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  1. DIA48 debut incoming after 3 years training and probation

  2. She powerful huh https://t.co/i2xs2TWgPb

  3. Eun = Silver Jueun: Jusilver Eunchae: Silverchae lol

  4. Sublime decision by Hyomin https://t.co/PfSmEPs37b

  5. [INSTIZ] Eunjin leave DIA - Heol - Ah ㅜㅠ - I want you get rid all burden & be healthy ㅜㅠㅠ - Ah Eunjin-ah ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Le… https://t.co/KyB0JmGqGA

  6. RT @bopsfromthepast: T-ARA - I'm Really Hurt (2010) https://t.co/xaqg1cvEEi

  7. RT @craZy18gurl: My brother: Hey where's Boram? Me: We don't know. It's been almost a year. My brother: This is concerning... *lowers voi…

  8. Another misleading info. Tsk. https://t.co/J3S0uVe7xi

  9. At first I thought Jiyeon post bait lyric from T-ARA YOU YOU YOU, but nope.

  10. RT @lovediamotion: DIA as: Star Wars Characters

  11. @amuraiya I descendent the sun

  12. where is this come from? https://t.co/jO7vBihsfA

  13. Eunjung go where?

  14. wowooo~ https://t.co/TQWxeCwVJg

  15. Stifler mom pffftttt

  16. [PANN] TOP 1 Girl Idol with mysterious feature https://t.co/xfJdXfMm8A JIYEON if y'all search keyword "얼굴 궁금한",… https://t.co/22n2DLOw36

  17. 'The Unit' Sisterly bond, Areum leaving comment on Yebin Instagram - https://t.co/l7hDk8ZCoy

  18. Maybe Boram already become kindergarten teacher and enjoying married life.

  19. RT @japansitgirl: To update everyone. I’ve been kicked out of AID and staying with Ruihanna Navy. I’m no longer connected to them, meaning…

  20. @zertt_lense Obses or fanatic ni bahaya boleh lari akidah that's what I concern. And this happen while we are in cr… https://t.co/dTpDTtqjPz

  21. @Lmyshnt11 @amuraiya Yeah I just bs-ing. actually she got band 2

  22. @craZy18gurl https://t.co/ZU8oiPg8di

  23. RT @vatouh: shes so powerful..shes really out there inventing new majors https://t.co/Q3NHsXoyGk

  24. Somyi 4D got her own article https://t.co/zYgSeBAHWu

  25. RT @yonngguks: 34. https://t.co/Y7LJMSOVSq

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