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About Me







这些日子 我没逃跑 我超想你 你还好吗

这一条路 不管多远 我想和你 一起走去

超级高兴 再见到你 亲爱宝贝 欢迎回来




她好可爱 声音又甜

唱歌超好 脸蛋极美

深夜一来临 我什么都做不了

皇冠救救我吧 我想我真疯了


One way to overcome the huge disappointment is to diversify into others

and one way to prevent it from happening again is to lower the expectation.

Which matters the most?

No answer to that now and will never know until 10, 20 years later.



"So Close Yet So Far"



"The Affection Is Different"

I get emotional whenever I watch T-ARA performance, especially Lovey Dovey and Number 9.

I always wanted to know why and I think I got the answer.

I love T-ARA but only to realize lately.

I wished I was a Queen's since 2009.



What is the reason?

The more I watch the Queens, the more I fall for them.

I am in love with T-ara songs, their music suits me.

I am Queen's now and it is my pleasure to be one.


When did I realize it?

I discovered one day when I smiled unknowingly while watching them.

Today, they can be standing and doing nothing, I will still love to stare at them.


Why did I join Diadem?

The decision was not based on impulse but after repeated consideration.

I struggled initially but eventually I listened to my heart.

It is better late than never. Hence, here I am.


"My self-introduction"

I am still new to the ladies and if I could rewind the time,

I would like to travel back to when they debuted in 2009 or when they were having difficult times in 2012.

All the ups and downs, there are so many things to be discovered

but I will take it easy, make myself comfortable and catch up at my own pace.

Please guide me along the right path and be paitent with me, I am willing to learn.


"My wish for T-ara"

I may have missed 5 years but may 2015 be the best yet to arrive.

2015, T-ara is to make it big in China.

First of all, I hope "Little Apple" will be well-received by the one thousandth of the Chinese

and kick-starts T-ara official venture into China.

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