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  1. You were there! The both of you saw them? Damn I wish was I that lucky I don't think i'll ever seen them in real life sadly
  2. Jiyeon looked really happy here. Eunjung's smile is just so cute I feel like getting eye drops from staring to much.
  3. Hyomin looks freaking gorgeous here!! what is she doing though? Soyeon be looking like a QUEENNNNN!!!!
  4. I can she tell me not to worry about her? She's my baby lol, hopes she's okay they should've had brighter lights for crying out loud ~
  5. Some fandoms are honestly taking this poll waaayyyy to seriously, some twitter posts are actually beginning to make me cry for their souls.
  6. Love that red dress! Honestly matches her shape and everything♥ Them long legs
  7. Hyomin really looks good here, Qri's dress is amazing though
  8. She looks really beautiful like this and all the imd tbh
  9. They both look adorable here Soyeon is such a cutie pie and her eyes make me smile
  10. I like this idea, glad they came up with it cause. They truly know how to make us happy and proud
  11. Awww what a cute adorable girl Sleeping Beauty
  12. OMG THEY ALL LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL Jiyeon I LOVE YOU SO MUCH Keep being beautiful
  13. She looks so cute, adorable, and small here Keep being your beautiful self Boram
  14. They look really really beautiful here and thanks for the large pic, Boram and Eunjung so gorgeous
  15. Such an adorable smile out girls have. Hyomin and T-Ara jjang
  16. Hyomin is such a gorgeous girl. How is she this beautiful. So jealous of her looks. Hyomin fighting
  17. Qri is just so cute, only she could have posted something like this. Adorable girl
  18. OMG What dorks. Love T-ARA, love Jiyeon. How they are doing okay ;) Love you guys forever a fan
  19. Why are T-Ara members so freaking gorgeous just looking at them makes me cry cause their beauty is to much <3
  20. Jiyeon looks beautiful and Hyo looks gorgeous here. T-ARA fighting forever with you guys. Love ya~
  21. Jiyeon and Boram looks adorable, all look gorgeous :) QUEEN'S forever
  22. Bless this thread the last picture in the first post :P
  23. the first pic lol super adorable <3 Love you my baby dino
  24. How she so pretty, lots of love from huge Queen's ;) Unni fighting
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