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  1. RT @eunjungkook: eunjung is acting as a top actress who is the nation’s treasure, that’s what she deserves in real life you piece of sHi** s

  2. RT @pjy123489: J knows us all too well... all she had to say at the end of the party was 'Right now, it's everyone's favorite time' and eve…

  3. RT @yoyoburi: Hyoyoung (Hwa's sister) came Vietnam for vacation, but 99% KPOP fans in VN (almost T-ara & other group's fans) left lots of c…

  4. RT @jiyeon_no1: 180517 #Jiyeon IG Picture 1: hotchicksbyj: What are you doing ? still alive? Jiyeon ah, ㅋ ㅋ ㅋㅋ dance…

  5. RT @08MinYeon69: Top trending Naver and Daum now Naver: #1 Jang Cheon, #2 Qri Daum: #2 Jang Cheon, #3 Qri https://t.co/qPffJI1XKI

  6. RT @hobodol: MC: my head is very big Jiyeon: i eat well MC: i look cute even though i have thin hair Jiyeon: i have a thick hair MC: i boug…

  7. RT @BenzIlham: Waiting for news about T-ARA plz comeback queen's miss you our 6ara ? https://t.co/NS0Wa2Dp4m

  8. RT @StuffTara: ジヨン KBS [ 推理の女王 2] OST “帰り道” iTunesでリリース開始 Jiyeon KBS [ Queen of Mystery 2 ] OST “Way Back Home” was released on iTunes ht…

  9. RT @HishamHangyul: T-ara fan on wedding day be like: #RolyPoly https://t.co/rLNyLWSk2S

  10. RT @negredo89: Eunjung to participated 5km course of United Guam Marathon on April 8. United Guam Marathon sponsored by Guam Sport Event, G…

  11. RT @FscbeyondJackyf: ボラムお誕生日おめでとう!いつも元気にいてください。 #HAPPYBORAMDAY #티아라 #보람 @BoRam_0322 https://t.co/psdNnSzws1

  12. RT @pjy123489: Ahhh it's a Relay and Qri was tagged as T-ARA Qri. :) https://t.co/wxiIg4o0Gf

  13. RT @craZy18gurl: I want my Soyeon/Hyomin ship back. They were the sweetest to each other. https://t.co/n0Na3z3tDr

  14. RT @momosavocado: t-ara has the best discography out of the 2nd gen ggs, breathe if you agree

  15. RT @soka_Queens: Are you ready ? Bang bang bang Beautiful sniper is t-ara's best jap song https://t.co/foddMwensv

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