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  1. [18.01.21] Video - MBC King Of Mask Singer (Eunjung) Eunjung Raw Cut (Links for subbed video are shared below.) English Subtitles by iKShow, Chinese Subtitles by TSKS Credit: MBC + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
  2. [WEIBO] Hyomin Update (01/17)

    [WEIBO] Hyomin Update (01/17) Learning currently.. Credit: Hyomin Weibo + red4summer + TiaraDiadem ****** It means "Don't be afraid".
  3. [PRESS] Hyomin @ Movie "Keys to the Heart" VIP Premiere (01/15) Credit: As Tagged + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
  4. Coming back without an agency will not be possible. My only hope now is LZ but they may not have the financial power. As for the "fruit", judging by how much they could have done, I have long given up on them 2+ years ago. No thanks.
  5. [PRESS] Eunjung @ 2017 MBC Drama Awards (12/30) Red Carpet Credit: As Tagged + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
  6. I didn't make them available but if you know Torrent, here is the Magnet URI. Let me know if you face any problem.
  7. [17.12.21] Video - JTBC Mix And The City E6 Last Episode (Hyomin) Vision Performance Full Show Credit: JTBC + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
  8. [17.12.14] Video - JTBC Mix And The City E5 (Hyomin) Credit: JTBC + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
  9. [PRESS] Eunjung & Jiyeon @ Chungdam Collection (12/13) Credit: As Tagged + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
  10. [17.11.23] Video - JTBC Mix And The City E2 (Hyomin)

    Sorry, I meant Diadem has done E1 and they should be working on the rest too. And it is going to take time but I am sure they will all be subbed eventually.
  11. [WEIBO] QRI Update (12/07)

    [WEIBO] QRI Update (12/07) Qri uploaded the gif version. Credit: Qri Weibo + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
  12. [17.12.07] Video - JTBC Mix And The City E4 (Hyomin) Credit: JTBC + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
  13. [PRESS] Eunjung Media Interview (12/05)

    [PRESS] Eunjung Media Interview (12/05) Credit: As Tagged + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
  14. Another Close-up Version Number 9 20090729 Like The First Time Roly Poly Lovey Dovey Credit: DreamLoverZ + red4rsummer + TiaraDiadem
  15. Isn't the YT link, shared in the post before yours, still working?
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