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  2. Amal

    A (6)

    ^ lol we can barely see her legs , our Maknae is so giant ♥ and RAMPO unnie is so petite!
  3. Jiyeon ah ~ wae so SEXY? So gorgeous I can't !!
  4. ROFL @ Eunjung expression ! Scary Unnie
  5. Baby-faced girl <3 such a cutie!
  6. THE queen ! She rocks it all
  7. haha EunJung is the energy pill I swear ! So adorable and hyper
  8. Maknaes in the car <3 They are all so beautiful !
  9. Wouah! This girl is too gorgeous for words!
  10. Looks like she has fun!
  11. Oh my ! No Min Woo is looking at /talking with Hwa , right ? haha that's too cute
  12. Hwayoung's expression is so funny and adorable Sexy EunJung ! she looks like Gain here
  13. Amal

    jiyeon with boram.jpg

    I think it's Seeya's Boram :)
  14. Amal


    Ah~~Sweet scene xD She looks good with si yoon ! Looking forward to watch this movie !!!!!
  15. Amal


    omg she looks like she's dead >.< !
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