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  1. Anyone have an idea when the show will be broadcasted ?
  2. @tflogic Youtube vids quite often can be found in 'Latest Updates' -section, some vids about this there too.
  3. Oh, soo many Eunjungs, thank you for collecting the pics (again), there are some really nice ones!
  4. Can't really explain why, but I like EJ's outfit. It's somewhat different from what I remember that I've seen on her, and it's kind of casual even though it's nice airport fashion.
  5. This is just a test..copied the code under the Dailymotion page - Share tab - Get Embedded code..aand the result looks like this: 160426 SBS Star King (Eunjung) - HD by red4aoa
  6. Oh in some of those pics she looks good, I just may have to save a couple of them
  7. Qri is so~ lovely and lively in these unofficial occasions. I'd like to see more her like that also in official interviews etc, she's often so quiet and looks sometimes even a bit shy, there's no reason for that @Steven83iu google search gave 복불복 means good results or bad works happen according to a man’s luck, dunno if true
  8. Wow indeed. And again in the last pic a spelling mistake "SECONND", I mean do they do these in purpose or what, hehe
  9. Ah, you're right, it sure looks like she fell from a step; stairs and heels still don't mix, apparently.
  10. I wonder what was so funny, seems that at least Eunjung is having trouble keeping it together
  11. Oh my she's a lady. That adorable smile of Eunjung's makes me melt
  12. Great pic the latter (Qri on the bed). I guess it gives a good hint how she felt that moment, but also the pic as itself is great!
  13. I'd definitely like to see more pics of her in that dress(?), the colors and style suit so well with her current hair, hopefully more pics pop up at some point.
  14. [Naked 4show] Let Us Go Through History of Eun Jungs Da... Eunjung! Another vid from the same channel from a couple days ago. Not yet posted anywhere I suppose. credit: Mnet@youtube
  15. The first picture could be from Stockholm Sweden (based on writings, style and guess). Why is it in Hyomins instagram, I have no idea.
  16. They have been really fun couple to watch, Jiyeon and Hyeri I mean, I wish they had continued. Somehow the always lively Hyeri brought also Jiyeons best sides up. All the best to Hyeri.
  17. I wonder how many times they took the shots.. but it is good that it's not so serious, and they got some good laughs doing it Credit: JAM Just Ask Me@youtube + james_b + tiaradiadem.com
  18. There was Boram focus videos in "Chen Shihmin" channel in Youtube. Maybe they could be added to the list above. I'll just put one here. Credit: Chen Shihmin@youtube + james_b + TiaraDiadem
  19. keke..Eunjung and her tongue sticking out. I haven't though of it much, but she seems to do that quite often ? :-)
  20. Somehow feels that also T-ara members got the Christmas present they really wished and hoped. The "OMG" video was really what the title said, can't remember being this moved by a concert video clip. Merry Christmas Everyone!
  21. It's always nice to see and hear some variation in performance, even if it wasn't always as well practised as original - seeing exactly the same set month after month gets a bit boring too. A good one. And I must say I like EJ's outfit in this one, she wears something that truly fits her. Not something that looks like it was borrowed or one or two sizes too small.
  22. This latter video has somewhat lower bitrate, but I'd say the compression error is perhaps little less noticeable.
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