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  1. RT @pjy123489: Ahhh it's a Relay and Qri was tagged as T-ARA Qri. :) https://t.co/wxiIg4o0Gf

  2. RT @craZy18gurl: I want my Soyeon/Hyomin ship back. They were the sweetest to each other. https://t.co/n0Na3z3tDr

  3. RT @momosavocado: t-ara has the best discography out of the 2nd gen ggs, breathe if you agree

  4. RT @soka_Queens: Are you ready ? Bang bang bang Beautiful sniper is t-ara's best jap song https://t.co/foddMwensv

  5. RT @ebebebebe_: https://t.co/3mFrCvnAaf

  6. RT @blazingjdb: Imagine new fans who have no idea what T-ara went through told us Queen's to just let the name T-ara go and just move o…

  7. RT @chiuy94: T-ara ranked so well on Gaon Social Chart last week. Must be because of their departure from MBK. 13. No.9 (⬆13) 25. TIAMO (⬆2…

  8. RT @BalmoanMami: U xxxxers with nice noses don’t know how lucky u r

  9. RT @tigerisella: t-ara has a god tier discography sorry i dont make the rules

  10. RT @eunyeon_adik: someone said t-ara will disband ..its time for them to move on,they can't forever just dance to bopeebopee and me like.…

  11. RT @SannyThazin: Eunyeon Jump Rope ☺️ #Eunjung #Jiyeon ❤️ https://t.co/yalDnJiJYh

  12. RT @heros3377: Hyomin send potted plant to eonni friend Kim Min Jeong's shop launching (minj_0727 instagram story) https://t.co/nTANOW6q…

  13. RT @songdip: She's looks a like actress ㅠㅠㅠㅠ https://t.co/LUwcxuoAor

  14. RT @hobodol: We lost 2 t-dogs in 2017, maru and mini.

  15. RT @nganguyen122: 171104 - goddess #Jiyeon help lucky fan get on stage @ T-ARA CONCERT VIETNAM 2017 https://t.co/1TkBG0vwjY https://t.co…

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