash back with you. ● Recording or photographing the artistes with any form of recording devcice such as cameras, video cameras, mobile phones with cameras, is prohibited. In the case that such an act is committed or instructions by the officials are not adhered to, the event may be canceled, disrupted and any data captured shall be confiscated, ● All usage of sketchbooks and placards are prohibited throughout the mini-live. ● Restrictions have been set in place for the prevention of accidents on the event day. Your understanding is deeply appreciated. ● Please follow the instructions of the facilitators at the venue. In the case that instructions are not followed, you may be barred from entering the venue and the event itself may be canceled. The organiser, venue and performers may not be held responsibility. ● Please do not direct venue-specific questions to this website. Once again, we request the fans' understanding and cooperation to make the events enjoyable for everyone. *** Source: http://www.t-ara-off.../event0928.html Written by: - Translated by: aspenx@Diadem
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