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  1. Fantaken photo during Little Apple shooting at Gimpo Airport Cr: Taiwan PTT T-ARA Don't have a proper source for these:
  2. Shinsadong Tiger uploaded a photo with the Chopstick Brothers on his Weibo. Let's hope this means speedy progress!
  3. Jiyeon is so honest, admitting her makeup habits (or lack thereof) to a beauty magazine.
  4. Those are some fancy shoes she's wearing.
  5. They sure like BOY London's clothing. Stuff is pricey though, whew!
  6. For us who can't read Chinese, does anyone know how to connect with the chat when it starts? Also, how do the times correspond to 12-hour Eastern Standard Time?
  7. Her hairstyle is too cool! I think I like it better this way.
  8. How much do you suppose those outfits cost? I really like Eunjung's all-black, leather ensemble too!
  9. November can't come soon enough. T-ara's on a roll this time of year; after Gossip Girl and the solo projects, we've gotten And & End and Sugar Free remixes, plus signing for activity in China, leading up to this. Hope we'll see something big in the near future, all these little releases are too much of a tease!
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